Las Vegas

Episode 3.10 : For Sail By Owner

  • Las Vegas
    • Episode Premiere : November 28, 2005
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Crime, Thriller
    • Seasons : 3
    • Show Period : 2003 - 2008
    • Production Company: Gary Scott Thompson Prod., DreamWorks, NBC
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Monica soars over Vegas and crash lands into a gift shop at another casino, dying instantly. Danny and Delinda find her and discuss the incident with a detective.

Back at the Montecito, a fight breaks out on the floor and Mike splits it up. He kicks both guys out after he gets hit in the face. Afterwards, he finds some fine Cuban cigars that one of the men dropped during the fight. He gives them to Ed, who has recently returned with Casey Manning to take the casino back.

Over in the parking lot, Mike gets knocked out and beat up. Ed and Danny try to figure out what happened; thinking it could possibly be the same guy from the fight on the floor.

Back on the floor, Matt Monroe, a blind guy man who mistakenly passed by the hotel reception, hits on Delinda. She thinks he's making up a lame excuse to talk to her, but instead they make a real connection. In addition, Matt is the head of the Foundation for the Blind, which happens to be the beneficiary of Monica's assets in her will ' much to everyone's surprise.

Monica's will also leaves Ed in charge of disposing of her ashes and fulfilling all her other wishes. Apparently she respected him a lot more than anyone thought.

Danny looks at the footage of Mike breaking up the fight and IDs the guy who hit him. The man's name is Drew Schmidt and he works at a local gym. Danny visits the gym and talks to Drew. But the man has a solid alibi ' he was at work.

Mary calls Danny and tells him about Mike's fight with his girlfriend. Danny talks to the girlfriend, who happens to work at the Montecito. He finds out that she and Mike do dinner theatre together. Danny tells her Mike is in the hospital, but she says she was only mad at him because he bailed on opening night. Danny asks her about the blood, and she tells him it was from a fight he got into at a basketball game.

Danny plays basketball to try and get some information. Apparently Mike didn't get into a fight at the game, but fell into a pole instead.

Delinda meets Matt on the floor and tells him she had fun with him earlier. She says there's something between them and wonders if he feels the same. She kisses him and runs, but makes dinner plans for later ' in his room.

Danny can't find anything to justify the attack on Mike. He talks to Ed about it but Ed is distracted by Monica's will.

Casey enters the office and tells Ed and Danny that he's the new owner of the casino. He convinced the Foundation to sell to him. Casey wants Ed to run things again and puts Danny in charge of security. Casey now just has to talk to Sam ' there's still bad blood between them.

Casey tells Sam she shouldn't have to quit because he's around. And since they're still married, he offers to give it another shot and suggests owning the Montecito as partners. She says she'll think about it.

Ed wants to smoke the fine Cubans with Danny and pulls out the cigars from earlier. There's a number attached to one of them. Ed thinks maybe Mike got beat up because of the cigars.

They run video surveillance on a guy who witnessed Mike grab the cigars. The same man finds Mike in the hospital and holds a knife to his throat demanding the cigar case back. Fortunately, Danny arrives just in time to knock him out.

Danny interrogates the man and he tells Danny about the numbers. They find out the numbers correspond to a security lock at a warehouse holding large crates.

Ed brings in one of Monica's waitress friends, Norma, from Akron, Ohio. Ed tells her that Monica left her something in her will. It's a check for one million dollars. Ed wants to know if Norma can help him dispose of the ashes. She's happy to oblige.

The girls go up to Monica's suite for her last wish. Norma dumps the ashes into the toilet thinking that would be what Monica would have wanted. Sam flushes it down.

Mike and Danny take the number they got from the cigars and open a secured crate. Inside they find boxes and boxes of Cuban cigars.

Delinda rushes upstairs to see Matt in his room. There's another woman in the elevator with her who, coincidentally, goes to the same room. Unfortunately it's Matt's wife.

Casey and Ed smoke the Cubans and he informs Ed that he told Sam about the casino. He's under the impression he's getting back together with her, but then Sam comes up and delivers him divorce papers. He signs and it's over. Now half of the Montecito is hers.






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