The Good Guys

Episode 1.07 : Hunches and Heists

  • The Good Guys
    • Episode Premiere : July 19, 2010
    • Distributor : Fox
    • Genre : Comedy, Drama
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2010 - 2010
    • Production Company: Fox Television Studios
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Director John Kretchmer
  • Screenwriter Ben Wexler
  • Main Cast

  • Additional Cast
    • Dan Castellaneta,
    • Jeannette Sousa,
    • Graham McTavish,
    • Julio Cedillo,
    • Newton Pittman,
    • Brandy Little,
    • Sanjay Madhav,
    • Eleazar Catter

The Story

Lieutenant Ruiz briefs the department about the possibility of a bank heist within the next 72 hours. Because he busted Walter Deparco several times in the '80s, Stark scoffs at the idea that Deparco is the main suspect. According to Stark, Walter is "the worst getaway driver in the business."

Due to Stark's airing of his "professional" opinion, Ruiz assigns the detectives to a different case. They arrive at Faulkner's Cleaners, where Stark explains to Bailey that he should listen to his gut every now and again. After finding a huge hole in the back of the business, Stark is pleased that they're on a real case now instead of chasing a burnout like Deparco.

Bailey explains to Stark that the hole into the building was made by a high-tech saw. Stark is more concerned that the cleaners won't be able to get the BBQ stain out of his shirt. Then he spots a piece of broken saw blade. A woman from evidence tells the guys that the blade they found is an expensive one, which should make culprit who broke into the cleaners easy to find.

The detectives head to a construction site to inquire about the saw, which is site worker Tommy Kelton's department. Kelton starts firing at the detectives with a nail gun and escapes.

Back at the precinct, the detectives explain to Ruiz what happened at the construction site. With all of her resources tied up investigating the possible bank heist, the detectives have to solve the case on their own. Meanwhile, Kelton meets with bank heist mastermind Dolph, who knows about his run�in with the cops.

Bailey goes to ADA Traynor to ask for a warrant on Kelton, while Walter Deparco's daughter, Molly, comes to see Stark, who agrees to talk to Walter and make sure he stays out of trouble. But Bailey protests, believing they should tell Ruiz where Walter is.

At Kelton's, Bailey discovers that Kelton has overdosed on heroin -- heroin that Dolph forcibly gave him. Meanwhile, Stark and Walter share a drink, reminiscing about old times. Stark lets Walter know that the Feds think he's up to something, while Walter assures Stark he isn't.

Walter tells Dolph that the Feds are on to them. But Dolph explains to Walter that the cops have no idea about the robbery. Back at the cleaners, the detectives arrive to get Dan's shirt back. While there, they learn about some stolen Texas Federal Bank guard uniforms and race to the bank.

When they get there, the detectives spot a guard with pants that look too short. Bailey tackles the suspicious-seeming guard, while Stark draws his weapon and orders everyone to get down. Unbeknownst to the detectives, a bank patron catches the action on his phone.

The bank manager tells Bailey that the guard he tackled has worked there for 14 years. Because of the camera phone footage, Ruiz wants to know why the guys were seen robbing a bank. Stark takes the heat for their screw–up, telling Bailey, "She already hates me, what's one more thing?"

Bailey takes Stark out for BBQ. Stark again explains the wisdom of trusting your gut to Bailey, but Bailey says he's already given up on trusting his hunches, since his hunch about marrying Liz didn't happen. The precinct calls to let the detectives know that Molly wants to see Stark again.

Molly gives the guys a note from her father warning them to stay away from the Fourth Street Bridge. Bailey, after asking Stark if there are any banks near the bridge, has a hunch that something's going down, so the detectives take off for Dallas Trust and Loans. There, they find Deparco pulling up to the bank in a station wagon. Three guys with duffle bags get out.

The detectives talk to Deparco, who explains that the guy who hired him came to him with a foolproof plan: the men will go in and come out, no alarms. Deparco also says that charges were planted on the Fourth Street Bridge.

Bailey wonders why charges were planted on the bridge if the bank job was supposed to be foolproof. He asks, "Why block response routes if there's not even supposed to be a response?" He realizes Deparco was set up to be a decoy.

The bank alarm goes off, and Bailey tells Deparco to take them across the bridge. As they drive across, Deparco and the detectives pass by Ruiz and the rest of the squad. The bridge blows up as everyone gets over to their respective sides.

Bailey calls Brightwell Security and learns that there are only two places for Dolph to rob, the museum or Weathers Jewelers. After some arguing about using a hunch or flipping a coin, Bailey goes with his gut, pointing the detectives to Weathers. Deparco crashes the station wagon outside the jewelry store.

The detectives arrive at Weathers before the thieves, who promptly drive away in their van. Stark and Bailey chase the thieves on foot, but lose them.

At the precinct, the detectives try to explain their situation to Ruiz, who tells Bailey to stop following Stark's lead. Bailey defiantly tells the lieutenant that they were following his own hunch. Stark takes Bailey out for some BBQ to cheer him up.

The thieves meet up with Dolph at a cemetery, where they accuse him of setting them up as the decoys. A shootout occurs, leaving Dolph the only one alive, but he dies of a heart attack.






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