Cougar Town

Episode 1.15 : When a Kid Goes Bad

  • Cougar Town
    • Episode Premiere : February 10, 2010
    • Distributor : TBS
    • Genre : Comedy, Drama
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2009 - 2015
    • Production Company: ABC Studios, Coquette Prod., Doozer Prod.
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Jules Cobb has had a long string of successful Valentine's Days, but her winning streak is about to be snapped. Jules tries to make the most of things by offering to hang with Grayson as "just friends" because, you know, guys love that. Grayson would be willing to stay with her any other day, but he's just too anti-Cupid to do so on February 14th.

Jules is mad at Bobby for keeping Travis out of school so they could wait in line for some free chicken. In Bobby's defense, he just downed a gallon of free coleslaw, so his brain is a little mayonnaisey. Jules tells him they are a team when it comes to parenting Travis. Bobby agrees and dubs them Team Coleslaw. It's a wonder more pro sports franchises aren't named for shredded cabbage.

It's a bit of an issue when Jules wants Travis to skip a party where beer is being served, yet Bobby thinks it's best to let him go. Bobby makes a deal with Trav. He doesn't want his boy to drink, but if Travis does knock down a few brews, he must promise to call Bobby for a ride home. He'll pick him up with no questions asked. Sounds like a plan. Just don't tell Jules.

Laurie's boyfriend Smith wants to introduce her to his dad, Roger (guest star Barry Bostwick), who also happens to be a big client Andy is trying to sign. Ellie supports her husband's quest for financial success by calling him at random times to scream "I want a new car!" She's quite the motivator.

While Andy and Roger have drinks at his club, Laurie and Smith happen to swing by for lunch. It's obvious that Smith's dad doesn't like Laurie. He basically calls her trailer trash. We take that back. He actually calls her trailer trash. Not wanting to blow the deal, Andy agrees that Laurie is "not classy."

Andy feels horrible about what he's done, so much so that he curls up in a ball of sadness on his sofa. Later, at Grayson's bar, Laurie and Smith confront Andy about what he said. Laurie is really upset. Actually, she's totally not. Laurie knows Andy was just playing the corporate game and she's cool with what he did.

Andy is relieved, but not satisfied. As Roger prepares to sign the papers, Andy tells him Laurie is a great person and his son is lucky to be dating her. Way to go, Andy! You did the right thing. Unfortunately, you also blew the deal. Looks like Ellie won't be getting that new car. That's okay. She's proud of her hubby anyway.

When Travis has a few drinks at the party, he keeps up his end of the secret deal by calling his dad for a ride home. Bobby helps Travis sneak into the house, but Jules won't be fooled. She smells alcohol on Travis' breath and deals out a swift and mighty punishment. Travis warns Bobby that he's next in line to feel her wrath.

Sure enough, Jules lays into her ex big time but shifts gears after Travis leaves the room. See, this little tiff was all an act. Bobby didn't want to force Travis into a situation where he'd be afraid to ask for help and Jules didn't want to give him a free pass to booze it up. They conspired to create a little good cop/bad cop routine. Travis did the wrong thing and he will be punished. But he did the right thing by calling his dad, so he's home safe. Now that's some nice parenting from Team Coleslaw.

Ellie wants Grayson to take down his Christmas lights. It bothers her when she looks out her window while on the treadmill. Even if they're not on, she still knows they're there. Grayson offers to take them down but Jules warns that, if he does, Ellie will own him. So, after Grayson lights up his tree out front, Ellie chops it down.

When Ellie pops by Grayson's to gloat, he has a little surprise for her. It seems Grayson has some Clark W. Griswold in him. He's goes a little Christmas Vacation crazy by decorating Ellie's house with an overabundance of holiday lights, giant plastic Santas, snowmen and candy canes. Andy loves it. Jules does, too, as Grayson escorts her over to the house of a thousand lights to wish her a very merry Valentine's Day. The winning streak continues!






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