Grey's Anatomy

Episode 4.11 : Lay Your Hands on Me

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      October 26, 2017
    • Episode Premiere : January 10, 2008
    • Distributor : ABC
    • Genre : Drama, Medical, Comedy, Romance
    • Seasons : 4
    • Show Period : 2005 - now
    • Production Company: Mark Gordon Co., Touchstone TV, ShondaLand
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Miranda's husband, Tucker, chooses not to speak to her until she's ready to leave for work. She tells him she doesn't have time to discuss their relationship.

Mark tries to tell Derek how hot Erica was for him the night before but finally admits it wasn't a date with Erica, but that Callie was there too. Derek shows Mark the breathtaking hilltop that's the site of his future house.

Derek tells Meredith about the house he's planning and asks for her opinion since it's for both of them. She drops an egg -- she's making breakfast for Lexie since she had a bad night. Meredith dodges the question of moving in with Derek while everyone else tries to pretend they like her terrible cooking. It's worst for Lexie, who eats the eggs, even though she's allergic!

Callie and Eric bond in the elevator about how much fun they had the night before, which is rare since neither one of them like "people." The elevator doors open and there stands Mark. "Case in point," laughs Erica.

Izzie tells Alex she dreads going into work since she's been on cardio rotation with Erica. She admits she's jealous of Cristina's confidence in herself and her career. When Izzie passes on cardio rotation for the day, Erica chooses Alex over Cristina. Cristina points out she knows everything about Erica's aortic dissection case, a woman named Elizabeth, but what she doesn't know is where that patient is. Elizabeth is found standing over another patient whose breathing has been irregular. She collapses, but the other patient miraculously stabilizes.

Elizabeth informs them she's a faith healer. She keeps stalling her own heart surgery until her healing "team" arrives. She wants Erica to talk her through her own surgery so she can visualize it and heal herself without actually being cut open. Erica instructs Alex to do the talking-through and to page her when Elizabeth inevitably codes.

Tucker keeps calling Miranda at the hospital and she keeps telling him it's a bad time. Finally, he pages her. She scolds him until she sees him in the E.R., with Tuck. One of them forgot to close the baby gate and Tuck fell down the stairs, badly injuring himself. Tuck's ruptured his appendix and his stomach is pushed up around his heart. Erica is called in to operate. Everyone is understandably alarmed but Cristina tells them they can't think of the boy as Miranda's child, but as just another trauma case. Izzie brands Cristina a "robot" for being so unfeeling.

Miranda begs to be in on the surgery but Erica orders her out. When Miranda pleads to be able to hold her boy's hand, Cristina hands her scalpel to Lexie and promises to hold his hand herself and Miranda finally agrees to leave. Even when Erica offers to let Cristina take over an important step in the surgery, she refuses and continues to hold Tuck's hand.

George's mother shows up at the hospital with baby clothes: Last she heard, Callie and George were trying for a baby. Izzie mistakenly admits all -- including the infidelity and breakup and George failing his intern exams -- to Mrs. O'Malley, who is crushed. She wants him and Callie to go into counseling, as they're Catholics who don't believe in divorce, but George tells her it's too late.

Callie tells Mrs. O'Malley she no longer believes in marriage, or God, but that she believes in second chances. She also says she loved being an O'Malley, even for a little while. George convinces his mother that his marriage is really over, but admits that he's disappointed in himself. She asks him to move back in with her so she can take care of him and he says it's time he started taking care of himself.

George overhears Rose and Derek talking about their kiss and how it wasn't a big deal. He tells Meredith about it, hoping to reassure her, not realizing that she doesn't even know who Rose is. She asks Derek about Rose and is astonished to learn he was kissing Rose yesterday and all but proposing to Meredith today. She says this is why she can't ever trust him. He accuses her of always finding reasons not to trust him and announces he can't deal with her anymore. They break up, seemingly for good this time.

The surgery on Tuck is a success, but there's still fluid around his heart. Richard persuades a distraught Miranda to have Elizabeth lay her hands on the baby. A bitter Tucker, who blames Miranda for the accident, is skeptical but Elizabeth encourages them to hold hands and forgive each other. Tuck improves dramatically.

Alex's skepticism, meanwhile, troubles Elizabeth and she tells him that he's "blocked," and that he was a nice boy but something terrible must have happened to him because he's turned into a not very nice man. He's shaken by her insight. He still doesn't believe in the faith healing, but he grabs Izzie and tells Elizabeth she'll be perfect since she's full of light and hope, unlike him. Izzie is touched by his confidence in her and talks Elizabeth through the complicated operation.

George tells Lexie he's getting his own apartment and he'll need a roommate.

Erica is tired of Mark's constant attempts to hit on her and tells him what a jerk he is. Later, she relents, saying that if they weren't working together, there might be a possibility, but since they are, there's no chance. She and Callie are going out for drinks and he offers to come with them, but Erica just smiles and tells him good night.

Derek asks Rose out to dinner. She says she thought he wasn't free, and he replies, "Turns out I am."






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