Episode 1.12 : Godsend

  • Heroes
    • Episode Premiere : January 22, 2007
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Sci-Fi
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2007 - 2010
    • Production Company: NBC Universal, Tailwind
    • Official Site : http://www.nbc.com/Heroes/

Cast and Crew

The Story

Machines beep softly as an IV line snakes its way to the arm of Peter Petrelli, who lies in a hospital room with his mom and brother by his side. Across the country, a group of battered police officers handcuff Niki and take her from her cell to see her attorney.

Claire watches a news story about the slain Jackie and wonders to her dad how she's going to answer other students' questions. She tells her father that she doesn't remember much of what happened. When she leaves the room, her father is visibly upset.

At Primatech Paper, a cockroach scurries by a drugged Sylar as Mr. Bennett and another employee discuss their inability to come up with the strands of code that identify his aptitudes. Mr. Bennett authorizes the technician to dig deeper and then asks The Haitian to wipe Sylar's memory of Claire.Based on Matt Parkman's suggestion, a SWAT team descends on Primatech Paper, but only comes up with... paper. When Matt asks Mr. Bennett about Sylar, Mr. Bennett plays dumb as The Haitian looks on and a pissed off Audrey tells Matt, "nice going."

Hiro watches computer-generated dinosaurs at New York's Museum of Natural History. According to books he read, the sword from the painting is at the museum. Hiro knows they only have three weeks before the city is destroyed, but his powers are weakening and he believes the sword will restore them.

The doctors don't know what's going on with Peter. Nathan tells Simone that before he passed out, Peter said he felt he was absorbing too many powers. Nathan doesn't believe any of this "crap" about the future, the paintings, and the end of the world, but Simone believes in Peter.

At D.L.'s front door, a man named Aaron Malsky assures D. L. that the charges against him have been dropped after Niki confessed to the murders. D.L. hands over a suitcase with two million dollars, but Malsky warns D.L. that Linderman still reserves the right to call in a debt.

Hiro locates the sword on a suit of armor once worn by Takezo Kensai, a wild savage with great powers feared by all of Japan. When he removed a sacred sword frozen in the snow, it gave him the power to become a hero. Ando points out a symbol on the sword that means "great talent... godsend."

The FBI has finally listened to Suresh's warnings and an agent interviews him about the list his father compiled. One person on the list, Sarah Ellis, otherwise known as Eden, turned up dead three days ago at a lake outside of Ontario. Local law wrote it off as suicide.

Audrey's superior threatens to bench her for the SWAT team "stunt." Audrey lashes out at Matt, telling him that she wasted three weeks of her life based on the crazy idea that he can hear peoples' thoughts. Matt pushes Bennett against a pallet, threatening to keep after him. "Good luck with that," Bennett says.

Niki's attorney delivers the harsh news that the D.A. is going to seek the death penalty. He suggests that she cooperate by telling the police where the two million dollars are, but she doesn't know anything about that. Jessica then takes over and has a conversation with Niki in front of a confused lawyer.

At the museum, Hiro attempts to stop time in order to steal the sword but his powers fail him. When he tries again, he is able to slow everything down to a crawl and steal it from the cabinet. Once outside the museum, he pulls the sword from its sheath only to discover that it's a fake. Linderman owns the real one.

Simone takes Nathan to Isaac's loft and is surprised to find the artist there after being gone for several weeks. He explains he was in a clinic, but doesn't remember much of his time there. When he woke up, he was in Texas, clean, and able to paint without drugs. "I still love you," he tells her.

The door opens and Hiro comes in to tell Isaac that a man named Linderman owns the real sword. "Did he say 'Linderman'?" Nathan asks as Hiro looks over and shouts in surprise, "flying man!"

Claire has a secret meeting with The Haitian and asks to talk to Peter Petrelli. He warns that if she tries to contact him, her father will know because Peter is being watched. He admits that the "parents" she met earlier work for her father as does he.

Somewhere in the dark night of the Nevada desert, Ted Sprague works to control his ability.

Claire brings Zach to the spot where he first videotaped her jumping off a giant staircase. She gives Zach a video camera and has him tape her again to help jog his memory. She jumps and he watches in amazement as she survives and pushes her bones back into place.

Niki tells D.L. that they're sending her to the pysch ward for an evaluation with a shrink. She tries to convince him that Jessica is real and not a split personality. He reaches through the glass to take her hand as Micah watches. When the guard won't let her hug Micah, Niki grabs his nightstick, breaks it in two, and a swarm of security rushes in to throw her against the wall and back into cuffs.

Mr. Bennett surprises Suresh with a visit in New York. He tells Suresh that Eden cared about him and had an ability that she was wise in using. Bennett asks for Suresh's help, making Suresh realize that his father knew more than what Bennett does now. Suresh refuses to help or hand over his father's list, but Bennett gives the young doctor a business card in case he changes his mind.

Matt comes home to find Janice unsure of whether he wants her to stay or go. He thinks they need to come clean to each other about everything - he tells her that he can hear peoples' thoughts.

Peter wakes up screaming after having another vision of himself blowing up New York City and of a bearded man lurking around. Meanwhile, Simone finally admits that Isaac can paint the future and tells Hiro that Linderman is one of her clients. Linderman buys all of Isaac's paintings and she can get Hiro into the collection to look for the sword.

After sneaking out of the hospital, Peter books a flight to the desert - where nuclear tests were once conducted. Then he sees the bearded man from his vision stealing cash from someone's wallet. The man is shocked that Peter can see him and pushes Peter against a wall because nobody can see him... he's invisible.






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