Las Vegas

Episode 3.04 : Whatever Happened To Seymour Magoon?

  • Las Vegas
    • Episode Premiere : October 10, 2005
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Crime, Thriller
    • Seasons : 3
    • Show Period : 2003 - 2008
    • Production Company: Gary Scott Thompson Prod., DreamWorks, NBC
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

On the Montecito golf course, there's an old house that's been sitting there since the 1930s. A lovely old woman, Dottie, lives a nice quiet existence there. That is, until Monica decides she wants the house bulldozed off the map.

Monica and Danny visit Dottie and offer her $3 million for the house. Dottie doesn't want to sell, but when Monica shows her the exact replica of her living quarters they created in the hotel's residential suites, Dottie decides to finally give in.

When they bulldoze the house, they find a dead body underneath, or at least the skeleton of a body that's been buried for a really long time. Judging by the ring on the skeleton's finger with the initials S.M., Danny speculates that the body could be former mobster Seymour Magoon, who disappeared without a trace in the '40s.

The cops want to talk to Dottie about the murder, but Danny convinces everyone to let him talk to her first. Danny tells her about the body, but she says her memory isn't very good and she can't recall any wrongdoing.

Inside the casino, guests keep getting stuck inside their showers. The steam system is creating suction on the door and Mike keeps getting calls from angry guests. Monica dismisses the problem, though, and tells him to deal with it on his own - she has bigger problems on her mind.

The biggest problem is the opening of the new nightclub, Mystique. Monica thinks it's going to be a disaster, so she adamantly urges Ed to get Delinda to come back and work for the Casino.

Ed has problems of his own, as Jillian has persuaded him to host a dog show inside the Montecito. She wants to enter her dog, Prince Edward, but when she turns an ankle, she can't walk him through the show.

When Delinda comes to check on her mother, Ed takes the opportunity to invite her back. Unfortunately, she sees through the ruse and knows that Monica wants her back and that she put him up to it. She then demands a raise, plus full benefits, a 401k and a parking space. AND Ed has to walk Prince Edward in the dog show because Jillian can't. He reluctantly agrees to the terms, and Delinda is officially back.

Danny walks in on Ed practicing with Prince Edward. He pulls Ed into the security room where they spot a mobster, Nick Calabrini, entering the casino. Apparently, Ed was involved with Nick back in the day and had him sent to prison for 30 years. In Ed's office, Nick tells him he heard about the body that was found on the golf course. He thinks the body may be his uncle, Salvatore Manetti.

After doing a search, Mike finds that Dottie was actually married to Manetti for three days. Questioning Dottie about it, Danny finds out that she did in fact kill Salvatore and she finally remembers why she never wanted to sell the house in the first place.

With the opening of the Mystique around the corner, Delinda scrambles to find an opening act. She's in luck when she hears the Pussycat Dolls are in the casino taking a poker lesson. She convinces them to perform for the opening.

At the dog show, Ed takes Prince Edward around the track. The judge gives him a third place ribbon and Ed actually starts a fight with the man, thinking Prince Edward should've placed higher.

With all the commotion in the casino, the dead body, the dog show, etc., Danny and Mike wonder where Monica has been. She's missed everything. They decide to check her suite, and when they do, they find her stuck in her shower. She finally admits there might be a design flaw.






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