Into the Badlands Episode 2.05 Monkey Leaps Through Mist
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Into the Badlands Episode 2.05 Monkey Leaps Through Mist

Episode Premiere
Apr 16, 2017
Drama, Action, Adventure
Production Company
Entertainment One Television
Official Site
Episode Premiere
Apr 16, 2017
Drama, Action, Adventure
2015 - 2019
Production Co
Entertainment One Television
Official Site
Paco Cabezas
LaToya Morgan
Main Cast
  • Daniel Wu as Sunny
  • Aramis Knight
  • Emily Beecham
  • Sarah Bolger
  • Oliver Stark
  • Madeleine Mantock
  • Marton Csokas
  • Ally Ioannides
  • Edi Gathegi
  • Orla Brady
  • Nick Frost as Bajie
  • Stephen Lang as Waldo
  • Lorraine Toussaint
  • Sherman Augustus
  • Babou Ceesay
  • Ella-Rae Smith

Sunny and Bajie get help from an unlikely source, but it comes with a price. The Widow considers a risky gambit, while MK enacts a dangerous plan.

At Ryder's mansion, Jade stands over Ryder's corpse. Merrick, an armadillo Clipper, considers Quinn's actions to be "a declaration of war," and Jade states that as Ryder's "rightful and only successor," all powers now fall to her. Merrick administers the oath for Barons using Ryder’s sword, and Jade cuts herself on the blade to use her blood as part of her pledge. The Clippers kneel before her.

Sunny and Bajie make it to Nos's compound so they can trade Nathaniel Moon's signature blade for passage through the tunnel. Sunny spots Mechs all around - the same tribe of people who sold him to the Bordo mines - and grows suspicious, but Bajie insists they need Nos. Nos greets Bajie as a "thieving bastard" and welcomes him warmly. Bajie introduces Sunny as one of the deadliest Clippers in the Badlands. They show off Moon's blade and Bajie implies that Sunny killed Moon for it. Nos says they've "come to the right man."

Quinn and his men trek through the woods back to their train station bunker. Quinn hallucinates and imagines Ryder standing near a tree.

At The Widow's Sanctuary, Tilda apologizes for disobeying the Widow and showing up to the conclave. The Widow says she wishes she listened to her own gut "instead of trying to play by someone else's rules." She thanks Tilda for saving her life and asks for a private moment with Waldo. Waldo insists he didn't know about Quinn, but thinks his reappearance buys them time, as the other Barons will be focused on hunting him down. He suggests "delivering his head on a platter" and becoming an ally to gain leverage in their fight, but the Widow scoffs at aligning with her enemies.

At the Monastery, M.K. trains amongst the other Novices. After Ava signals the end of training, the novices make their way back, but M.K. uses the opportunity to run to the woods.

At Nos's compound, Sunny and Bajie are treated like honored guests. Nos asks Sunny to name his favorite kill, but Sunny doesn't respond. Nos says he takes pride in his own work and his Dolls. He references a young girl, Amelia, and says he knows when she'll "be ripe." Nos mentions trouble "brewing" in the Badlands and explains how Quinn showed up at the Baron conclave and killed Ryder. Sunny is stunned at the news.

Quinn studies his bloody hands in his office. Ryder appears in another hallucination and taunts Quinn for killing him. Ryder's apparition says Veil is lying about Quinn’s tumor being gone, but Quinn insists he's healing. "Then why am I here?" Ryder asks. Ryder suggests finding out the truth by threatening Henry.

Armadillo Clippers bring Lydia to Ryder's mansion. Jade fills her in on Quinn's return and shows her to Ryder's body. Lydia weeps.

Declan has Veil tied to a chair in the barbershop and interrogates her about Edgar's death. When he puts a knife to her throat, Veil claims self-defense from rape, but Declan doesn't buy it because, as he reveals, Edgar was gay. Declan decides to keep Veil alive since she's needed as a medic to heal Quinn. He shows her the X-rays she hid and demands she start actually healing Quinn's tumor.

M.K. comes across a tree with the corpses of young men hanging from ropes. He cuts down one of the bodies and changes into the boy's clothes, then buries him.

At Ryder's mansion, Lydia tells Jade of Ryder's difficult birth and mentions all her hopes and dreams being "wrapped up in just one" because she couldn't have more children. Jade cites their shared love for Ryder and the need to avenge his death. Lydia knows where Quinn is hiding and requests to kill him herself.

The Widow studies a map that depicts the Barons' territories. She removes an armadillo insignia pin and thinks.

Nos sends some of his Dolls to please Bajie and Sunny in their tents. Amelia enters Sunny's tent and says her mother, Portia, is getting ready for him but notes he's "not like the other men". He mentions having a woman and baby already. Portia enters and dismisses Amelia. Sunny tells Portia he doesn't "need any company," but Portia fears being punished for disobeying Nos. Sunny allows her to stay to fool Nos. Portia shares her fears over Amelia's future and begs Sunny to kill Nos in exchange for payment. "All the marks on your back," she says. "What difference would one more make?" she implores. But Sunny refuses.

Veil finds Quinn in his office, rocking Henry while holding a knife near Henry's throat. Quinn asks Veil about his tumor, and she says he's healing. Ryder's apparition warns Quinn not to trust Veil and reminds Quinn that he killed Veil's parents. Veil watches as Quinn talks to the air and admits she once despised Quinn, but her feelings have changed for him. She kisses Quinn tenderly and promises they can be a family as she takes the knife from his hand. The Ryder hallucination scoffs at women being Quinn's weakness.

As Sunny and Bajie prepare to leave, Nos confronts Sunny about Portia's request to have him killed - information he overheard from the Doll in Bajie's room. Nos thanks Sunny for "not taking the honor," but shows off the slashes on Portia's face as her punishment. Nos deems Portia worthless as a Doll and mentions Amelia's potential. Sunny asks to take Portia and Amelia with him, as the sword he traded is worth more than just passage, but Nos declines the offer and jabs a knife into Portia's side while Amelia watches. Sunny refuses to leave without them and springs into action as Nos's Mechs surround him.

Sunny battles the group of Mechs, flinging a hubcap into one of the Mech's throats in the process. As the fight ensues, Bajie carries Portia to the car Nos has provided for passage, but the keys are missing from the ignition. Nos prepares to kill Amelia with Moon's sword, but Bajie steps in and knocks out Nos with a bat. Bajie then takes the car keys and ushers Amelia away. As more Mechs come at Sunny, Bajie throws Moon's sword to Sunny so he can finish the fight. Sunny, Bajie, Portia and Amelia escape from the compound in Nos's car.

At the Widow's Sanctuary, the Widow tells Waldo she's decided to make an alliance with Quinn. "We tried it your way," she says. She instructs Waldo to find Quinn before the other Barons do.

Quinn smokes opium while watching a film and sees Ryder's apparition again. Meanwhile, Lydia and the Armadillo Clippers close in on his hideout. As they rush in, a bomb goes off and they're sent flying from the blast. Quinn rushes through the station and finds Veil missing. Out in the woods, Veil escapes with Henry in her arms.