Fashion Star

Episode 2.03 : Something for Everyone

  • Fashion Star
    • Episode Premiere : March 22, 2013
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Reality, Fashion
    • Seasons : 2
    • Show Period : 2012 - 2013
    • Production Company: Global Fashion Association, Electus, 5x5 Media
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Before his team's runway show, John visits backstage, urging his designers to kick butt - and when the show's over, he boasts that his team is the strongest in the competition. Cassandra is first to face the buyers, and while Saks declines to bid, both Macy's and Express do. Pretty soon it's a bidding war, and Cassandra's risky tunic design pays off when Express takes it for $110,000. Caprice advises the other designers to let this be a lesson to design something other than dresses! Next up is Silvia. Just when it looks like none of the buyers will bite, Caprice picks up her flowered A-line coatdress for $80,000.

Now that the designers have spent some time together, their opinions - positive and negative - are starting to come forth. Priscilla hates Johana's design - too gaudy - while Cassandra and Hunter wonder why Amber's designing another backless dress? Most women like to wear bras... Meanwhile, David's plus-size model has arrived and while he's super fit, he's a really big dude. He loves the reversible cardigan, and David's hoping he gets extra points for having the biggest male model in the show. Nevertheless, Brandon, the only other menswear designer in the completion, thinks thin cotton knit doesn't go over so well on someone who's out of shape.

Jessica's very concerned about David, who has yet to make a sale. If he doesn't come through this week, surely, he's going home. The mentors decide they're going to go shopping for fabric with their designers, hoping to steer them toward what the buyers are looking for - designs and fabrics for spring. Intent on selling to Macy's, Hunter wants to create a dress with what she believes to be a flattering peplum, a popular runway trend this season. Cassandra knows she's taking a risk creating a tunic, when almost everyone else is making a dress, but John likes the idea. Silvia loves her piece, but she's not sure it's going to flatter her plus-sized model.

Tonight, the mentors will help their teams create designs to fit every body type. The designers are challenged to dress two models of different builds with the same basic piece. Earlier in the week, John meets with his team - the only team who has yet to lose anybody. He pushes them to pay attention to the little details. Cassandra takes the challenge personally, having struggled with an eating disorder her whole life. Down to three designers, Nicole's concerned that Priscilla's going to have to get more commercial - less vintage '50s, more now. Johana is the only plus-sized girl in the competition, and she knows what it's like to go shopping and find nothing but small sizes. She's determined to stick with her color choice of red and black, even though Nicole warns her away from it.

Even though the buyers spent big on Team John's designs, Nicole advises them to dig deep into their pockets, because her team is about to wow them. After their runway show, she'll only say, "There were several surprises." Priscilla's first to face the buyers, and none of them are interested in buying her flare dress. Erika advises her to think more globally, reeling in her creativity and then reeling it in a little more, to stay in the competition. Sadly, no one's interested in Johana's black-and-red peplum dress. Erika explains the color choice is more for a holiday buy, like Christmas, just like Nicole warned. The same fate awaits Daniel - no buys. Terron explains the tree-inspired dress didn't work on both models and was kind of gimmicky; Daniel can do better. Now all of Team Nicole is up for elimination!

Hunter is the last designer to face the judges. Since she's so cool and collected, Louise asks Hunter to tell her story. Tearing up, Hunter admits that she almost quit designing this year. The road is challenging, but she loves it! Jessica is stunned when neither Macy's nor Saks has an offer for Hunter. Luckily, Erika loves the power of the peplum and picks it up for a cool $60,000. Since four designers failed to sell (Daniel, David, Johana and Silvia), Jessica, John and Nicole will have to choose two to put up for elimination. They can agree that Daniel has to stay in the competition, but the rest of their decision isn't easy.

Backstage before her team's runway show, Jessica gives her remaining three designers a pep talk. Jessica's thrilled with her team's showing - she feels like a proud mom! Now, will the buyers be as kind to JesseRay and Garrett? Yes, Macy's and Saks both will! Since Saks bid of $55,000 is higher, Macy's lets the dress go to Terron, who's happy to have it. David's is the next head on the block, and the pressure's really on since he has yet to make a sale. Express bids no, then Saks... now it's all down to Macy's - and they don't bite either. In Erika's opinion, David's fabric choice is too clingy. There's a guy in between a model and a beefcake, and he's not going to want to wear that sweater.

Fresh off her last purchase, Caprice doesn't bid on Amber's lace dress with lacing up the back, but both Express and Saks want it. When Erika refuses to bid any higher than $55,000, Terron is pleased to add Amber's dress to the Saks family. Saks declines to purchase Brandon's collared shirt, but both Express and Macy's bid for it. In the end, Caprice takes it for Macy's at $80,000. John stands up to give his team a standing ovation - every single one of them made a sale!

David has chosen to create a reversible cardigan, and he's kind of freaking out about it. The other designers encourage him to let go of his insecurities, settle on a design and stop looking to the opinions of others. Primarily sweater-knit designers, JesseRay and Garrett realize they've never had a design challenge like this, so they're ready when Jessica recommends they create a cowl-neck for their dress. Daniel's feeling comfortable, because his forte is designing for real women with real curves. This week's design is inspired by a tree, which Nicole thinks is coming off a little like an art piece... but he's a risky guy.

Nicole tells David, Johana and Priscilla that because the mentors have reached a stalemate, there will be three designers up for elimination. The room gets quiet as the buyers place their votes. Erika votes for Priscilla, Terron votes for David, leaving Caprice with the deciding vote. She apologizes and then casts her vote for David, sending him home.






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