The Good Guys

Episode 1.17 : The Getaway

  • The Good Guys
    • Episode Premiere : November 12, 2010
    • Distributor : Fox
    • Genre : Comedy, Drama
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2010 - 2010
    • Production Company: Fox Television Studios
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

When Jack and Dan answer a call to catch a tagger who has been defacing a parking garage, the perp runs. Jack exits and Dan continues to give chase in the car. Cornered, the tagger spray-paints Dan's windshield, causing him to crash while he escapes.

Back at the station, Dan notices that they're trailing Hodges and Lang in the monthly bust-count by one arrest. Dan wants to catch the tagger, but Jack - who has plans to spend a romantic weekend with Liz at a bed-and-breakfast - refuses. Dan says that he'll do it himself.

Jack and Liz arrive at the B&B, which Jack explains he learned about from snitch Julius. Then he promises that there'll be no more work talk on their romantic getaway. But the B&B's owner, Carson Long, gets Jack to admit that he's a police officer and asks several follow-up questions. Inside their room, Jack tells Liz about Dan's theory that anyone who asks a cop three straight questions is a criminal. Liz thinks that's ridiculous.

Flashback to six months earlier: Carson and an accomplice, Tyler, detonate a bomb that overturns an armored car, and they steal the money.

Meanwhile, Dan's practicing tagging, explaining to Samantha that he'll cover the original graffiti, and when the guy returns to tag over that, he'll bust the punk. Samantha has analyzed a sample of the tagger's paint and discovered only five local stores carry one of the colors used - and all but one of those businesses were recently robbed. Dan exits to stake out the fifth store.

Jack and Liz are having a romantic dinner, which Carson interrupts. When Jack asks how he knows Julius, Carson nervously replies that he bought some in-room appliances from him. Suspicions further aroused, Jack slips away and phones Samantha, requesting a background check on Carson. He also wants to ask Julius about him, too. Dan overhears part of this conversation and gets Samantha to tell him the rest.

Dan and Samantha visit Julius, who says Carson's last name is Pulasky and that he paid in crisp $100 bills. Dan tells Samantha to do the paperwork and leaves.

Jack and Liz go to their room. While Liz is changing into something more comfortable, Dan arrives. Jack locks Dan in an armoire before Liz enters in her lingerie. When Jack's uncomfortable with Liz's advances, she falls asleep, having drunk too much wine at dinner. Jack ushers Dan out to sleep in his car, where Samantha calls him the next morning: Carson was arrested for money-laundering but charges were dropped for lack of evidence, and his wife is trying to find him. Samantha's immediately interrupted by a call from Carson's wife, Marian, and tells her Carson's whereabouts. Marian calls someone, saying to meet her in a half-hour.

Dan enters the B&B and interrogates Carson. (Flashback to Carson stealing the $2 million armored car robbery take from Tyler at gunpoint.) Carson hits Dan over the head with a vase, runs, and Dan - sliding across the table where Jack and Liz are having breakfast - captures him. Dan and Jack question Carson, who claims to have run because he thought Dan was working for his wife. Dan handcuffs Carson, and Jack unsuccessfully tries to stop Liz - angry that he's too involved with his job - from leaving. Jack calls Liz's cell phone, but she ignores it.

After Marion screams at her younger brother Tyler for arriving 15 minutes late, they pack automatic weapons and head for the B&B, passing Liz, who's traveling the opposite direction.

As Carson tries to free himself, Marion and Tyler arrive and ambush Jack and Dan, holding them at gunpoint. (Flashback to Carson pulling a gun on Marion, forcing her out of the getaway car, and running away with the stolen cash.) Marion uncuffs Carson and orders Tyler to tie Jack and Dan to the tables located in the B&B's massage room.

Liz eventually listens to Jack's heartfelt phone message and heads back to the B&B. After setting fire to the massage room, Marion orders Carson to dig up the money that he buried on the grounds, which he does. When Marion discovers that there's only $2,700 remaining (Carson spent the rest on the B&B), she decks him. As the flames rise, Marion tells Carson that they're going to leave and rob a check-cashing store for some fast money.

Meanwhile, Liz arrives, sees the fire, and hears Jack and Dan's cries for help. Once she's untied them, they watch the criminals drive away. Liz refuses Jack's offer to quit the force, and tells him to join Dan in the chase. Jack jumps into Dan's Trans-Am, which quickly overtakes the criminals' car, allowing Jack to shoot out one of the other car's tires, causing it to crash.

While Dan apprehends Marion and Jack handcuffs Tyler, Carson runs - straight into a caravan of police cars that are heading toward the B&B; he's immediately arrested.

Liz informs Jack and Dan that the armored car heist was Hodges and Lang's case, so they'll get credit for Carson's arrest. They also caught the tagger, so Jack and Dan's arrest of Marion for attempted murder means they still placed second in the monthly bust competition. Dan shrugs: next month starts tomorrow.

Feeling bad that he interrupted Jack and Liz's romantic weekend, Dan gives the couple his car. He'll ride back in the squad car with Marion, whom he calls a "spitfire." Jack and Liz decide to drive back to Dallas, where they hope to find some real relaxation.






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