Cougar Town

Episode 2.11 : No Reason to Cry

  • Cougar Town
    • Episode Premiere : January 05, 2011
    • Distributor : TBS
    • Genre : Comedy, Drama
    • Seasons : 2
    • Show Period : 2009 - 2015
    • Production Company: ABC Studios, Coquette Prod., Doozer Prod.
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Jules Cobb is the Angel of Death. She adopts this catchy nickname after killing Grayson Dove with a kitchen accessory. Grayson Dove, by the way, is one of two white birds that have been hanging outside her window. Jules Dove is the other. They symbolize the safe, loving relationship of their less-feathery namesakes.

Jules has accepted that her boyfriend is a slow-moving wuss when it comes to saying "I love you." Nevertheless, Grayson is making great strides in their relationship. He recently kissed Jules while she had her mouth guard in. That's like making out with a boxer. But still no "I love you" from the G-man.

Things take a bad turn when Jules accidentally whacks Grayson Dove with a frying pan. This Teflon tragedy saddens Jules. Any future these actual lovebirds had together has now vanished. The fact that Grayson isn't very upset about the situation bums out Jules even more. He's also not shedding any tears for the squirrel she accidentally runs down with her car. His name was Tuffy L'Rue.


Laurie's creative juices have been flowing lately. She says, "I'm writing a screenplay. It's a cartoon about a plucky termite princess named Molly who gets kidnapped and sold into sex slavery. It's not a kids' movie." In other news, Laurie gets confused by coffee sizes. She convinces local coffee workers to change the names. Ellie is getting a "largey."

Speaking of Ellie, she gets ticked at Andy when he tricks Laurie into calling a barista by the wrong name. That won't bode well with when it comes time to name new coffee sizes. It's not that Ellie is opposed to having her hubby make her nemesis look like a fool. The problem is that this particular prank was something he used to play only on her. It's no longer personal.

Odd neighbor Tom pops by to thank Ellie for the note she wrote him. The heartfelt sentiments she expressed for being so nasty to him was just so special. As you may have guessed, Ellie has no idea what Odd Tom is talking about. That's because Andy wrote the letter. He promises to never pull this new "fake apology note" prank on anyone but Ellie. So disturbingly sweet.

Bobby is desperately trying to get a sponsor for the upcoming golf tournament. He sets his sights on Diet Dr. Pepper. Why? Well, one of the company's execs happens to be playing golf on the course where he's putting with extreme precision. Or the guy could just be a doctor with a surname of Pepper. Too close to call.

Travis warns Kirsten not to meddle when she realizes Bobby is out of touch with the world around him. Too late. Trav's main lady clues Bobby in about all the problems that are out there. Soon he's stressing over things like global warming, the economic crisis and racism. Bobby's concentration on the golf course is shot.

Travis and Kirsten realize that the only way to cure Bobby's depression is to desensitize him to the horrors of the world and fill his mind with a bunch of white noise. Actually, any kind of noise will do. Like, say, the fizzing sound that accompanies a freshly-poured glass of Diet Dr. Pepper. Soon Bobby's sinking putts as the world around him continues to suck. Obliviousness like this is what makes the great ones great.

SPLAT! The cul-de-sac killing spree continues when Jules accidentally squishes a lizard with her shoe. All this animal death has Jules wondering if she and Grayson are meant to be together. They're just so different. Later, Grayson convinces Jules to put down Big Carl long enough to follow him out to the front yard where he's dug three little graves. One is for Grayson Dove, the next is for Tuffy L'Rue and the last is for the unnamed lizard who remains stuck to the bottom of Jules' now-buried shoe. That little guy was really on there.

Grayson made this little pet cemetery to honor the fallen. Jules thinks he's making fun of her. In reality, Grayson just wants to say something in front of the whole peanut gallery (aka the cul-de-sac crew). He says, "All those ways that you're different from me, that's why I love you." Woo hoo! He said it!

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