Episode 1.11 : The New King (Part 1)

  • Kings
    • Episode Premiere : July 18, 2009
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Action
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2009 - 2009
    • Production Company: UMS
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

King Silas visits his old foe, Vesper Abedon, in prison for advice on how to keep his kingdom; he tells him that he will have to live without the adoration of his people. He also tells Silas that he will have to hang his son and Shepard, as well as bury anyone who opposes him without apology. Meanwhile Jack grows frustrated in William's safe house. William reassures him that the people will be begging for Jack to take over now that Silas has lost their trust and earned their hatred.

William tries to send Andrew to safety but Andrew will have none of it, he wants to be a part of the momentous occasion. Silas visits Shepard in jail and tells him when Port Prosperity returns to Gath, he dies. The country is still divided on the issue and the event is the talk of the city.

Silas vows to crush anyone who resists the handover of the port. Playing on Silas's power trip, Rose uses seduction and persuasion to convince Silas to pardon Jack's life and bury their fight. William urges Jack to use this pardon to get close to Silas and humiliate him.

In a bid to save Shepard's life, Michelle promises Silas to be caught on camera with another man, showing the world that the princess has forgotten about Shepard and so should they. He grants her one last meeting with him but Shepard is so angry over her betrayal that he doesn't truly hear her goodbye.

Those remaining in Port Prosperity are pulled from their homes and shot; the people of Gilboa are outraged. Meanwhile, Michelle has invited Paul to the press conference for the handover. Both Rose and Silas are proud of her. Back in prison, Vesper communicates with David through the vents in their cells. He reveals to David that he is actually playing upon Silas' fears in an attempt to ruin him. He apologizes to David for sealing his fate and offers him a gift: the advice that it is always better to be loved than feared.

The guard comes to take David to die by firing squad. David walks proudly out despite his desire to live. Back behind the scenes of the press conference, Jack comes to beg for Silas' forgiveness. Silas orders Jack to kneel before him and kiss the ground on which he walks. It's a battle of wills between father and son but Jack acquiesces. Silas informs Jack that this will be the last time his mother gives him life.

In front of the cameras, Silas shakes hands with the Premier of Gath and begins his speech while William clandestinely begins his attack. All the while, David is standing before the guns of the firing squad. As the flags of Gath replace the flags of Gilboa, a gunman comes toward Silas out of the crowd. Jack throws himself in front of his father and takes the first bullet, but several more riddle Silas before the guards subdue the angry man. At the same time, a squad of snipers takes out the firing squad moments before they pull their triggers and fire at David.

Rose covers the fallen Silas with her body but it's too late. As the royal family is whisked off the stage, Jack makes eye contact with an unsurprised William. The media has worked the people into frenzy with the shooting, reports that Silas is dead run rampant while sympathy for Prince Jack grows. Samuels comes to Rose to tell her that Silas is dead, that he was just a man after all.

Samuels tells Rose that the country will look to her for how to mourn, but she cannot accept that he is dead. She hears the trumpets announce the entrance of the King and runs to the gate believing it to be Sila,s but she stops when she sees that is Jack walking towards her. Jack meets with David, and tells him that truly Silas is dead. He tells David that he is the one who saved his life and that he did so because he needs someone good, someone like David, to trust.

Jack sits down to speak with his father's advisors but as he begins his speech, William loudly interrupts him, and asserts his dominance behind the crown. William orders the immediate attack of Gath, claiming that Gath assassin killed Silas. Jack and Samuels try to stop him and ask that he allow the country some time to mourn, but William refuses.

Jack belays William orders but William signals his guards and has Jack forcibly sat down while guns are pointed at the royal family. With realization dawning on her, Rose accuses William of destroying her family, but he silences her and orders the attack.

As William continues to issue his orders, Andrew approaches him with the news that Silas' ambulance has been found with the driver shot in the head, and Silas missing. William is seriously concerned, and wonders if Silas is really dead at all. He decides to put guards around the building and starts to violently question the entire staff.

Rose attempts to step in as William advances on Michele. William is furious and out of control but misses the fact that David knows where Silas took his pilgrimage and where Silas is most likely hiding. Knowing this, Michelle shows David a secret passage out of the palace so that he can escape to find Silas, despite the fact that Silas tried to have him killed. Hidden behind a wall, Andrew sees his escape but says nothing to William.

Still sequestered, Rose begs Jack to tell her he didn't know of the plot to kill Silas, even if it isn't true. She implores Jack not to go along with William but he goes anyway. Shepard, having made his way to the countryside, seeks out Silas. He finds him wounded in a barn, being cared for by Helen and Thomasina.

Shepard tells Silas that William is using Jack as a puppet. He demands that Silas go back and defend his country before William starts another war. He screams at the Silas that he doesn't deserve to die loved, that he must go back and fix things after all the wrong that he has created. Silas seems truly shocked by Shepard's outburst. In the quiet, Seth approaches and asks Silas, his father, if he is leaving. Silas kisses him and asks him if he remembers when he said that he worked for the king. Seth shakes his head yes while Silas announces he is the king.






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