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Episode 4.15 : Losing My Mind

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      January 18, 2018
    • Episode Premiere : May 15, 2008
    • Distributor : ABC
    • Genre : Drama, Medical, Comedy, Romance
    • Seasons : 4
    • Show Period : 2005 - now
    • Production Company: Mark Gordon Co., Touchstone TV, ShondaLand
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Cast and Crew

The Story

Callie is worried about Cristina when she starts to obsessively clean the apartment. She's even more worried when Cristina doesn't want to meet an eminent visiting surgeon, Walter Tapley.

The hospital is abuzz over Dr. Tapley's visit and Richard wants to find an impressive surgery for him to watch. But Tapley says he's here to get a surgery: He needs a double valve replacement. No one else will operate, but he's sure Richard can't refuse him. Erica doesn't want to go down in history as the doctor who killed Tapley, so she turns the surgery down. Richard orders Erica to do it and she says she will only if Richard takes the blame.

The hospital therapist, Dr. Wyatt, tells Meredith she's a quitter: her mother quit her father, her father quit her, and she's quit her boyfriend, and her life, a few times. Meredith tells her she's not, and definitely not suicidal, and ends therapy.

Greta, the patient in the trial, wants to wait for the surgery until her boyfriend, Andre, arrives. Her sister confidentially tells Derek that no one else has ever seen Andre and she's sure he doesn't exist. Derek is reluctant to take away the only love his patient has ever known and stalls on confronting her, while Meredith tells him it's foolish to wait on a fantasy.

After being boycotted by the nurses, Mark has turned over a new leaf, but his new sensitive side is a big turnoff for Callie, who just wants no-strings-attached sex. Erica joins them at lunch and jokes that she and Callie are having an affair and isn't Mark imagining that threesome? "No," he insists. But he keeps expanding on the fantasy to Callie, as she tells Erica later when they're with him in the elevator. He insists he wouldn't be intimidated by the two of them, so Erica kisses Callie in front of him. Mark is now eager to join them in the on-call room but Callie is visibly shaken by the kiss.

Rebecca shows up at the hospital and Izzie orders her to tell Alex she's not pregnant, Rebecca insists that she is and agrees to take a second test. When that is also negative, Izzie informs Alex, since Rebecca told her she could tell Alex anything. Alex doesn't believe Izzie and tells her to stay out of his life.

Richard is desperate to hear from Adele after they spend the night together, and Derek advises him to send an email and ask her to dinner. Richard drafts his new intern, George, to write the email for him. Richard disapproves of the "love train" metaphor he asked George to use, however, and writes his own.

Meanwhile, Rose wants to know why Derek hasn't called after they slept together and he assures her it's only because he's been consumed by the clinical trial and will see her later.

Lexie is alarmed when Cristina wants her to put in a central line for Tapley because she's never done one before. She turns to George for help and he is astonished to find that Cristina isn't doing the procedure herself. She tells him that being the Chief's intern won't help him gain resident status and that things might be different if Burke were here, since Burke liked him.

Lexie tries to talk to Meredith about Cristina, but Cristina is with her and tells Lexie that her showing up was the worst thing that ever happened to Meredith, which is saying a lot. Meredith tries to get Dr. Wyatt to talk to her in the bathroom, but Wyatt insists she needs an appointment. Just then, Lexie bursts in and tells Meredith she knows she's had a rough time but that she still loves her, even if Meredith isn't capable of loving her back. Dr. Wyatt emerges from her stall and immediately sets up an appointment with Meredith. Cristina tells Lexie that all of them are on their own and is proud when Lexie shows a spark of defiance.

When Derek tries to tell Greta that Andre is just a delusion, she insists that her romance is real, even though her story of how she met her Prince Charming sounds a lot like Cinderella. Derek agrees to wait a few hours and when Andre doesn't show, Greta sobbingly realizes that she made up the love of her life and agrees to the surgery. But Andre is real and he shows up during the surgery: Unfortunately, there's no fairy tale ending for them as there's swelling in Greta's brain and she will never wake up.

Rebecca asks Mark to improve her breasts as well as her face and he finds her behavior odd. He tracks down Izzie and they agree she needs a psych consult. Izzie does an ultrasound on Rebecca to show that she's not pregnant and when Alex sees it, he realizes the truth. He tells Rebecca she was never pregnant but she doesn't understand and thinks she lost the baby.

Miranda's son, Tuck, has been punching other kids in daycare and she and Tucker fight over the best course of action. While they angrily blame each other for what's gone wrong, George takes Tuck for the evening.

Erica does the surgery on Tapley, and, to her great surprise, it's a success. Richard thanks George for his work today and also for the work with Adele -- she's sent him back a "flirt" via email.

Rose is ready to give up on Derek, but he says he doesn't want to do complicated right now, he just wants to have fun and be happy and she takes him back. Meredith, meanwhile, goes to Dr. Wyatt and admits something she's never told anyone else: That her mother once tried to commit suicide. "If I'm broken, fix me," she tells the doctor. "Because I'm no quitter."






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