Fashion Star

Episode 2.05 : It Takes Two

  • Fashion Star
    • Episode Premiere : April 05, 2013
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Reality, Fashion
    • Seasons : 2
    • Show Period : 2012 - 2013
    • Production Company: Global Fashion Association, Electus, 5x5 Media
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

This week, the designers are challenged to work in pairs without killing each other. They'll have to create two separated pieces, which will be worn as a complete look. After learning about the challenge, Daniel reports that he's filled with an undercurrent of hatred. In his mind, Johana's lack of communication last week set Team Nicole up for elimination - and now he's going to be paired with her again! Hunter, JesseRay and Garrett will work as a threesome, while John's team will have to choose how to split into two teams. There's one more small wrinkle: only the team with the highest sales total will be safe from elimination.

Nicole's very concerned about Daniel, who hasn't made a sale in two weeks. Daniel has an idea for an underdress and overdress, which Johana brushes off without a thought. Daniel's immediately pissed off, thinking Johana has no intention of collaborating with him. Luckily, Nicole's on hand to play referee. Even though she's taking a huge risk, Cassandra offers to pair with Brandon, since she's designed menswear in the past, which is fine with their mentor John. They decide to make a summer suit, but Brandon's offended when Cassandra tells John she's designing the jacket without consulting him first. Brandon's the jacket designer! Nevertheless, John thinks they're on track to sell to all three stores.

Things continue to go south for Daniel, who believes Johana is trying to poison his soul by dumbing down his look to make it more salable. Amber decides to create a collarless blouse, and her partner Silvia will design a jacket to go with it. Silvia's confident she can help Amber get more modern with her design, per the buyers' request. It's peaceful over at Team Jessica, where Hunter, JesseRay and Garrett are getting along gangbusters. The guys will design a fashion forward sweater-knit shirt with woven collar, which will pair with Hunter's leather-ornamented snap pencil skirt.

Johana and Daniel finally manage to settle on an idea - a pencil skirt matched with a complex flowered top. Nicole sits them down to confirm that they're working together as a team. Ironically, neither of them feels the other is open to their ideas. Susan Cernak, senior fashion editor of Glamour magazine, visits the Design Studio to advise the designers about what's trending in separates. John is concerned Silvia's jacket is going to hide Amber's shirt, so a very worried Silvia decides she's going to design a pair of pants at the last minute.

Jessica's feeling great about her team and is particularly impressed with Hunter, who always designs a great functional piece each week. Brandon is so worried about Cassandra designing their team's jacket, that he hovers, which has her thinking he's like an annoying boyfriend. She likes the quality of her design, but Brandon doesn't like the fit. Ironically, despite all of the cat fighting, Daniel and Johana have turned their look around, impressing - and scaring - everyone else. Hunter gets frantic and starts trying to make changes to upgrade her team's design.

Team John is first to show their looks on the runway. Backstage, Brandon's worried that Cassandra's jacket isn't as finished as he would like. Can they agree on styling? No. This week, each pair of designers faces the buyers directly after their runway showcase - but one at a time, as the buyers decide which element of the look they're interested in purchasing. Express and Saks pass on Brandon's pant, so Macy's takes it with a bid of $50,000. Neither Express nor Saks want Cassandra's jacket either, so once again, Caprice picks it up for $70,000. Brandon and Cassandra's combined earnings are $120,000.

Unhappy with the styling of her natural colored pants, Silvia changes runway styling at the last minute, making Amber unhappy. Nevertheless, John's expectations for their look are exceeded. Silvia's first to face the buyers. Macy's is quick to step out of the bidding, leaving Express and Saks to duke it out. When Erika offers $100,000, Terron declines to counter offer, and the sale is made. Now Amber needs to sell her blouse or the two of them will be up for elimination. Luckily, both Express and Saks want it - and Saks is willing to pay $150,000! Having sold $250,000, Silvia and Amber are the new team to beat.

Hunter remains nervous prior to her runway showcase, afraid Daniel and Johana have totally knocked it out of the park. Nevertheless, the mentors think Team Jessica's is the strongest look of the night thus far. Louise calls JesseRay and Garrett before the buyers. Express and Saks aren't interested, so Macy's scoops up their sweater for $50,000. The pressure falls to Hunter to bring in a big bid in hopes of earning immunity. Express wastes no time bidding $55,000 - while Macy's and Saks sit on their hands. Team Jessica has earned a total of $105,000, which puts them up for elimination.

The mentors are super impressed with the way Daniel and Johana were able to come together to create a truly coordinated look. With $250,000 as the number to beat, Johana steps up to face the buyers. Express is quick to decline, but both Macy's and Saks want her pencil skirt - and Saks really wants it, so much that Terron's willing to pay $175,000 for it! Now Daniel will have to earn at least $75,000 to win immunity for his team. Once again, Express steps out of the bidding, leaving Saks and Macy's go at it. Determined to get what he wants, Terron squashes Macy's with an outlandish $180,000 bid, earning a standing ovation from the mentors. Terron says, "Go big or go home," while Caprice congratulates Daniel and Johana on an unparalleled collaboration. The winning total sale? $355,000!

Backstage, the designers are in agony as the mentors deliberate. Nicole reminds the others that it's not about whether the designers are good or not at this point; it's about who's going to win. When the designers are gathered on stage, John announces that two members of his team, Amber and Brandon are in the hot seat. Caprice votes to eliminate Amber; Terron votes for Brandon, leaving Erika with the deciding vote... and it's Brandon.






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