Las Vegas

Episode 3.01 : Viva Las Vegas

  • Las Vegas
    • Episode Premiere : September 19, 2005
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Crime, Thriller
    • Seasons : 3
    • Show Period : 2003 - 2008
    • Production Company: Gary Scott Thompson Prod., DreamWorks, NBC
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

The new owner of the Montecito, Monica Mancuso, went and looked for an old employee, Danny McCoy. Danny had recently taken over his deceased father's construction business and was working in the outskirts of Las Vegas when Monica found him. Monica offered Danny his job back at the Montecito, but he declined - he wanted to continue to work in construction.

Mike came by to check on the renovations inside the Montecito. He was also looking to come back to the security team when the casino reopened. Mike informed Ed that he had been valet parking in the meantime and was desperate to work for Ed again. Ed informed him they would stay in touch. Monica showed up and let Ed know she found Danny and was determined to bring him back to work at the Montecito. Ed warned Monica of a string of casino robberies and worried that the Montecito could be in danger. Monica assured Ed that the surveillance team was state-of-the-art and there would be nothing to worry about. Ed's wife, Gillian, showed up and Ed was surprised to see that she and Monica had met before.

Ed convinced Danny to come back to the Montecito, and made it his next mission to bring Mike back on board. He found Mike dressed in a ridiculous outfit and working as a valet. Danny convinced Mike to ditch his valet job and come back to work for the security team over at the casino. Danny was determined to get Delinda, Mary, and Sam back to work at the Montecito, too.

Ed sent Danny to find Delinda and try to convince her to come back to work at the Montecito. She told Danny she was interested in going back to work for her dad, but she was also seriously interested in sleeping with Danny again.

Danny found Sam through her list of clients and tried to get her to come back to work at the Montecito. Sam rejected the idea, but had a change of heart when she received a flood of phone calls from clients who wanted to book their Las Vegas stays at the newly remodeled casino. She realized that Monica had gotten a list of Sam's clients had called each one of them to promote the reopening of the Montecito. Sam agreed to come back and work with Danny, but not with Monica.

Mike told Ed about two suspicious men that had been just hired at the Montecito. Mike feared that the men had planned on robbing the Montecito on the night of the grand opening. Mike was right. The men managed to escape being shot by surveillance cameras and attempted to rob the casino. Mike was on to their scam and managed to bust the two men while they were in the act. Las Vegas police apprehended them and took them away.

Monica's grand opening began with a live concert from country music stars Big and Rich and Cowboy Troy. Mary and Delinda showed up and watched the performance. Mike watched from the security room.

While the party was going on downstairs, Mike noticed four masked men enter the Montecito. He tried urgently to call Danny, who was busy dancing to the live music from Big and Rich and Cowboy Troy, and couldn't hear his phone.

The robbery took place while the party was still going on. When Monica noticed what was going on, she demanded Ed do something. Ed played it safe and let the men get away with all of the money they had taken. Monica rushed to the security room to see the surveillance cameras and watched as the men drove away. Ed told her to wait and see, so she watched.

The Las Vegas police department arrived on the scene to stop the masked robbers before they got away. Danny was there to watch as the police arrested the men and took the bags of stolen money back to the Montecito. When Mike questioned Ed on how he knew to prepare for the robbery, he explained. Ed had discovered that the same architecture company that designed the previously robbed casinos also designed the Montecito, and he felt the robbers were going to hit the Montecito because they were familiar with the layout.

Mary accompanied Danny to the home of his deceased father. It was the first time Danny had been inside his father's home, and he was flooded with memories. Mary consoled him.

After he thwarted a robbery at the Montecito's grand opening, Ed faced another threat. Mike informed him that the new gambling chips used at the Montecito were counterfeit. It was Ed's job to get to the bottom of the scam.






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