The Good Guys

Episode 1.18 : Supercops

  • The Good Guys
    • Episode Premiere : November 19, 2010
    • Distributor : Fox
    • Genre : Comedy, Drama
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2010 - 2010
    • Production Company: Fox Television Studios
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

A man fires a gun. Jack and Dan chase him behind a steel door. Dan spots a barrel of motor oil and asks Jack to grease him up so he can slip though the slot. But the police strike force arrives, blows open the door, and arrests the man. Dan is angry that the strike force gets credit for the bust and threatens the leader, Shaw, with a battering ram.

Back at the station, Lt. Ruiz orders Jack to control Dan, adding that this week Jack has a long-awaited interview with the strike force - a major chance to advance his career.

While Dan dismisses the strike force's "supercops" image, Samantha finds a week-old stolen truck report, which Jack and Dan investigate. The truck was crashed into a restaurant. The owner, Sasha, says that nothing was stolen and that he cut his hand preparing food. (Flashback to two men planning to drive the truck into the restaurant because there's a wall safe inside; they get the safe and prepare to take off in a getaway car. But Sasha comes out shooting, cuts his hand smashing the car's window, and the thieves escape.) Dan says that Sasha is lying.

Jack sends Dan to his car, where he picks up Jack's phone and learns Jack's strike force interview is tomorrow. Dan confronts his partner, angry that the strike force could take him away, and leaves.

The two thieves - Murf and Gonzo - open the safe and find diamonds. Gonzo fears a local diamond smuggling outfit will put a knife in their heads; that's what happened to another local criminal for stealing the gems.

Meanwhile, Sasha's being threatened by scar-faced Yasha, who stole and smuggled the diamonds, saying Elan will kill them if the diamonds aren't in Tel Aviv by Friday. Sasha says relax. He's already alerted the local fences, and the cops are stupid.

Liz helps Jack prep for the interview, but he's distracted by Dan's hurt feelings. Dan - drinking in snitch Julius' bar like a heartbroken lover - asks him to find out if anything unusual was recently stolen.

The next day, Samantha tells Dan a fingerprint on the crashed truck belongs to a criminal in their database; she gives him the suspect's address. Armed with this news, Dan interrupts Jack's interview with Shaw- who already thinks Jack's been contaminated by Dan's attitude - forcing them to reschedule the interview.

When Dan and Jack arrive at the address, they spot bullet holes in the windows. (Flashback to Murf making a phone call and learning their fence was stabbed in the head, as Sasha and Yasha arrive and open fire. Murf and Gonzo escape in their car, hitting Sasha in the leg during their getaway.)

Jack and Dan enter the house, spot the safe, and notice the surrounding wallpaper matches the restaurant's. So they re-interview Sasha and notice his wounded leg, but he denies everything. Yasha says nothing.

When Jack and Dan leave, Yasha tries to shoot them, but Sasha knocks his gun aside. Dan hears the bullet's ricochet, which Jack ignores. Inside the restaurant, Yasha holds a knife to Sasha's head.

After Ruiz warns Jack about Dan's history of sabotaging his partners' chances for advancement, Dan takes Jack to meet Julius, who's heard a strip mall jewelry store owner named Dave is selling diamonds he received from car thieves.

Jack and Dan visit Dave and overhear him making a cash deal on the phone. (Flashback to Dave appraising the diamonds at $2 million, then offering Murf and Gonzo $4,000, which they take.)

Disappointed, Murf and Gonzo go to get Gonzo's grandfather's baseball card collection in order to sell it for cash, but Yasha and Sasha are waiting with guns drawn.

Meanwhile, Jack walks out of his rescheduled strike force interview, and - warrant for suspicion of trafficking in stolen goods in hand - heads off with Dan to re-interview Dave, who's face is bleeding. (Flashback to Yasha smashing Dave's face into a glass display case and threatening to stab him in the head, then- interrupted by Jack and Dan's arrival - running away.) Dave tells them a scar-faced man Is responsible.

With Murf and Gonzo bound and gagged in the restaurant's freezer, Yasha hands Sasha the diamonds he retrieved from Dave and orders him to count them. When Jack and Dan arrive and hear the captives' whimpering, Yasha and Sasha open fire.

Jack and Dan take refuge in the freezer and Dan breaks the lock so that no one can get in or out - until Dan breaks out a window fan and Jack covers everyone with restaurant grease. Yasha - knowing that Jack and Dan can I.D. him - cuts the door away with an ax, and he and Sasha spray the room with gunfire, but they've all slipped out.

Then the strike force arrives and overwhelms Yasha and Sasha. Jack's angry the strike force will get all the credit. Dan says we captured the truck thieves, they got the diamond thieves, and the jewelry store owner got a deserved ass-kicking, so justice was served.

Back at the station, Jack learns that the strike force bought a new police dog instead of hiring him. Liz gives him a comforting hug. Meanwhile, Shaw is giving a TV interview, wallowing in his "supercop" status. Dan notes that while the strike force travels to Austin to get their awards, he and Jack will have the opportunity to solve a major case without them, then tells Shaw, "You suck."






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