Fashion Star

Episode 2.02 : Sex Sells

  • Fashion Star
    • Episode Premiere : March 15, 2013
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Reality, Fashion
    • Seasons : 2
    • Show Period : 2012 - 2013
    • Production Company: Global Fashion Association, Electus, 5x5 Media
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

If there's one known in fashion, it's that sex sells, so this week, the designers are being challenged to create their sexiest piece. The mentors hit the design studio to talk to their teams about the definition of sexy. John advises his four designers to dig deep and leave their comfort zone. Latina Silvia's automatically thinking red and tight - but she knows Latinas are also conservative, and the woman she designs for can be sexy without showing everything. In Brandon's mind, men want to look powerful. Thus he's designing a James Bond-inspired canvas jacket. John's not feeling the James Bond. When Brandon refuses his advice, John comments that his fabric choice means the jacket won't sell.

Daniel thinks this week's challenge is perfect for him, because sexy is his thing. That being said, he's walking the fine line between chic and trashy. For David, sexy menswear is all about the fit, so he's designing a fitted blazer. Nevertheless, after not getting bought last week, his confidence is way down. Priscilla has decided to make her very own dream dress, while Tori Nichel is going to work in silk chiffon, making a short and flirty dress in color block and one in a bright print. Jessica advises her to tone the print down for salability. Fresh off her success of last week, Amber's decided to make a faux snakeskin dress with a cut-out back and chiffon sleeves.

Silvia has the week's first freak out when she can't find her black fabric. Will she have to make her second dress in avocado green? Yes she will, and her mentor John is worried. After her big Saks buy last week, Hunter is feeling the pressure, and the other designers are looking at her as stiff competition. Still, she knows she needs to cater to all three retailers. JesseRay and Garrett are hoping to wow the buyers with their basketweave sweater vest. Jessica's a little nervous about their design, and once again, she reminds them they really need to bring sex to the dress. Nicole's excited by Johana's dress design - one that will fit and flatter almost any body type. Tori Nichel has her own freak-out moment; her dress design is so ambitious that she's not sure she'll have enough time to complete it!

Team Nicole is first to hit the runway, and all three of her designers hit it out of the park. Nicole's response? "It was ridiculous!" Daniel is first to face the buyers with his two wildly different cut-out dresses. He's disappointed when Saks doesn't bite, but Erika ponies up $60,000, and Caprice quickly outbids her with $95,000. Erika's very sad to let it go, but Caprice is thrilled - it's right on trend for spring! None of the vendors bid on Priscilla's dream dress. While Caprice thought the piece was exquisitely designed, she points to Priscilla's fabric choices - glossy vinyl with lightweight silk - as the deal-breaker.

Johanna gets a huge surge of applause as she stands to face the buyers. Everyone's disappointed when Terron declines to bid on her sheer maxi, but then Express and Macy's ring in with simultaneous offers of $75,000 and $70,000 respectively. Then the bidding war takes off, as Caprice and Erika battle it out. In the end, Caprice steps out of the fray, and Johana's maxi dress goes to Express for $125,000.

John steps backstage to help his team with a few last-minute tips for the runway. Brandon worries that he didn't take John's advice, and Sylvia feels like her green dress will cost her a sale this week. After the runway show, John admits a couple of his people hit the sexy mark strongly, while a couple didn't. Amber's first to face the buyers. Macy's and Saks quickly decline to bid, so Erika easily takes Amber's open-backed dress with a $60,000 bid. Erika is thrilled Express will be selling the design, but Caprice warns Amber not to limit her aesthetic to clothing only she and her friends like. Next up, Brandon, and all three of the designers quickly decline to make an offer - which John expected all along.

After having failed to make a sale last week, Cassandra is nervous when both Express and Macy's have nothing to offer. Seizing his opportunity, Terron offers $55,000, explaining that her blue dress is a spot-on color trend for spring. Interestingly enough, Terron buys Silvia's dress in much the same way but for $50,000, scolding Silvia that she has to work on her choice of color...

Backstage before Team Jessica takes to the runway, Tori Nichel's last nerve is frayed. Her dress isn't ready - so she's literally going to pin it on her model. David's first to face the buyers, and all three decline to buy his moto blazer. When David asks what he's doing wrong since it's been two weeks in a row with no buy, Caprice admits she would have bought his jacket - for fall, and now's the time to buy for spring. As Hunter steps before the judges, there's a surge of applause. Terron offers $50,000, but he doesn't counter when Express outbids him at $75,000. Jessica's disappointed when no one bids on Tori Nichel's sexy one-shoulder dress. Terron explains there were positives and negatives: he loved the color-blocking on one dress, but thought the patterned fabric she chose for her second was dated.

JesseRay and Garrett are the last designers of the night to face the buyers, and their basketweave dress sparks a three-way bidding war. First to bid, Terron is first to step out of the action when Macy's bids $80,000. Caprice and Erika keep the action going - all the way up to $140,000 when Erika lets it go to Caprice. Since Priscilla, Tori Nichel, Brandon and David didn't sell their designs to the buyers, the mentors have their work cut out for them, deciding which two of the four they'll put up for elimination. Jessica apologizes to Tori Nichel and David. Priscilla and Brandon are safe. Caprice votes to eliminate David, Terron votes for Tori Nichel, leaving Express with the deciding vote. In a surprise move, Erika votes to eliminate Tori Nichel, who claims she's leaving broken hearted.






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