Bones Episode 8.14 The Doll in the Derby
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Bones Episode 8.14 The Doll in the Derby

Episode Premiere
Feb 4, 2013
Drama, Crime
Production Company
Far Field, Josephson Ent., 20th Century Fox TV
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Episode Premiere
Feb 4, 2013
Drama, Crime
2005 - 2017
Production Co
Far Field, Josephson Ent., 20th Century Fox TV
Fox TV
Official Site
Tawnia McKiernan
Michael Peterson
Main Cast
  • Emily Deschanel as Dr. Temperance 'Bones' Brennan
  • David Boreanaz as Special Agent Seeley Booth
  • Michaela Conlin
  • T.J. Thyne
  • Tamara Taylor
  • John Francis Daley
  • John Boyd
Additional Cast
  • Michael Grant Terry
  • Sydelle Noel
  • Brad Carter
  • Suzanne Quast


Two rookie cops find a body at an abandoned slaughterhouse.

Brennan and Booth drive to the crime scene. Brennan notes how the slaughterhouse is a great body dump. Brennan tells Booth that he can take her to her playgroup today if he would like. Booth tells her he is unable to because he has to go to the hospital. Brennan offers her help to Booth but Booth declines it.

They arrive at the crime scene. Hodgins determines time of death was eight days ago and Brennan adds that the victim was male. Booth says that it looks like the victim melted but Cam tells him that the victim was doused in some corrosive liquid. Brennan looks at the vertebrae and determines that a cross cut saw was used to dismember the body but no saw was found on site. The tissue continues to fall off the bones and Cam tells Hodgins they need to save the tissue from the corrosive liquid. Hodgins tells them that the killer probably used household cleaners so water would work. Hodgins grabs the pressure hose and goes at it.


At the lab, Wendell notes that there are a lot of cut marks on the joints. Hodgins comes to the platform to wish Wendell a happy 29th birthday. Wendell is feeling a little sad that he hasn't achieved what he wanted yet. Wendell tries to change the subject and notes the blunt force trauma to the head as well as fractures and calluses to the ribs, which seem to indicate repeat trauma. Wendell assumes this could all be from domestic abuse. Cam removes fake teeth from the victim that will have serial numbers to help determine the ID.

In Booth's office, Sweets determines that the killer isn't the serial kind. Sweets thinks that the abuse theory could work. Booth gets a call that the victim is, Melinda Perkins, who was married to Dr. Bradley Perkins. Booth tells Sweets he has to leave because he has a "thing."

In Angela's office, Angela shows Brennan information she was able to pull from the victim's sports watch. It was broken at 12:24 AM. It also shows that the victim's heart rate was up for two minutes before flat lining. Booth calls Brennan and tells her that he will be late tonight at the hospital. Angela overhears and is concerned about Booth, Brennan tells her that it's nothing.

Sweets talks to the victim's husband, Dr. Bradley Perkins. They were separated for a year and had been married for seven years. He tells Sweets that Melinda was difficult and had a big personality. Melinda found him boring. Sweets brings up their theory about abuse but he disputes his theory. Dr. Perkins says he was at the hospital the night he was murdered.

Brennan and Booth go to a warehouse which is what Melinda's watch's GPS says was her last location. They go inside the warehouse to see roller derby practice going on.


Booth and Brennan talk to Nick Bennett, the manager of the Derby Doll team. Susan Carroll aka Emily Kickinson joins the conversation as well. They recognize Melinda but they know her as Pummel-Ya Anderson. Brennan finds their names funny and creative. Nick says they last saw Melinda last night at a match. Susan tells them that they all went out for drinks after the match, but Melinda said she wasn't feeling well. She adds that their team is like family and would never hurt each other. Nick tells B & B that Ivana Kick Ass, another player, didn't show up for practice today.

Back at the lab, Hodgins comes into the bone room to tell Wendell that he found traces of polyurethane, which was from the wheel from the roller skate that picked up the varnish from the track in the skull injuries. Wendell is satisfied that they have cause of death: beaten by a roller skate. Hodgins asks what is on Wendell's pre-30 bucket list. Hodgins tells him that he has to date a crazy girl, have ironic facial hair, and pose naked for an art student. Wendell tells him he has done all that. Hodgins realizes that the "art student" was Angela and is extremely grossed out.

Angela comes into the Autopsy Room to tell Cam about Booth. Angela is very concerned that something is wrong. She tells her about Brennan's secrecy about the hospital. Cam is concerned as well. Cam gets results from the tox screen: hydrocodone, meth, ecstasy, and marijuana.

Booth questions Ivana Kick Ass in the FBI Conference Room. She tells Booth she missed practice because she was studying for her degree in physical therapy. She admits that her and Melinda were competitive but they were friends. She tells Melinda lived a wild life with drugs and guys. One time Melinda took a guy to her ex-husband's house to have sex on his lawn.

Over Chinese food, Booth, Brennan and Sweets discuss the case. Booth tells them that the nurses station couldn't find him at the hospital. Booth thinks the ex-husband is the killer. Brennan tells them that if she was beaten by a skate at the rink they need to go to the rink and question everyone. Brennan gets an idea.

Angela prepares to go undercover in her office. Hodgins is against the idea of her putting herself in danger. Angela tells them the case is at a dead end and she needs to ALS all the skates. She's going to try out for the team. Angela is excited to help. Her name is going to be Smackie Kennedy.


Angela gets ready for her audition at the rink. She impresses the team with her skating kills and even takes a hit or two.Cam comes into the Ookey Room to find Hodgins going through the victim's clothing. The bloodstains on the shirt suggest that the victim was stabbed as well as beaten to death. Hodgins tells Cam that he hasn't heard from Angela so he is hoping she is okay.

Angela sits in the locker room after tryouts. Ivana Kick Ass tells Angela she did a good job and thinks that Angela is at the top of the list for the team. Ivana leaves. Angela grabs her ALS out of her bag and looks at the gear. She hears someone coming. Emily comes in and tells Angela that she shouldn't leave her valuables in the locker room, because things have started to go missing and getting stolen. Emily tells Angela she will need to know this because she's going to be on the team. Angela is thrilled and asks Emily to grab a drink to celebrate.

Cam tells Brennan that Angela has checked in and said there was blood on all the skates at the rink. Cam asks Brennan about Booth but assures Cam that nothing is wrong with Booth.

Brennan leaves to check in on Wendell in the Bone Room. Wendell is profiling the weapon the killer used. There are cerf marks that are a perfect seventy degree angle. Brennan looks at the femur, there are fine teeth marks. Wendell believes it was a high quality wood saw. Brennan knows that Nick, the team's manager, said that he built the track himself.

At the bar, Emily and Angela is feeling good after a few beers in. Booth comes in and drunk Angela tells Emily that Booth is her boyfriend. Angela pulls Booth aside to tell him that Nick has been ripping off the team and Melinda accused him of it. Angela wants Booth to arrest Nick and told him to come in. Nick comes into the bar, Booth and Nick need to talk.


Booth interrogates Nick in the FBI. Nick denies killing Melinda because she was their best player. Booth tells him he went through the Dolls receipts and they were selling out and making a lot of money. Nick tells Booth he gives twenty percent of the gate to the girls. Booth knows that the fans pay in cash. Nick tells him that cash went missing from the cash box but it wasn't him who took it. Nick thought it was Melinda but he didn't make waves because he was sleeping with Melinda. Nick called it off after Melinda's ex-husband showed up at a bar one night. They started fighting and she threw a drink at him.

Cam stops to talk to Dr. Crawford at the hospital. Cam tells the doctor why she is there and that she is concerned about Booth. Dr. Crawford tells Cam that she promised Booth not to talk about his matters at the hospital. Dr. Crawford tells her that her specialty is neurofibromatosis, which is a genetic condition that causes tumors to grow anywhere there are nerves. It affects one in every three children born. Cam wonders if Christine has the condition but Dr. Crawford needs to respect his confidentiality.

Back at the Jeffersonian, Wendell and Hodgins hang out in the Bone Room. Wendell is frustrated with the case and with his birthday. He made a bet with his brother that by 29 he wouldn't still be a loser-and he feels like he lost the bet. Hodgins convinces him that he hasn't. Brennan comes in. Wendell shows her the sternum that has microfractures, which suggests that someone performed CPR that victim after they died. There are post mortem cuts to the femurs that line up with the arteries. Brennan realizes that the killer performed chest compressions to drain the victim's blood, not save her. Wendell tells Brennan that the killer has to be knowledgeable of anatomy. Brennan knows that the victim's husband is a doctor.

Booth interrogates Melinda's husband, Dr. Bradley Perkins. Booth tells him that the night nurse at the hospital can't confirm his whereabouts the night of the murder. Dr. Bradley said he was napping and wouldn't kill his wife. He was trying to work through his problems with his wife and decides he wants a lawyer.


Wendell comes into the Ookey Room to see Hodgins. Hodgins tells him he needs to ask his brother for the money from the bet. Hodgins tells him that he has found eyeball fluid on the victim's shirt. She was stabbed in the eye. Hodgins also swabbed the victim's orbital socket and found traces of nickel and copper. She was stabbed in the eyes with a key.

Brennan and Booth return to the roller derby rink. Booth tells Brennan that he thought it was the husband but his cars are keyless entry as well as his house. Booth talks to the Derby Doll team and asks for their keys. Brennan finds a key that is the correct length for the wound. It is Ivana's key. Brennan says it's negative but Booth wants to go see the vehicle it belongs to-the team bus.

Brennan tests the ignition of the bus, which tests positive for blood. Brennan tells Ivana she knew how to cut Melinda because of her physical therapy degree. Ivana tells her team that Melinda was stealing from them. Booth cuffs her.

At the bar, Angela, Hodgins, and Wendell celebrate his birthday. Wendell tells Hodgins he got the money from his brother. Wendell hands him something. Hodgins unravels it to see the picture Angela painted of Wendell...but Wendell added something. Boxer shorts. They all laugh.

Brennan takes Cam to a children's carnival. Brennan tells Cam that Booth is a catholic through and through. Booth put the carnival together for the children, because Christine is healthy and Parker is away and Booth wanted to give back. He wanted to boastful about his charity. Brennan and Cam are proud of him.