Episode 1.12 : The New King (Part 2)

  • Kings
    • Episode Premiere : July 25, 2009
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Action
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2009 - 2009
    • Production Company: UMS
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Jack is getting nervous as people loyal to him start turning up dead; he fears Silas' return. William berates him for his weak stomach and tells him to grow a pair. Meanwhile, King Silas takes over the radio and announces to the people that he is alive and that evil men have taken over the government. He asks the people to support him and tells the usurpers that he is the rightful King and that is coming back to Shiloh.

A remorseful Samuels stops to question Jack. Jack is waiting for a sign from God that he is doing the right thing, but Jack says that he feels nothing. Samuels tells him he feels nothing because God does not keep council with sinners. Jack pleads that he will make good on the innocents that William has killed as soon as he is crowned. Samuels will have none of it and tells Jack that he is not the one God wants.

Samuels' words seem to have the opposite effect on Jack that Samuels intended. Jack returns to his advisors a hardened man; when an advisor voices a concern for Silas, Jack has him shot on the spot. Horrified, Princess Michele stands and asks Jack when he became more of a monster than their father. Jack orders a soldier to take aim and promises he will shoot her if she doesn't sit. Seeing her children stand off, Rose rises beside Michele and asks him if he can shoot both of them. Jack breaks and orders them out.

Rose councils Michele and tells her that in she must protect herself and her unborn child by keeping her head down and her mouth shut until Silas returns. Back with Silas and David, Silas seems to have recovered from his wounds. He and David are not yet reconciled. David tells him that he fights with Silas because he can bring peace not because he loves Silas. He vows to leave the second Silas is returned to throne and asks only that if God ever speaks to Silas again, that he listen this time.

As things are prepared for Jacks coronation, William is informed that Samuels refuses to attend the ceremony. As Samuels expects, William sends a team to kill him. William informs Jack that the crown is gone and Samuels will not anoint him King. While Jack worries, William assures him that because Samuels has already publicly endorsed him the people will not care.

Jack and William run out as David pops out of the Goliath and tells the soldiers to stand aside. William orders a soldier to find his son and bring him to the airfield. David reasons with the soldiers and asks that is they want peace they stand aside. They do and Silas enters the palace to be greeted by Rose carrying the true crown.

Silas demands to know the whereabouts of Jack and William but the room is silent. Out of the silence, Jack walks to his father and tells him that God did not want him to be king. He tells his father that he is ready to die but Silas informs him he will experience worse things than death. As Silas sits on the throne, David leaves. Escaping through the tunnels, William cannot find Andrew.

It turns out that Andrew is still in the castle, he tells Silas of Williams escape plans. When questioned by Silas, Andrew says he has learned who should be king and now that he has lost a father, and Silas has lost a son, he wants only to be a part of the family. Silas smiles. Back in David's apartment, David is packing when Michele knocks on the door. Michele asks to run away with him, she tells him she would leave everything behind to be with him.

For her loyalty, Silas offers Rose anything but she wants nothing. As they speak, Silas hears thunder and knows that God is talking to him. He goes outside so they can converse freely. He asks for God's forgiveness and it starts to rain, taking this as a sign Silas is please but in the thunder he hears God ask for something he does not wish to do. He begs God not to go but the storm subsides. Inside, he asks Thomasina to find Shepherd.

Back in the mansion, David and Silas speak. Silas tells David that God asked for David to stay and take Silas's place. David does not agree but Silas thinks that God has been whispering in David's ear this whole time. Silas stabs David with hot poker and starts to beat David. Silas calls God a backstabbing, cheating whore. David gets the upper hand and starts to viciously hit Silas, screaming that maybe he should be King. Horrified by the turn of events, David runs out and into Michele. He tells her Silas will never let them go.

Michele and a wounded David run to the church to find Reverend Samuels, not knowing he is already dead. Samuels appears to them, apparently well. David tells Samuels that Silas thinks he has stolen his favor with God. Samuels explains to David that God chose him whether he likes it or not to be the new King. Samuels tells David he must run to Gath where Silas will never find him. He says that Michele cannot follow him but God will never leave him alone. Michele gives David her rings and tells him she will always love him. He tells her that he will never stop loving her. Samuels tells them they have exchanged vows of love before God and are forever married.

Back at the mansion, Thomasina leads Lucinda into the comfortable room where Jack is being held. She informs him that Silas has ordered for him a living hell, trapped with Lucinda, whom he loathes because her adoration of him, until they produce an heir. Lucinda embraces him and he forces her away. Jack pleads with Thomasina but she leaves him.

Michele runs into Rose's room to find Rose and Silas together. Before a confused Michele, Rose orders Michele exiled for one year for treason. Rose whispers to Michele that this is necessary as Michele is led out by guards. Alone again, Rose tells Silas they will begin again. As Rose leaves, Silas begins to talk to Samuels who has suddenly appeared to him. Silas vows that he and God are now constant enemies. Samuels tells Silas that the day he lays a hand on David is the day he dies. In the Republic of Gath, David runs into the woods to hide.






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