Cougar Town

Episode 1.21 : Letting You Go

  • Cougar Town
    • Episode Premiere : April 28, 2010
    • Distributor : TBS
    • Genre : Comedy, Drama
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2009 - 2015
    • Production Company: ABC Studios, Coquette Prod., Doozer Prod.
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Travis gets his first college admissions letter. Keen observers will see the name "Winston University" on the envelope's return address. It's a subtle shout-out to Cougar Town co-creator Bill Lawrence's other show Scrubs. Does this mean Trav is considering med school?

Jules yells, "Travis, help! I'm hurt!" It's the only way she can get him to come down from his room in a timely manner. Jules waits patiently to give a congratulatory hug as Travis reads his acceptance letter. But she has to holster her arms when Travis tells the gang he didn't get in. He says, "It doesn't feel great to get turned down by a school with four grammatical errors in their rejection letter."

Fear not, Travis gets acceptance letters from two other schools-one is 20 minutes away, the other is in California. After a swell "family confidence dance," Jules realizes that Travis could very well be moving across the country. Separation anxiety, thy name is Jules. Grayson tries to warn her that it'll hurt no matter where Travis goes, but Jules believes closer is still better.

Ellie runs a tight ship when it comes to her house. Wine glasses go on coasters and kettle corn does not get dropped on the floor. Andy has trouble following the house rules, which often gets him kicked to the curb. So, when Ellie falls asleep, Andy plays by his own rules. This involves walking around in his underwear while in a cowboy hat. Oh, and he's not about to use a coaster. Yes, Andy's a madman.

Andy makes the mistake of inviting a few friends over to bask in his late night bliss. He and Bobby sit on the sofa in their underwear as Grayson and Jules do an interpretive dance to Enya's 1988 breakthrough hit Orinoco Flow. It's that song with the cool, repeated "sail away, sail away, sail away" chorus. Anyway, Andy is tired of sharing his alone time with so many people. Fortunately, Ellie kicks everyone out. She agrees to let Andy have his fun while she sleeps. But he still needs to use a coaster.

Laurie's boyfriend Smith finished law school and is home to stay. When they come across one of Laurie's old boy toys, she tells Smith that he shouldn't make a scene. So he doesn't. That's a major turn-off for Laurie. She likes the drama. It's what makes her lady parts beep.

Bobby has been giving Smith's dad golf lessons. While out on the course, he clues in Smith about Laurie's love of theatrics. When Smith shows up with a bloody lip, Laurie assumes he got into a fight with her ex. She's all over him. The passion is gone the moment Smith admits he actually got into a fight with Travis. Not Travis the kid, Travis the dog. Smith offers to give Laurie her drama fix in their relationship by continuing to butt heads with his disapproving dad. That'll work.

Travis wakes up to catch his mom staring at him. Watching him sleep is something she's done many times over the years. Sometimes she invites Ellie and Laurie to join her. Now that Travis is up, Jules tells him that he's the only one who kept her from feeling alone after the divorce. This news bums out Travis. He says, "You know how much I love you. I mean, after what you said, you really think I even have a choice anymore?"

Jules realizes she has to let Travis make his own decision. As it turns out, he was planning on staying close to home the whole time. He was just mad at his mom for pressuring him. While checking out the campus, Travis asks if he can crash at a friend's place for the night. As she rides home alone, Jules realizes that even though Travis will be just 20 minutes away, he'll still be away.

Jules is so upset that she doesn't feel like walking into her house. Good thing Grayson is there to carry her. He knows a little something about being lonely. They look into each other's eyes for a long beat. Then....brace yourself...they kiss! Take a moment to high-five anyone in your vicinity. This is the moment we've been waiting for! Can't wait to see what happens next!






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