The Firm

Episode 1.13 : Chapter Thirteen

  • The Firm
    • Episode Premiere : April 14, 2012
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Action
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2012 - 2012
    • Production Company: Entertainment One TV, Paramount Pict, Sony Pict TV
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Director Helen Shaver
  • Screenwriter Peter Noah
  • Main Cast

  • Additional Cast

The Story

Mitch, Abby and Ray enter into the old gymnasium where Mitch and Andrew first met. Andrew emerges out of the darkness, happy to see Mitch alive. Mitch trains the stolen gun on Andrew, demanding the full story behind the murder attempt on his family. Andrew swears vehemently that his involvement has been centered on damage control, keeping tabs on Mitch; he was told the killings would stop. "You've been lied to, buddy," Andrew says. "But I've been lied to also." No one believes his story, but Mitch isn't quite ready to turn Andrew into the Feds. First, Andrew must help them take down Stack and Alex.

Mitch reasons any documents incriminating Alex and Stack will be at the firm, so they can claim attorney-client privilege. The documents they're looking for are in a room that can only be accessed by Stack and Alex via security fobs, says Andrew. Stack's security fob is around his neck, making retrieval difficult. Despite Alex's devotion to Stack, Mitch believes he can convince her to shift loyalties - she's on a sinking ship. Before chasing down Stack and Alex, Mitch calls Abby to confirm her safety. Tucked away in a safe house strikingly similar to their previous secret residence, Abby and Claire are relieved to hear Mitch's voice. Louis Coleman, however, is irritated with Mitch's refusal to come in.

Stack's henchmen tear the McDeere residence apart, searching for evidence against their boss. A very unhappy Stack belittles his three burly Special Ops vets for being unable to catch the vulnerable McDeere family.

Noble CEO Allard Hoyt summons Stack to the Hilton's presidential suite to heavily criticize the poorly handled McDeere situation. Any hope of discretion has been erased by the embarrassing public chases, deaths and home invasion. Hoyt will deny any knowledge of Stack's actions if the matter isn't promptly, thoroughly and quietly managed.

At the safe house, Abby explains the dire situation to Louis. Regardless of the lost evidence, Abby knows a Noble patient will be murdered today if Louis doesn't intervene. Trying to convey the request's urgency to his boss Wayne Tarrance, Louis entreats him to protect Noble patient Isaac Nash. The McDeeres burned Tarrance before, so he denies the request, leaving Louis to defend the patient solo. Louis knocks on Isaac Nash's door, but a muscular nurse answers the door. Nash isn't available to accept visitors right now, the nurse says. Suspicious, Louis walks down the steps drawing his gun, then turns back just as the nurse shoots him! Louis lies helpless on the ground, as the "nurse" speeds away.

Mitch meets with Federal Prosecutor Diane Ruckeyser and U.S. Attorney Franklin Shore asking for the arrest of Stack and his henchmen. Without evidence, the Feds can't and won't grant Mitch a warrant to search Kinross, nor will they make any arrests. Mitch realizes he'll have to produce the necessary evidence himself.

In order to crack Kinross' secret door, Ray's hacker friend Dimitry needs pictures of its keypad. A scorned divorcee and her attorney (Tammy and Ray in disguise) scurry into Kinross for a meeting. While Tammy voices opinions of her "soon-to-be ex-husband" a little too loudly, the couple wanders Kinross' halls looking for the door with a keypad. Finally, they find the right door and Tammy snaps a few pictures, barely escaping detection by a Kinross attorney. Back at his apartment, Dmitry examines the photo. Unfortunately, there's no way into the room without the actual security fob.

Nervous, Andrew calls Alex to confront her about the raid on the McDeere house. Backing her into a corner, he demands she meet the next morning or he'll talk to the Feds. The meeting is set, per Mitch's instructions. Back at Dimitry's, Mitch, Tammy and Ray update Andrew on his involvement: if Alex doesn't hand over her security fob tomorrow, Andrew is to trigger Stack's violent allergic reaction to peanuts and take his fob. The next morning, Andrew doesn't show up for the meeting - but Mitch does. He cuts through Alex's feigned surprise and tells her what he knows. If Alex doesn't leave Stack now, her law career will be over. Sensing Mitch's desperation, Alex doesn't fall for his Hail Mary. When she strolls out of the meeting, Mitch calls Ray: time for plan B. Ray pays off the building's security guard to stall Alex's elevator, trapping her for 15 minutes without cell phone use.

A disguised Tammy "accidentally" bumps into Stack, deftly lifting his peanut allergy medication off him. She calls Andrew to inform him of her success, and he starts massaging peanut oil into his hands. An angry Stack marches into Andrew's office. Absolutely refusing to discuss details of the case without Alex present, Stack demands Andrew call her. Andrew rubs his oily hands all over the phone and pretends to talk with Alex. Alex "needs" to explain her absence to Stack, so Andrew hands over the phone. Quickly realizing the phone is dead and covered in peanut oil, Stack turns murderously towards Andrew. Gasping for air and covered in hives, Stack collapses.

Andrew reads off the keypad's security lock to Mitch - he and Tammy have six minutes to unlock the door. Andrew dials 911, summoning Ray, who appears in a medic's uniform. As the minutes tick away, a chatty lawyer, who wants Mitch to take on a case for him, intercepts Mitch and Tammy. They must unlock the door! Finally slipping away, Mitch enters the code one second before it expires. Scrambling inside the secret room, Tammy can't find a computer port. The information can't be copied without it. She frantically calls Dimitry while taking pictures of what she sees. The only way she can secure the information is by ripping the appropriate hard drive from the wall, the one that blinks when she pulls up information. Locating the hard drive, Tammy tears the piece out.

Alex is freed from the elevator's confines after 15 minutes of screaming and ranting. Stack's cell phone startles Ray and Andrew. Alex is calling - she's out of the elevator.

Mitch calls Ray, telling him to administer the allergy shot to Stack and get out. However, Andrew lingers to ensure the shot works. Mitch yanks at the door, but he and Tammy are trapped! The code reset while they were inside. Ray has left the building, so he calls Andrew to read off the new code. Andrew is so nervous, he slurs the numbers together. Before he can finish clearly stating the code, it resets yet again. Finally, Andrew relays the proper number, freeing Mitch and Tammy. Stack awakens, grabbing weakly at Andrew. Slithering away from his grasp, Andrew scurries down the back stairwell only to run straight into the arms of Stack's men.

Angered by his Louis' shooting, Tarrance pins his injuries on Abby and Mitch. An equally angry Abby accuses Tarrance of sitting on his hands instead of acting to prevent Isaac Nash's death - in which case Louis wouldn't have been shot. Insulted, Tarrance hassles Abby to make Mitch come in. Tarrance charges into Diane Ruckeyser's office to request arrest warrants for Mitch, Abby, Tammy and Ray in the matter of Louis' shooting. Since she has no grounds, Ruckeyser denies it and deduces that Tarrance's negligence is what got Louis shot. Tarrance decides to move without the warrant and calls his men to round up the McDeeres. A U.S. Marshal entreats Abby to come with him to FBI headquarters, but she refuses to leave without Claire.

Mitch, Tammy and Ray crowd Dimitry's space. You all need to back off, he warns. Cracking a military grade hard drive will take serious time and skill. As they wait, a call from Andrew pops up on Mitch's phone. Relieved he escaped, Mitch answers only to hear Stack on the other end. Andrew isn't the person Mitch should be worried about. Stack explains that since Mitch has something that belongs to him, he's taking something that belongs to Mitch, then patches a live feed through to Mitch's cell. Mitch can only watch in horror as gunmen shoot the U.S. Marshals escorting Abby and Claire out of the safe house and kidnap Abby.






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