Bones Episode 8.22 The Party in the Pants
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Bones Episode 8.22 The Party in the Pants

Episode Premiere
Apr 15, 2013
Drama, Crime
Production Company
Far Field, Josephson Ent., 20th Century Fox TV
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Episode Premiere
Apr 15, 2013
Drama, Crime
2005 - 2017
Production Co
Far Field, Josephson Ent., 20th Century Fox TV
Fox TV
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Reggie Hudlin
Michael Peterson, Keith Foglesong
Main Cast
  • Emily Deschanel as Dr. Temperance 'Bones' Brennan
  • David Boreanaz as Special Agent Seeley Booth
  • Michaela Conlin
  • T.J. Thyne
  • Tamara Taylor
  • John Francis Daley
  • John Boyd
Additional Cast


A scared young boy, Dale, sits in an excavator while his Aunt Alice barks orders at him. Dale cannot handle the controls of the machine. Aunt Alice continues to tell Dale what to do, but he loses control and picks up a massive heap at the demolition site. He unintentionally drops the load on top of Aunt Alice. Dale rushes over to help her and sees that a decomposed body has been dropped on her.

Booth gets the call about the body and comes into his office in the FBI to see a woman waiting for him. Booth immediately recognizes her-it's his mother, Marianne. Marianne apologizes for the past. Booth isn't angry at the past and is happy to see her. He tells her that she is a grandmother and that she can stay with him.

Booth and Brennan arrive at the demolition site. Brennan announces the news of Booth's mother in town to Cam and Hodgins. Brennan determines the victim is a Cacausion male. Cam puts time of death around 4 days ago. Hodgins notices that the victim's clothing is a firefighter uniform but changes his mind when he notices that the victim is wearing a thong with dollar bills. The victim was a stripper.


Brennan, Cam, and Wendell examine the remains. Brennan shares her knowledge about stripping from a paper she wrote in grad school. Wendell and Cam are surprised at Brennan's enthusiasm. Cam determines that the victim was in the building before the building was destroyed at the demolition site. Wendell hypothesizes that the murderer probably dragged the body to the building knowing that it was going to be demolished. Cam notices the victim has calf implants and now they can get an ID!

Sweets tries to get information from Booth about Marianne. Booth gets a call-they have an ID. The victim is Jack Spindler who worked at Duncore Investments.

Angela is trying to find where Jack worked to find out where his gigs were the day he died. Angela is trying to find out Jack's "stripper name." Hodgins comes into Angela's office with Jack's bloody money. Hodgins is going to try and find prints from the bills and see if there are any matches off of multiple bills.

At the house, Booth and Marianne catch up. Marianne tells Booth about her singing gig in Atlantic City with her piano player, Reggie. Brennan comes in with Christine. Brennan asks if it was hard for Marianne to leave her children. Booth doesn't want to talk about the past. Brennan notices that Marianne walks with a limp due to her beatings. Marianne tells Brennan she has moved beyond the past and still blames herself for leaving her boys. Brennan tells her that Booth is strong as ever.

Booth talks to Seth Harrison, the victim's boss, in the FBI Conference Room. Seth knew something was wrong when Jack missed work-Jack was a stellar employee. Seth makes it clear to Booth he is all about the money and Jack helped him get that. Seth is shocked to hear about Jack's stripping job, but he doesn't care he Seth was more concerned about making money.

Wendell lays out the clean bones in the Bone Room. Brennan notices damage on the victim's tibia. It is from Blount's disease, which caused the victim to have tibial osteotomy. The disease is commonly seen in severely obese children.

Booth and Sweets search through the victim's apartment. Booth tells Sweets that everything is going great with his mother. They find a picture of his girlfriend and pictures of him as an obese child. Booth notices that there are voicemails from the victim's angry girlfriend accusing him of cheating on her.


Sweets and Kristy Mineta, the victim's girlfriend, talk in the FBI Conference Room. She admits that she was dating Jack to get her millionaire father's attention. Kristy tells Sweets they were always fighting in their relationship. She adds that Jack convinced her family to invest their money with him at his firm. Jack's friend, Storm, told her to not trust Jack but she didn't listen. Storm helped Jack get into stripping but Storm got upset when Jack started stealing his clients.

Booth and Marianne meet at the local park. Marianne confesses to Booth that she is engaged to her piano player, Reggie, are getting married. She tells him that Reggie has two kids and she was hoping that Booth would give her away. Booth doesn't understand-she has built another family without him and Jared. Booth gets upset that he forgave her and doesn't want to give her new life approval. She should feel guilty for what she did. Marianne tells Booth she's going to go back to the house and get her things-Booth tells her she should leave.

Cam comes into Angela's office to tell Brennan and Angela that the vaginal fluid they found was inconclusive. Angela is scanning the dollar bills for fingerprints but not finding anything. She has found one of the bills was rolled up from using cocaine. Cam wants to test the bill to see if they can get epithelial cells.

At Founding Father, Brennan listens to Booth talk about Marianne. Booth is fine and just wants to talk about work. There's a search for Storm's RV that he is living out of-Booth gets a call: it's been found at a house outside Arlington.

Booth and Brennan arrive at the house. They hear loud party music. Brennan admits that for research she once did a stripping routine with fans. They enter the house to see a party going on with lots of ladies. Storm is stressed as a cop. Booth flashes his badge and the women get excited that ANOTHER cop is here. The woman attack Booth and pull down his pants.


Booth and Brennan talk to Storm at the FBI. Storm admits to the fight about the clients but they had made up. Jack gave Storm jobs that he couldn't do because of his day job. Brennan tells Storm that Jack had sex the night of his murder-Storm knows that Jack sometimes slept with his clients and told him it was dangerous.

Wendell comes into the Ookey Room to tell Hodgins he has cause of death-a blow to the posterior C3 vertebra. Hodgins also shares the news that he found traces of bed bugs on the victim. Hodgins thinks maybe the victim got caught sleeping with someone else's girl and got hit on the head.

Marianne comes to visit Booth in his office. Marianne apologizes for all her mistakes: past and present. She wishes she could do everything differently. She tells him that she forgives herself and deserves to be happy with Reggie. She leaves Booth to think about everything.

Angela goes through the victim's emails with Brennan on the Angelatron. Cam comes in-she has a hit on the epithelial cells. The bill belonged to Cynthia White. The police broke up a fight between her and her fiancé the night of her bachelorette party. Her cells also match the vaginal fluid that was found. Her fiancé, Jason, was booked and released for battery.

Booth brings in Jason for questioning in the Interrogation Room. Jason tells Booth that Cynthia gets wild when she parties. He came to check in and Cynthia admitted to everything. He tells Booth that the stripper was gone by the time the fight broke out.


Booth and Brennan walk the street. Booth tells her that Jason's alibi checked out. Brennan adds that Hodgins went to the hotel room where Cynthia and Jack slept together and there were no bed bugs. Brennan brings up Marianne, Booth tells her that she came to his office but he didn't stop her from leaving. Booth is angry and doesn't want to feel like his father. Brennan brings up Booth's religion and brings up forgiveness.

Angela shows Cam the emails and client lists recovered from Jack's computer. Angela realizes that Seth didn't give them the entire list of clients because there is money missing including Kristy, Jack's girlfriend. There were emails that Seth sent that were scrubbed after Jack's death that Angela has reconstructed. It talks about a risky stock called, Venture Command. They were running a "pump and dump" scam. There are emails to Seth from Jack saying that he wasn't sure if he could do it.

Seth and Booth talk in the Interrogation. Booth tells him that he doesn't care about financial crimes. Seth explains that he took credit for some of his clients because it was a hazing ritual. Seth goes on to say Venture Command was a stock that they promoted and told people it was a sure thing. Seth tells Booth that he was in Vegas the night Jack was killed. Jack's email was in regards to how to get the client to bite and had no conscious...including screwing over his girlfriend and her money. She lost around two hundred grand. Booth gets up to leave and two agents from the Treasury Department comes in to ask Seth some more questions.


Booth tells Sweets that Seth's Vegas alibi checks out. Sweets is worried about Booth as a friend. Booth tells him that he is not doing too well dealing with his mother.

Brennan, Wendell, and Cam examine injuries to the victim's ears that were damaged during the beating. Brennan notes that the injuries are consistent with being pistol whipped with the butt of a gun, however, Cam tells Brennan there were no traces of a gun found. Hodgins comes in to tell everyone what he found in the bed bug wound-traces of oxidized malachite from a smelting plant near the Kingford Hotel. He adds that the hotel has had a string of complaints about bedbugs. Cam double checks that Hodgins didn't find any traces of a gun-he found die-cast metal. Brennan realizes that those are the elements that are made for a toy gun.

Booth and Brennan interrogate Storm. Booth has brought in his toy gun that was found in Storm's RV. Booth also has contacted the Kingford Hotel that confirmed Storm rented a room there the night Jack was killed. Storm tells Booth he was stripping there and used the room to change. Booth pulls out Jack's client list, which lists Storm as one of them. Storm invested his money with Jack and Jack lost it all. Brennan tests the toy gun, which is positive for blood. Storm admits that he invested everything with Jack and he just wanted his money back. He didn't mean to kill him but just beat him a little...but now it's too late.

The next day at Booth and Brennan's house, Booth notices Christine playing with his old Phillie Phanatic toy. Brennan tells Booth that his mother left it for Christine and she won't put it down. Booth tells her that it used to be his when he was kid.

Booth and Brennan arrive at the chapel for Marianne's wedding. Marianne notices Booth and Brennan and rushes over to hug Booth. She introduces him to Reggie and his children. Booth walks Marianne down the aisle, just like she wanted. Booth and Brennan proudly watch the ceremony.

At the reception, everyone enjoys themselves. Everyone dances and Marianne and Reggie even perform a song. Marianne grabs her bouquet and tosses it in the air and to everyone surprise...Brennan catches it.