The Good Guys

Episode 1.05 : $3.52

  • The Good Guys
    • Episode Premiere : June 28, 2010
    • Distributor : Fox
    • Genre : Comedy, Drama
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2010 - 2010
    • Production Company: Fox Television Studios
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Director Steven Surjik
  • Screenwriter Matt Nix
  • Main Cast

  • Additional Cast
    • RonReaco Lee,
    • Gregg Henry,
    • Brett Rickaby,
    • David Day Fischer,
    • Jason Douglas,
    • Kevin Sussman,
    • Bryan Thornton,
    • Jimmy Dale Hartsell,
    • Yolanda Williams,
    • Carlos Guzman,
    • Ramsey Williams,
    • Joel Spence,
    • Tom Young

The Story

Thanks to Detective Stark's questionable coercion tactics, ADA Liz Traynor's case gets tossed out of court, sending drug smuggler Wayne Young back to the streets.

Bailey vents his frustrations to Stark for ruining their case against Young, which is now going to be shut down. Stark, still confident that they'll be able make their case, bets Bailey the money in his pockets -- $3.52 -- that he'll be able to bring Young back to justice.

Meanwhile, Young questions his friend Paco about ratting him out. Paco claims he knew that Stark's tactics wouldn't hold up in court. Paco also says that he made a deal with a drug lord, Mikkel, which will net them a lot of money.

Bailey asks Stark if he's serious about taking Young down, "aside from the $3.52 thing." Unbeknownst to Bailey, Stark is already conducting his own investigation. He finds Julius and after telling him that he can get his sentence reduced to a few months of parole, Julius lets Stark know Young's whereabouts. Bailey apologizes again to Liz for Stark's actions and says he wants to make it up to her by catching Young. Liz explains that after what Stark did, they'll have to catch him in the act -- and do everything by the book this time around.

Stark gives Bailey the address he got from Julius. Bailey commends his work but wonders what they'll bust him for. Stark's reply -- "We'll figure it out when we get there" -- doesn't sit well with Bailey.

At Young's place, Stark wants to look in the back of an 18-wheeler. Despite Bailey's misgivings about Stark's methods, they inspect the truck and find sealed boxes that could be "full of crime." When Young arrives, the detectives hide in the back of the truck. Then Young and Paco start driving, not realizing that the two detectives are coming along for the ride in the cargo area.

Julius, worried about losing his deal as the detectives are driven off, meets up with his friend Skeeter. Since Skeeter has done business with Young before, Julius asks Skeeter to find the truck. Skeeter is afraid of Young but begrudgingly agrees to help Julius in exchange for his Lexus.

Stark and Bailey argue about the physics of jumping out of an 18-wheeler. Meanwhile, Skeeter finds out that the truck is heading west and that Young is doing a deal with a guy "who's scary looking and from another country." Julius and Skeeter start driving after the truck.

Young questions Paco about other deals he's been working on while Young was on trial. In the back of the truck, Bailey has cut open a few boxes and finds scented candles inside. Lighting the candles, he says he plans on opening up every box until he finds something that "a drug-sniffing dog might find." Stark starts helping Bailey go through the boxes. �As Skeeter finds out that the drug deal is going down at 7:30 a.m., Julius tells his friend that the cop inside the truck is the one who's cutting him his deal and that it's imperative that they "save the mustache."

Stark and Bailey continue to search the boxes. As the truck stops at its destination, Stark finally finds a brick of heroin.

The drug lord Mikkel arrives to conduct business, and unfortunately for Young, he's the victim of a double-cross: Paco has been working with the South Africans the whole time. Unfortunately for Paco, he's also been the victim of a double-cross, as Young has also been working with Mikkel the whole time. Now Mikkel holds both men at gunpoint.

Mikkel's henchmen open the truck. Bailey and Stark, hoping to surprise what they thought were just two bad guys, are shocked when they now face five men with guns. As bullets fly, the cops take cover inside the Little Trading Post Curio Shop. Bailey calls Lieutenant Ruiz to send backup. After assuring her that she will get an explanation as to how the detectives ended up six hours away in a curio shop, the lieutenant agrees to send help.

But with reinforcements at least 20 minutes away, Stark suggests bringing the bad guys to the backup. Stark spots a Corvette, and the detectives make a break for the hot rod and drive off.

The chase is on, with Young in one car, Mikkel in another, and Paco driving the truck -- still filled with lighted scented candles -- in pursuit. Paco hits a bump in the road, and the candles fall over the back. With the Corvette's transmission shot, the detectives lament not taking one of the sedans, which are now catching up to them. They two sedans try to sandwich the Corvette, but right before they do, Bailey steps on the hot rod's brakes, leaving the bad guys to drive past them and inadvertently shoot at each other. As the Corvette stops, Paco and the now fiery 18-wheeler are bearing down on them. Stark and Bailey jump out of the 'vette just before the truck smashes it. But Stark drops the heroin brick as he and Bailey run for cover. Paco starts shooting, and the detectives find shelter behind an apple-picking station.

Mikkel comes to, and he starts blasting as well. Paco grabs the heroin and runs off, as Mikkel is holding the detectives at gunpoint. Julius finally arrives, saving the detectives. The police backup arrives after the melee, along with Lt. Ruiz and ADA Traynor. Although Paco got away with the heroin, Young has agreed to testify against him. Mikkel will testify as well.

While Bailey is annoyed that they lost the heroin, Stark explains that during the shootout when Bailey called for backup, Stark switched the brick of heroin with a Little Trading Post souvenir brick, keeping their evidence secure and impressing both Bailey and Bailey's ADA ex-girlfriend.

Meanwhile, Paco meets up with buyers, who presumably kill him after he tries to sell them the novelty brick.






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