Cougar Town

Episode 2.15 : Walls

  • Cougar Town
    • Episode Premiere : April 18, 2011
    • Distributor : TBS
    • Genre : Comedy, Drama
    • Seasons : 2
    • Show Period : 2009 - 2015
    • Production Company: ABC Studios, Coquette Prod., Doozer Prod.
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Bobby's digging up the time capsule he and Jules buried 19 years ago to preserve their baby boy's past. It's filled with old photos, a Teddy Ruxpin, several .38 Special cassettes (Bobby's contribution) and Jules's grandmother's old engagement ring. Now, if Bobby could just remember which hedge the thing is buried by in the yard.

Jules has never been the type of person to meddle in her son's life. Actually, she's ALWAYS been that type of person. Ellie finally has the guts to say this aloud. As for Travis, he's interested in finding that time capsule, as he may want that engagement ring to propose to Kirsten before she takes a job in Chicago. This leads to the creation of the No-No Dance-music and choreography by Jules Cobb.

There's a new rule for Penny Can involving a "Stache Attack." That means a mustache is drawn on your face with a marker whenever you dink a shot that doesn't sink. Speaking of Penny Can, Laurie has an entrepreneurial idea. She wants to sell official Bobby Cobb Penny Cans. They find a place to serve as their international headquarters (Jules's office) and they create a clever radio ad promoting the best coin-based games since "heads or tails."

Andy tries to convince Grayson that ladies love married men because they are forbidden fruit. The G-Man is skeptical. Then again, he's not buying into anything these days. He doesn't believe Jules can resist her meddling impulses when it comes to Travis. He also refuses to invest in the great Penny Can promotion. But after a heart-to-heart with Andy, Grayson ends up serving free drinks during a tourney at his pub. Say it with us in your best shrill voice... PENNY CAN!

RANDOM COUGAR TOWN TIDBITS: Jules can never admit when she's wrong, so saying she "agrees to disagree" is always her out. Bobby changes the meaning of the phrase "kicks ass" because it always hurt whenever he got his butt whupped. Finally, Ellie thinks there's a ghost living in her truck. It's actually just Jules playing random pranks on her. Please keep an eye out for more random tidbits in future recaps.

Jules digs up the time capsule only to hide it from Travis. Technically, it's not meddling. It's full-blown life-altering interference. Ellie eventually convinces her BFF to let Travis make his own mistakes. Jules turns over the time capsule and doesn't say a word when Trav pockets the engagement ring. It's hard, but Big Carl is standing by to help get her through.






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