Cougar Town

Episode 1.24 : Finding Out

  • Cougar Town
    • Episode Premiere : May 19, 2010
    • Distributor : TBS
    • Genre : Comedy, Drama
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2009 - 2015
    • Production Company: ABC Studios, Coquette Prod., Doozer Prod.
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Time for a couples update! Ellie is with Andy. Laurie is with Smith. Travis is with Kylie. Jules is with Grayson. And Bobby is with...uh...

Jules wants to let Laurie and Travis know that she's dating Grayson by having them discover them in the perfect couple moment. Sounds like a plan. Too bad Ellie ruins it by just blurting out the secret. Now everyone knows about their relationship. Well, almost everyone. Bobby's still in the dark.

Jules, Andy and Grayson compete in a game of Ultimate Penny Can to determine who will be the bearer of bad news. There's a quiz element to the game aimed at giving players a better shot at sinking the penny into the can. Andy aces all questions, leaving Jules and Grayson to battle it out. Jules looks like she's about to win until Grayson toss a Hail Mary penny pass that miraculously finds its way to the bottom of the can. We have a winner! And it's not Jules.

Travis is in hot water with Kylie for not making a big deal about their seven month anniversary. He thinks she's being ridiculous about the whole thing and plans to tell her so. Laurie advises against it, as he'll risk seeing a side of a woman that no man ever wants to confront. But Trav doesn't heed her warning and ends up being introduced to Kylie's devil face of displeasure.

Travis needs a defense strategy to counter Kylie's wrath. Coach Laurie shows him the strategies of others. Andy pretends to be asleep whenever Ellie is yelling at him. Grayson powers down like a robot whenever he's in hot water. Smith takes Laurie shopping whenever he screws up. But Trav opts to be a "yes man," agreeing with whatever anyone says just to shut them up. It's brilliant! And it works well with Kylie.

Grayson wants to know why he and Jules never spend the night at his place. There's a perfectly logical explanation for that one. Jules says, "When I'm in your bedroom I feel like balloons are gonna start falling from the ceiling like I'm the millionth customer." But that doesn't mean she can't snoop around his place long enough to find his hipster wool hat collection.

Baby Stan says his first word: Bobby. That's because Andy and Bobby often hover over him chanting the name over and over again. This doesn't sit well with Ellie, who promises to ruin the ending to every movie Andy's ever wanted to see anytime Stan says the name Bobby. First on the list is the classic Michael J. Fox comedy Teen Wolf. Spoiler alert: Teen Wolf wins the big game without wolfing out.

Grayson tells Jules that being in a relationship requires doing things you don't want to do. Sadly for him, she captures his comments on tape. Jules plays back the recording to convince Grayson to team up to tell Bobby about their relationship. But neither of them can do it. Bobby already feels like a third wheel with Andy and Ellie, not to mention Travis and Kylie. He's glad that the three of them are all still single.

Bobby misses the days when they all hung out as friends. Jules and Grayson formulate a plan. They'll have a big singles party at the beach where the entire gang will attend as friends. No couples allowed. Bobby is game, as is the ever-present Barb. She says, "Singles party at the beach. Barb likey. Frolicking in the waves, your privates getting sandblasted so they shine like a bowling trophy..." Barb is so poetic.

Everyone has a great day at the beach. As the sun begins to set, the gang buries Bobby to the point where he's nothing but a smiling head in the sand. It's his favorite thing to do at the beach. It's also a great way to keep him from running away when he sees Jules and Grayson share a kiss.

The smile on Bobby's beach head disappears instantly. He thinks everyone is laughing at him. Jules explains that's not what this day was about. All his friends got together because they love him so much. This hits home with Bobby, who doesn't want to be dug out of the sand just yet. He just wants to sit there for awhile surrounded by his friends. Just like old times.






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