Cougar Town

Episode 2.06 : You Don't Know How It Feels

  • Cougar Town
    • Episode Premiere : October 27, 2010
    • Distributor : TBS
    • Genre : Comedy, Drama
    • Seasons : 2
    • Show Period : 2009 - 2015
    • Production Company: ABC Studios, Coquette Prod., Doozer Prod.
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Jules' father, Chick, is in town for a Halloween visit. Whenever dad is in town, Jules starts spewing out little hick-like sayings. This isn't to suggest Chick is a redneck. He's a nice guy and a natural at Penny Can. He also loves Halloween which is why Grayson invites him to the costume bash at his pub. Yes, Chick is great in a crowd but Jules feels he gets emotionally distant whenever it's just the two of them alone.

Jules has a plan. She'll let Chick spend a little time with Grayson figuring dear old dad will hate him. Then she'll swoop in to rescue him from the G-man's clutches thereby initiating some father-daughter bonding. Unfortunately, Chick actually takes a shine to Grayson. Jules catches them strumming away on their guitars while belting out a catchy little ditty about her. Dad-gummit!

Jules tries her best to get Chick to spend a little quality time with her. It doesn't go well. Chick says Jules sounds just her mother did whenever she used to get ticked at him. At the end of this little dust-up, Jules pretty much tells her dad to hit the road. This leads to a major attack of guilt. So Jules decides to do whatever it takes to make nice with Chick.

The costumes worn by the cul-de-sac crew at Grayson's party are all top notch. Andy makes a fine Burt Reynolds and Bobby blows us away as Windy Guy (that's a guy who looks like he's caught in a wind storm). In a role reversal for the ages, Laurie assumes Ellie's identity and vice versa. Jules dresses up like a princess and Grayson is her Prince. Not Prince Charming. No, he's actually dressed like Prince in full Purple Rain garb. The only person missing is Chick, who texts Jules that he packed up and went home.

Jules is sad about her dad and mad about the bear that keeps harassing her at the bar. Okay, it's not a real bear. It's just someone in a costume who keeps stealing beers and hogging all the pretzels. Her mood is dampened even further when Barb shows up dressed as a haystack. She asks if anyone would like a roll in the hay. Classic stuff.

Ellie and Andy are trying to get Stan into a good preschool. Fortunately, the headmaster at the school is one of Bobby's golfing buddies. Bobby is more than happy to help out but only if he's reinstated as Stan's emergency legal guardian. Ellie revoked his title after Jules divorced him. During a brief interview process, Ellie says the thought of Bobby raising Stan just isn't worth it. This blows Windy Guy away in one sad gust.

Ellie is surprised to learn that Bobby called in a favor to get Stan into that school the moment he found out about the situation. This prompts Ellie to reconsider her previous decision. She now realizes that Bobby will do whatever it takes to make sure Stan grows up to be the man he's not. So sweet.

Jules is beyond depressed believing that her dad doesn't want to be around her. This also saddens that big bear at the end of the bar. That’s because Chick's the man behind the bear suit. He steps outside to see Jules sitting alone on a bench. Chick stands before her with his big furry arms outstretched. Jules steps in to soak in a long overdue bear hug from her dad.

Jules learns that the reason Chick never wants to have a real moment with her is because she reminds him so much of her mom. He just misses her so much. Jules does, too. She wants Chick to know that with her mom gone, she needs him even more. With Travis away at school, she feels like he's all the family she has. Chick says, "Well, that's just horse puckey because you have built a beautiful family here." He also says of all the things he's done in his life, the thing he's most proud of is Jules. Sniff, sniff. That one got to us.






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