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Episode 3.09 : From A Whisper to a Scream

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      November 16, 2017
    • Episode Premiere : November 23, 2006
    • Distributor : ABC
    • Genre : Drama, Medical, Comedy, Romance
    • Seasons : 3
    • Show Period : 2005 - now
    • Production Company: Mark Gordon Co., Touchstone TV, ShondaLand
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Cast and Crew

The Story

Meredith and Derek are still sticking to their "no sex" policy so Cristina isn't interrupting anything when she barges into Meredith's bedroom early in the morning and demands to talk to Meredith alone. She asks Meredith a hypothetical question: What if Derek robbed a bank and Meredith drove the getaway car? Would she turn herself in too? Before Meredith can figure out what she's really asking, Cristina leaves.

Cristina voices her fears to Burke that George will reveal their secret to the Chief. Burke tells her it'll be fine, because he hasn't had a tremor in a week and that they're still a strong team.

All the interns are paged to the emergency room: a driver plowed into a fish market and there are at least a dozen victims. Izzie hopes she'll get to help at last, but she's assigned to watch George's dad.

The elderly Mr. Dickerson was driving but his wife says that the accident wasn't his fault because he just couldn't stop the car. Police are waiting to take her statement, but she insists on staying with her husband and talking to them later.

Cristina watches nervously as Burke works on a patient without her, especially since his med school rival, Dr. Hahn, the one who had first dibs on the heart that went to Denny instead, is on site.

A woman covered in blood walks into the ER and collapses in Addison's arms. Her name is Janelle, and she was thrown through a plate glass window in the fish market accident. As Mark and Alex work to suture her many cuts and remove the glass, Addison checks to make sure her baby is okay, since Janelle is 10 weeks pregnant.

Mrs. Dickerson, who is one of Janelle's best customers at the market, asks how she's doing. Just then, Janelle starts coughing up blood. A scan reveals that she has a shard of glass in her heart and needs to be operated on immediately.

Izzie is singing Burke's praises to Mr. and Mrs. O'Malley but George is markedly less enthusiastic. Izzie asks what's going on and he tells her to stay out of it. He asks Dr. Hahn, who is at Seattle Grace for a consult, to do the operation on his father instead. Cristina sees Dr. Hahn and Richard in Mr. O'Malley's room. When Richard tells Cristina that he needs to take to Burke immediately, she assumes the worst and that Richard may be asking Hahn to replace Burke entirely.

Meanwhile, George's parents reschedule the operation so Burke can do it after all, since Izzie has been telling them he's the absolute best. George loses it and informs them why Izzie is there: she's on probation because the last time she treated a patient, he died.

Callie tries to inquire about George's dad, but he reminds her they broke up and that he knows about her sleeping with Mark. She assumes that Meredith told George, so she finds her and slams her against a locker. Meredith says she didn't even know who the other guy was until George told her. Callie finds George to try to explain that she slept with Mark only after they broke up, but he tells her he can't deal with this right now.

Mr. Dickerson's scan reveals a subdural hematoma and an advanced case of spinal stenosis, which means he probably couldn't feel his feet and definitely should not have been driving.

Derek wonders why Cristina is acting oddly, such as disappearing since she's supposed to be his intern today. Burke and Meredith both feign ignorance.

Cristina tells Burke the Chief is looking for him, and that they need to get their stories straight. Burke says he's just going to tell the truth. But it turns out Richard is retiring, and he wants Burke to replace him as Chief of Surgery. Burke tells Cristina that he's wanted this whole life, but now it has blood on it. He says he crossed a line, and that Cristina is the one who dragged him over it.

Mrs. Dickerson insists there was nothing wrong with her husband before the accident, but when she sees Janelle being wheeled into surgery, she confides to Miranda that she did know. Their daughter took away his car keys, but not giving them back would have felt like a betrayal. Miranda tells her she needs to inform the police.

Derek invites Burke to scrub in with him on Mr. Dickerson. Burke is on the verge of telling him the truth when Alex says they need him right now to operate on Janelle. Burke tells Derek to get Dr. Hahn to assist him, and he'll take the other operation. He instructs Alex to make sure Cristina scrubs in with him.

After removing the glass shard, Janelle's heart is on bypass when Meredith comes in to say they need Burke to work on Mr. Dickerson's heart, which has a tear in it. Burke tells Cristina to stay with Janelle, but she follows him out anyway and Meredith realizes Cristina thinks Burke can't operate without her. Cristina reluctantly goes back to Janelle. Meredith spends the rest of the Dickerson surgery watching Burke operate, not Derek. Burke returns to Janelle but there's a complication and his hand seems to be cramping up. When Cristina starts to question him, he orders her out. After the surgery, he goes to tell Richard that they need to talk and he agrees, because Cristina is already sitting there.

In the elevator, Derek asks Burke why he didn't tell him, since he thought they were friends. Derek realizes Meredith knew before he did, since she was watching Burke operate and not him, but she says Cristina is her best friend and she couldn't tell him.

That night, when Cristina finally goes home, Burke closes the bedroom door when he sees her.

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