Episode 8.24 : The Secret in the Siege

  • Bones
    • Episode Premiere : April 29, 2013
    • Distributor : Fox TV
    • Genre : Drama, Crime
    • Seasons : 8
    • Show Period : 2005 - 2017
    • Production Company: Far Field, Josephson Ent., 20th Century Fox TV
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Director David Boreanaz
  • Screenwriter Stephen Nathan, Jonathan Collier
  • Main Cast
    • Emily Deschanel as Paint Throwing Fur-Activist,
    • David Boreanaz as Extra,
    • Michaela Conlin,
    • T.J. Thyne,
    • Tamara Taylor,
    • John Francis Daley,
    • John Boyd

  • Additional Cast
    • Patricia Belcher,
    • Andrew Leeds,
    • Alimi Ballard,
    • Sarah Stouffer

The Story


Pelant enters his lair. He has several monitors set up. One of the monitors beeps. The camera is set up outside a local grocery store. The monitor beeps again and focuses in on Brennan packing her groceries into her car. Pelant saves the screen grab on Brennan's face and adds it to other screen grabs of Booth and Brennan throughout their lives. Pelant turns his head to reveal his face half shot off and scarred.

Brennan unloads the groceries at home with Booth. Booth gets a care package from his mother and Reggie. Booth tells Brennan he thinks she is starting to warm up to the idea of marriage. Brennan tells him that just because she caught the bouquet doesn't mean that her mind has changed. Booth gets a call-there's a body at a state park.

The couple arrives on the scene. Cam and Hodgins update them. The park trail has been closed and just reopened today. Hodgins has determined time of death five days ago based on blowfly larvae. Brennan determines the victim was male in his mid-fifties. Cam notes that the victim's face has been blown off and there are multiple gunshot wounds. Cam shows Booth a nearby picnic table with blood and slug on it.

The team brings the body back to the Jeffersonian for further examination on the platform. The team has found eight bullets in the body. Brennan finds other remodeled gunshot injuries that are around ten years old. They think maybe the victim was someone's target many years ago and now they finally finished the job.

At the FBI, Booth informs Sweets that the victim was shot twelve times. Sweets believes that someone put the victim's body there because otherwise animals would have had at it. Someone placed it there knowing the team would find it-Pelant?? Sweets tells Booth he wrote a paper on pathological narcissism and it focused on a killer's need to display their handiwork for pride and attention. Sweets tells Booth he has to reread the paper but it is possible Pelant is back. Angela videoconferences Booth: she has the victim's ID. Booth knows who it is. It's a retired FBI agent, Alan Friedlander.

Back at Pelant's hideout, Pelant's monitors are showing him all the work the FBI and Jeffersonian is doing on the case.


Booth preps the FBI team in the war room about the situation. Friedlander didn't have a family or relatives so they are going to look into the victim's past cases. Booth assigns Agent James Walters to stay in the FBI to set up the command center. Agent Walters wants to be in the field and wonders if Booth doesn't trust him. Booth tells him he needs him at the FBI.

The bones are soaking in the enzymatic bath to get clean. Cam shows Brennan puncture marks on the ulna. Brennan notes there are similar wounds on the tibia and humerus that suggest that they are older wounds-maybe from the last time he was shot ten years ago. Brennan thinks the wounds look like a dog attack but there are no records of that in his medical history. They also don't mention the victim's gunshot wounds from ten years ago. Hodgins wonders if Pelant changed the victim's medical records.

Sweets shows Booth and Caroline his old doctorate paper. The example in the paper Sweets wrote is identical to the crime scene. "The assailant dragged the remains onto a hiking trail that was reopening." They can't believe it-Sweets believes Pelant hacked him. Booth gets a call...another agent is down!

Booth goes to the Museum where the agent is down. Booth is shocked to see Agent Walters is there. He was having lunch a few blocks away and came when the call came in. It's Agent Jeff Stone and he's dead. Booth goes and talks to the witness, Allison Taylor. She is shaken up and confused. She remembers the assailant had a tattoo on his arm of a flame or something burning. Booth gives Allison his card incase she remembers anything else. One of the agents found a ski hat. Booth gets a phone call-

Pelant is on the phone. Pelant can see Booth on all the cameras and is made Booth shot at his face. He tells Booth the rules have changed this time.


The girls examine the new body at the Jeffersonian. Angela is going to compare the gunshot wounds to the other victim's. Cam notes that it is the same size bullet that was used for both. Brennan wants to use a burner cell to contact Booth, but Angela wants to stay on the grid so when Pelant tries to hack in she can track him. Brennan notices remodeled injuries to the right tibia. They are the same Harris lines from a dog attack many years ago. The victim's have the same injuries. Angela and Cam suggest Booth remove himself from the case for his safety. Brennan tells them they are being absurd.

Caroline and Booth go over old files in the FBI Conference Room. Their guard dogs attacked both FBI agents when they stormed the Crystal Creek compound in West Virginia ten years ago. The file on this case was moved to protect the agents from reprisals. Caroline knows that Booth was at Crystal Creek too. After the incident the FBI was cleared of all wrongdoing. Ninety-four people died at Crystal Creek. Sweets comes in to tell them he believes Pelant is acting through a surrogate. Sweets believes that children at the compound saw their parents die and would want revenge. Sweets believes that Pelant is using his words in his paper against him.

Angela comes into the Ookey Room to tell Hodgins that she figured out that Pelant is controlling all the security camera footage. Hodgins isn't having any luck with finding leads with the ski hat that came from the crime scene. Hodgins feels guilty that he should have killed Pelant when he had the chance...then these FBI agents wouldn't have died.

Booth stops by the Jeffersonian. Brennan is furious to hear that Booth has a connection with the FBI agents-he could be next! Booth tells her that that together they can take him down. Brennan tells Booth he is not allowed to die. They kiss.

In Angela's office, Cam, Angela, and Sweets go over the new information. The FBI hasn't kept track of any survivors from Crystal Creek. Sweets has indicators and key words to screen for potential surrogates. Angela is going to fun them through blogs, articles, and wherever she can on the Internet. They start to get some results. They get a hit on a website from a website by Zane Reynolds and he has a tattoo of a burning cross on his arm. This is him.


Booth and other FBI agents dress undercover as a construction crew on a local road. At the FBI, Agent Walters and Sweets are watching surveillance video. Zane Reynolds races over to Booth in his truck with his shotgun. Zane orders them to get off his property. Booth has the tea move in. Zane tries to shoot himself but Booth stops him.

Booth and Sweets interrogate Zane who is holding onto his right religious beliefs. They need to know about Pelant but Zane isn't giving any information up. Sweets tries to be sympathetic towards Zane because he lost his parents at Crystal Creek but Zane doesn't care.

In Pelant's secret lair, Pelant records a video. He digitally morphs his face and body into someone else. The message is for the surrogate.

Booth tells Sweets that Zane's alibi checks out. They need to go back into the files. Sweets doesn't believe that Pelant wants to kill Booth. Booth asks if that was in one of Sweets papers. Sweets gets defensive and Booth apologizes. Booth gets a call-

Booth meets Brennan at the Jeffersonian Garden. Brennan tells Booth she wants to him to be happy. She wants their life to be happy-and she wants to marry him. Brennan proposes to Booth and he HAPPILY accepts her offer.


Pelant's facial recognition monitors go off. It's off Booth and Brennan's proposal. Pelant listens in to their conversation. He is enraged seeing what has happened.

In the Bone Room, Brennan and Cam examine both of the victim's clean bones. Brennan has figured out by the copper jacket bullet that Agent Friedlander was shot eleven times. Both victims were shot eleven times. Angela comes in. Brennan informs the girls she proposed to Booth. They are thrilled for them. Brennan gets back to work immediately. She informs Angela about the eleven bullet wounds. Brennan wonders if Booth has any tie to the number eleven.

Sweets rushes over to Booth outside the FBI. He believes that the surrogate is adolescent based on another one of his papers. Booth can't stop smiling. He tells Sweets the big news. Sweets feels that if Pelant finds out about their engagement it could cause Pelant to act and escalate. Booth gets angry-he's been waiting for this moment and he's not going to let anyone ruin it.

Angela and Hodgins come to Brennan with news. It is a child of one of the agents that was killed in Crystal Creek. Three agents were killed at Crystal Creek-one of them was shot eleven times and once in the back of the head like the victims. Angela pulls up a picture of the agent, Harris Samuels-it's the guy Pelant morphed into! The group looks at his file and he was a single father. Hodgins notes that conspiracy groups think that the agents died from a fire even though investigations proved they died because of shots fired in the compound. Samuels daughter, Anna, was institutionalized with complex grief disorder after her father's death. They pull up a picture of's "Allison Taylor" the witness.

Anna Samuels listens to "her father's" tape in her apartment. Her father tells her that she has a job to do and that he is proud of her. Anna puts a 9mm gun in her bag. She picks up the phone and dials Booth's number. She tells him that she has remembered something from the murder scene and they need to speak immediately.


Brennan calls the FBI to inform Caroline that Anna Samuels is the surrogate working with Pelant. Caroline informs Brennan neither Booth or Sweets are in the FBI. Booth went to meet the witness and Sweets followed to help with the questioning. Agent Walters pulls up the file and tells everyone that the witness IS Anna Samuels. Brennan can't get through to Booth or Sweets-someone needs to warn them.

Booth waits for Anna to show up. He notices that cell service isn't working. Weird.

Agent Walters and the FBI team bust into Anna's apartment. He's on the phone with the Jeffersonian. Angela needs him to send her an email from Anna's computer so she can hack into her system. Angela gets the email and does her thing.

In Pelant's lair, he gains control of the traffic lights and causes major accidents on the roads. He is pleased with his handiwork.

Sweets is in the traffic jam wondering what is going on. People start to get out of their cars to see the commotion.

At the Jeffersonian, they were able to hack into Anna's computer and get the video of her father. They are shocked to see the video. Hodgins notices that in the video Harris Samuels is at a "house." Hodgins notices a Eurasian Collared Dove in the background of the video. He knows that that bird didn't migrate to the Tri-State until 2008 and Samuels died in 2003. Angela checks with the pixels-they don't match.

Anna roams the streets still armed during the traffic jam.

Angela was able to decrypt some of Pelant's work. There is a message: Booth Decoy Target Sweets. That is why there is a traffic jam so that Sweets would be an easy target.

Booth picks up a payphone and calls Brennan. She is relieved to hear from him. She tells him that he has to get to Sweets and that he is the target. Angela runs a search and is able to find his car. Brennan rushes to go meet Booth.

Booth drives as far as the traffic jam will allow him to. Booth maneuvers through the cars and hops on top of them to try and get to Sweets. Sweets cell isn't working. Brennan arrives running to find Booth. Booth sees Anna. She pulls out her gun and aims for Sweets car. Booth calls out to Sweets. Booth shoots at Ana. The window shatters. Brennan calls for Booth. Booth and Sweets draw their guns and hold Ana down. Booth runs to Brennan. They embrace. Everyone is safe.

Back at the FBI, the team determines that Pelant is off the grid and Anna is not talking.

At the local park, Booth and Brennan enjoy their day with Christine. They are excited about planning a wedding. Booth gets a call: it's Pelant. He tells Booth that he can't marry Brennan. If Booth ignores Pelant's threat he is going to kill innocent people. Brennan can't know the reason why they can't get married. Pelant knows that Booth will not let innocent people die.

Later that night, at the house Brennan is reading a bridal magazine Angela gave her. Booth tells her that he doesn't think they should get married. He apologizes for not thinking this through, Brennan doesn't understand. She really wants to be married. Booth tells her it is just a piece of paper and what they have is enough. Brennan pulls herself together and agrees with Booth. Brennan tells Booth she is going to go upstairs and read.

They separate...completely heartbroken.

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