Cougar Town

Episode 2.01 : All Mixed Up

  • Cougar Town
    • Episode Premiere : September 22, 2010
    • Distributor : TBS
    • Genre : Comedy, Drama
    • Seasons : 2
    • Show Period : 2009 - 2015
    • Production Company: ABC Studios, Coquette Prod., Doozer Prod.
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

We all know how Cougar Town likes to create its own little lingo. Confidence dance...rhyme-five...apology hug... We suggest "Jenanigans" be added to the list. It's the shenanigans that take place when Jennifer Aniston visits Courteney Cox for the Season Two premiere. Jen is Glenn, a shrink who helps Jules deal with a myriad of issues. So, let the Jenanigans begin!

The gang has a new game. It's called Movie Mash-up. You take two movie titles that share a word, combine them and then you describe that movie. For example, an imprisoned killer whale gives out golden tickets to see who gets his candy company. The answer: Free Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Jules is bummed that she's not very good at Movie Mash-up. But she's even more upset that Travis is heading off to college. She has her Graysonship (that's when you're in a relationship with an emotionless robot like Grayson), but needs more support. Jules has been seeing a shrink named Glenn (played by you know who). The woman must be good. She somehow got Jules to ditch her finger guns.

Actually, Glenn shows signs of being a pretty peculiar psychotherapist. She's not big on note-taking and believes the crystal around her neck keeps her from getting cancer. Still, Jules feels a certain bond with Glenn, who often regales her with stories about her own son, Gabriel.

Travis thinks Laurie will miss him big time after he heads off to school. He believes he keeps Laurie young. Trav talks about how he and his buddies stay up late for raging events like their Emilio Estevez film festival. He calls it the "Estevez Festivez." This leads into friendly bet on who can stay awake longer.

Grayson is getting tired of spending every single minute with Jules. He hopes talking about it isn't awkward for Bobby. Andy says he has lunch with Jules everyday and it doesn't bother Bobby a bit. Actually, Andy downs burgers on a bench that has an ad with Jules' face on it. That's what he means by having lunch with her.

Someone defaces the big Jules head on the bench by drawing a fake mustache on it. Andy cleans things up and wants to solve the mystery of who tagged Jules. Bobby and Grayson will partner with him on a stakeout. By the way, we certainly hope the classic buddy flick Stakeout was part of the Estevez Festivez.

Glenn says giving Grayson some freedom is no biggie, but Jules wants to talk about it more. She plans to track down Glenn outside the office. Time for another stakeout! By the way, Another Stakeout was an inferior sequel that does NOT warrant inclusion in the Estevez Festivez. Anyway, Glenn sees Jules coming and tries to speed away. Too bad she plows into a parked car.

Ellie suspects Glenn is a fraud when she realizes the smooth-talking shrink wasn't about to leave a note on the car she hit. Jules refuses to believe this until she discovers that Gabriel is not Glenn's son. He's her dog. Jules realizes Glenn is a total nut job. Their relationship is over and the finger guns make a triumphant return.

Laurie admits to Ellie that she's cheating on her "no sleep" wager with Travis by napping when he's not around. It's worth losing the bet just to mess with his head. She'll miss doing that when he goes away. Laurie admits to Trav that she'll also miss him.

Grayson realizes that Bobby is the one who's been defacing Jules on the bench. He's still not quite comfy with Grayson's relationship with Jules. He was always the outside guy Bobby could talk to. Not anymore. Grayson says he can still confide in him. Bobby's cool with that as long as the G-man doesn't complain about getting to spend time with Jules.

Grayson heads over to Jules's place to say he missed her. He gives her a Movie Mash-up clue from films in her DVD collection to make her feel good. A bunch of kids search for treasure on a deserted island and then have sex for the first time. Jules knows it's The Blue Lagoonies! Hey, was Emilio Estevez in that?

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