Into the Badlands Episode 2.03 Red Sun, Silver Moon
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Into the Badlands Episode 2.03 Red Sun, Silver Moon

Episode Premiere
Apr 2, 2017
Drama, Action, Adventure
Production Company
Entertainment One Television
Official Site
Episode Premiere
Apr 2, 2017
Drama, Action, Adventure
2015 - 2019
Production Co
Entertainment One Television
Official Site
Toa Fraser
Michael Taylor
Main Cast
  • Daniel Wu as Sunny
  • Aramis Knight
  • Emily Beecham
  • Sarah Bolger
  • Oliver Stark
  • Madeleine Mantock
  • Marton Csokas
  • Ally Ioannides
  • Edi Gathegi
  • Orla Brady
  • Nick Frost as Bajie
  • Stephen Lang as Waldo
  • Lorraine Toussaint
  • Sherman Augustus
  • Babou Ceesay
  • Ella-Rae Smith

Sunny and Bajie continue their journey through the barren landscapes of the Outlying Territories. Sunny realizes Bajie has no idea where they are, despite promising a shortcut through the wall. Bajie mentions a smuggler Nos, with whom they could trade something in exchange for passage through his a secret tunnel. Bajie insists they'll find something: "I'm resourceful that way," he says.

Sunny and Bajie come upon a stone bridge. A swordsman stands on the bridge and mentions Sunny bringing trouble with him. He launches his ringed sword just past Sunny's head, killing an assailant who was creeping up behind Sunny. "There's a hefty bounty on your heads," the man explains. "Every Stalker with a rusty blade is after you." A group of more Stalkers appear. Both Sunny and the man fight them off together, with Bajie choking one to death. The man tells Sunny to follow him. "Live or die, it's your choice," he says. Sunny and Bajie oblige.

Later, Sunny and Bajie speak privately, and Bajie suggests the swordsman only saved them so he can kill them and collect the bounties for himself. They watch as the man strips off his blood-stained shirt, revealing kill tats. They realize he's a Clipper. Sunny dismisses Bajie's fears and they continue to follow.

At the Abbot Monastery, M.K. diligently trains. Afterwards, he visits the Master and requests to visit the Mirror Chamber. The Master denies the request. "You must learn to stop fighting yourself," she says. She warns that if he pushes too far, the consequences could be deadly "and not just for you."

At The Widow's Sanctuary, Waldo, Tilda and the Widow discuss Ryder's upcoming conclave where each Baron must arrive unarmed with a second-in-command, while Ryder's Clippers will be patrolling the perimeters for Nomads. With six Barons in attendance, the Widow needs at least two on her side and Waldo suggests she "start winning some hearts and minds" at the reception beforehand. Tilda assumes that she will be joining the Widow, but is informed that the Widow will be bringing Waldo instead. Waldo outlines the importance of being a strategist, not just a fighter. "I know all the players and I know how to play," he says. "Also, I know how to follow orders." The Widow puts Tilda in charge of the Sanctuary and instructs her to blow up the oil fields if she doesn't return.

At Quinn's hideout, Quinn cradles Henry and reads a story. Veil fetches Quinn to perform an X-ray on him and diagnose the status of his continued headaches.

In the barbershop, Quinn mentions to Veil how he was duped by his young bride, Jade, into thinking Lydia tried to kill her. "Trust is such a delicate thing," he says. Veil asks what he's preparing his men for and Quinn says, "We all pay for our sins, eventually."

After Veil develops Quinn's X-ray, she hides the film, which shows a growing tumor in his head, and shows him one of a healthy brain. Quinn drinks an opium-laced concoction, which Veil's been secretly preparing in order to banish his headaches without treating the underlying condition.

At the mysterious Clipper's quarters – the dilapidated remains of a funeral home – Sunny and Bajie, in fresh clothes, sit around a fire while Sunny shaves his face. Sunny and Bajie tell the Clipper of myths of a legendary Regent named Nathaniel Moon who left the Badlands and now hunts fugitives. Moon admits he's a Stalker, but insists he's not out for their bounty. Moon says he left the Badlands to find peace, but slipped back into his "old ways" after his woman and son were murdered in an act of revenge against him. Sunny mentions a woman waiting for him and Moon advises not going back, for her sake.

In the barbershop, Veil is about to cut up the X-ray showing Quinn's tumor, when she is interrupted by Quinn's Loyalist Clippers Edgar, who needs gets stitched up. He says because of his injury he "can't go," but doesn't offer any more information. A pack of Clippers drag Gabriel into the train station. The leader, Declan, tells Veil that Gabriel was caught trying to escape through a tunnel and says Quinn will probably clip him to set an example.

In Quinn's office, Gabriel admits he was running away. Quinn lectures him about controlling fear and says he senses a kindred spirit in Gabriel. He orders Gabriel to cut him to prove himself. Gabriel hesitates, but Quinn pressures him. Gabriel slices Quinn's hand, and Quinn beams with pride.

While Bajie sleeps, Sunny finds Moon, who's training with his sword. Moon mentions his 999 kill tally, while Sunny's is 404. Moon tells Sunny that he'll never have an ordinary life and plans to keep killing until he runs into someone who kills him or "someone good enough to be worth that thousandth tattoo." Sunny grabs a sword just as Moon points one at him. Moon admires his reflexes.

The Widow walks in on Waldo playing the piano. She asks Waldo why he's helping her for nothing in return. Waldo says he lost his identity after Quinn retired him as Regent and is grateful to "be back in the game." He adds, "Back when I was standing tall, I never bothered to notice all the people living on their knees." The Widow says she's fighting for those people and he warns her not to lose her good intentions after gaining power.

At the Monastery's dormitory that night, M.K. hears a scream and follows the sound. He sees three Abbots carrying a trunk to a secret chamber and watches from outside the room as the Abbots haul Tate from the trunk and strap him to a table. Tate promises not to run away again as one of the Abbots switches on a control panel. Tate is injected with several metal needles as his body shakes and his eyes turn white. Ava appears and drags M.K. away.

Ava explains to M.K. that Tate was cleansed for not following the rules. She says "we're all a threat outside these walls" and being cleansed is the only way to suppress the gift. M.K. says the Master as a liar because she's simply afraid of them all, and he plans to escape. He invites Ava to come with him, but she refuses.

Sunny wakes Bajie to continue their journey, but Moon blocks their way and requests a battle with a "worthy opponent" in exchange for giving them shelter. Sunny tells Bajie to find Veil if he doesn't make it back to the Badlands and gets into his fighting stance. Moon charges after him and the battle begins. Moon sends Sunny into a wooden pillar, but Sunny composes himself and the pair starts locking blades. Moon destroys the structures of his home as he goes after Sunny. Before Sunny can cut Moon, his sword is sliced in half. Weaponless, Sunny kicks Moon hard in the face, off the top of a wooden structure. Moon, mouth full of blood and on his knees, thanks Sunny for the fight and is ready for an "honorable death." Sunny refuses and turns away. Moon charges after Sunny with his sword, but Bajie hurls a sword, slicing off Moon's hand. Moon bleeds out while Bajie takes Moon's signature ringed sword. "This blade is our ticket out of here," he says. Moon warns Sunny will "leave a trail of bodies" before he makes it back to his family. "And theirs will be the last ones," Moon declares.

The Widow and Waldo arrive at the conclave. Ryder and Jade greet them. "Let the fun begin," the Widow says.