Cougar Town

Episode 1.10 : Mystery Man

  • Cougar Town
    • Episode Premiere : December 09, 2009
    • Distributor : TBS
    • Genre : Comedy, Drama
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2009 - 2015
    • Production Company: ABC Studios, Coquette Prod., Doozer Prod.
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Jeff is a prospective home buyer who never wants to close the deal. He's an arrogant, 40-something guy who's dating a 20-something girl whose name he doesn't remember. Jules knows that Jeff is annoying but she never lets him rattle her, except for those times he infuriates her. Still, Jules is trying to sell a house and the customer is always right. Right?

Jules scopes out a younger man while exercising with Ellie. She says, "Spinning class guy was so hot. I wanted to be his bike seat." When he's not exercising, spinning class guy works as a topless jeans model. Jules, Ellie and Laurie just happen to be eating lunch across from his place of business. After a little coaxing, Jules gets up the courage to ask him out. Wonder if he'll wear a shirt on their date.

An untrusting Ellie decides to take a chance and let Andy watch Stan without any instructions from her. Andy is psyched to do the daddy thing without Ellie around. The first thing he does is construct a little play area so Stan can't escape while daddy naps. Travis suggests that using a glass table as the main wall may not make this the safest haven for a child.

When Ellie comes home, Travis wakes up a sleeping Andy so he won't get busted. Ellie asks about the play area and Andy claims he built a fort. Andy knows his wife is a little suspicious, so he ditches the play area for another system. He ties an 18-foot rope to his ankle allowing Stan to safely roam the house while he relaxes on the sofa. Travis says, "I can't decide if you're a really good dad or a really bad one."

Trav gets his answer when Ellie comes home to catch Andy pulling the rope as it drags baby Stan across the kitchen floor. Consequences will be forthcoming. Surprisingly, Ellie says that maybe Andy is too easygoing with Stan and maybe she's too neurotic. But it's that type of balance that makes them work well as parents. So she lets Andy off the hook. Of course, he discovers that the real reason she's so understanding is because baby Stan got a cut on the head on her watch. Busted!

Grayson is feeling down but doesn't want to talk about his problem. That doesn't stop Bobby from pushing him to spill his guts. Eventually, Grayson does confide in Bobby. He's bummed because his ex-wife had her baby. Grayson has always wanted kids, so this is pretty heavy stuff. It makes Bobby a little uncomfortable, but he's still glad Grayson gave him the scoop. They decide to drink a few beers and mock the baby's goofy name: Tristan.

When Jeff requests a late night house showing, Jules bickers with him once again. But they also bond over the fact that both have young, hot dates. Jeff says the real reason he hasn't bought the place is because he doesn't want to be the creepy 40-year-old who lives alone in a huge house. Jules sympathizes with him. Then, believe it or not, she kisses him. Although she claims he kissed her and she was just pushing him away with her mouth.

While on a date with "shirtless jeans model spinning class guy," Jules realizes they have nothing in common. Laurie verifies this after going back to his apartment to watch spinning class guy make out with his male friend. She tried to get in there, but they weren't having any of it.

Ellie thinks Jules may have a connection with Jeff because he's a grown-up and that makes things more real. Jules says she isn't ready for something real because that means getting hurt. Later, she asks Jeff to meet him at the house where she kisses him. It's awkward at first, but then nice. They're both pretty nervous.

Jules says, "Be nice to me, okay?" Jeff promises he will. But first he has to break up with the girl whose name he can't remember. She's waiting in the car. He asks Jules if she would like come along for the dumping. She says, "Okay, fine. But I am not riding in the back." That's what we like about you, Jules. You don't take a backseat to anyone.






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