Bones Episode 8.07 The Bod in the Pod
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Bones Episode 8.07 The Bod in the Pod

Episode Premiere
Nov 19, 2012
Drama, Crime
Production Company
Far Field, Josephson Ent., 20th Century Fox TV
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Episode Premiere
Nov 19, 2012
Drama, Crime
2005 - 2017
Production Co
Far Field, Josephson Ent., 20th Century Fox TV
Fox TV
Official Site
Tim Southam
Pat Charles
Main Cast
  • Emily Deschanel as Dr. Temperance 'Bones' Brennan
  • David Boreanaz as Special Agent Seeley Booth
  • Michaela Conlin
  • T.J. Thyne
  • Tamara Taylor
  • John Francis Daley
  • John Boyd
Additional Cast
  • Pej Vahdat
  • Kevin G. Schmidt
  • Jana Marie Hupp
  • Roberta Valderrama


Booth, Brennan, and Hodgins arrive in Ocean City where there has been a finding of a body in a large pod. Brennan takes out her portable fluoroscope to determine the victim is male. Hodgins is fascinated by the pod and all the theories of pod people that come with it. Hodgins is stumped on what the pod is actually made of...could this be the return of pod people?

Arastoo tells Cam that he has checked his records and is owed over two hundred dollars from his hours. Cam tells him she will check with payroll, Arastoo urges her to since he has a special dinner planned. Angela comes into the Autopsy Room to tell her that her doctor keeps texting her to see if Cam's available. Cam tells Angela that she already told the doctor she can't date him but she will tell him again...she's already dating someone else. Arastoo leaves to let them have girl talk. The news of Cam's dating life excites Angela, but Cam won't tell her any details about her new guy. No fun.

Arastoo and Hodgins examine the pod on the platform. Hodgins uses a laser to cut through the pod. Arastoo removes a piece of the pod and Hodgins leans in to take a closer look at the remains. Hodgins is revolted by the smell and suddenly faints, falling to the ground.


Brennan, Cam, and Arastoo hover over Hodgins. He wakes up. Brennan tells him that since the remains were trapped in a anaerobic environment it caused large amounts of carbon dioxide. Brennan digs through the pod and grabs the skull. She notices blunt force trauma to the occipital with rough edged abrasions. Arastoo also notes that the teeth were smashed out. A woozy Hodgins gets up to examine the contents of the pod. Angela comes up to the platform very concerned for her husband. She takes the skull for the reconstruction.

Back at Booth and Brennan's home, Sweets tries to discuss the case but Brennan doesn't want to talk about it. Sweets has a hard time believing that Brennan doesn't bring her work home with her.

Arastoo comes into the Ookey Room, which smells like Thanksgiving dinner. Hodgins is roasting turkeys to test the plastic the body was wrapped in and see how it reacts and if it reacts similarly to the body. Cam comes in to return a book of poetry. Hodgins is excited, but Arastoo is being modest about being a poet. Hodgins is fascinated with the book and tells Cam that he found wooden splinters found on the body that were stamped.

Booth and Brennan go to the Lumber for Less, which matches the stamp found on the body. They show Renee Mitchell the reconstruction of the victim. She identifies him as Charles "Lucky" Miner. She is distraught to hear about his death. She tells him he owned a crime scene clean up company. She also admits that she had a romantic relationship with Lucky. She tells them that he had a crazy wife who he said he was going to leave but Lucky said she was unstable and dangerous.


Booth questions Lucky's wife, Lisa, in the FBI Conference Room. She tells Booth that she was Lucky's fourth wife and had no illusions about what kind of man he was. Her son, Davey, looked up to Lucky. Davey and Lucky worked together at the crime scenes. Booth is going to need to speak to her son.

Angela shows Brennan 3D images of tools used in crime scene clean ups that also match the size of the trauma to the victim's head. The claw hammer matches the abrasions. Angela asks Brennan about Arastoo's poetry, but Brennan was already aware he was a poet. Brennan has actually read some of Arastoo's work.

Arastoo explains to Hodgins that some of his poetry was published back home but since it was about democracy, sex, and freedom he had to flee the country before he was arrested. Hodgins is beyond impressed. They get back to work...Hodgins has found a biodegradable cleaning agent that would break down to the molecular level. They realize that the killer must have had access to Lucky's tools and materials.

Sweets talks to Davey at the FBI. Davey has accepted Lucky's death and plans on taking over his business even though he is young. He knew about Lucky and the other women. Davey tells Sweets that neither him nor his mother killed Lucky, that there was a guy who runs Grim Sweeper Cleaning and he hated Lucky.

That night back at Booth and Brennan's, Sweets tries to talk shop again but Booth shoots him down. Brennan comes into the kitchen after putting Christine down. Sweets brings up Melvin Carville who owned Grim Sweeper Cleaning. Melvin was being sued by Lucky for restraint of trade. Brennan realizes that with Lucky out of the way, all the business will go to Melvin now. Booth is still reluctant to talk shop.


At the FBI, Sweets brings in Melvin Carville. Melvin explains that the lawsuit was dropped because they decided to join forces and start "Carville & Milner Cleaning Services." He tells Sweets that Davey didn't want them to join forces. Sweets tells him that they have a warrant to examine his tools. Melvin says all his tools will have blood on them and so will Lucky's. Melvin suggests they start with Davey's tools first.

Arastoo and Hodgins examine the tools. Davey's tools are completely clean whereas Melvin's tools are covered in blood. Hodgins shows Arastoo Lucky's roll of plastic with Melvin's high-grade saran wrap. Lucky uses the cheapest plastic and it was the same plastic used to make the pod. Arastoo assumes that Lucky was killed at one of his job sites.

Arastoo comes into the Autopsy Room. Cam asks him if this is her name in Farsi in one of his poems. Arastoo begins to recite a poem in Farsi to's very romantic. Hodgins comes up and interrupts the moment. He can't believe what he just saw. Cam immediately tries to change the subject, but Hodgins quickly leaves.

Hodgins goes to talk to Brennan. Melvin's tools are the only ones that tested positive. Cam comes up and finds it suspicious that Davey and Lucky's tools are both clean. Brennan is working on a hunch that Melvin is the killer. Hodgins brings up a picture of asbestos that was found on the skull. Hodgins pulls up a map of one of Lucky's jobs at a house that was built before 1970. Both suspect Davey and Melvin will have erased the evidence within the house.

Arastoo comes into the Ookey Room. He tells Hodgins that he needs to remain silent about what he saw and what he knows about him and Cam.


Booth and Brennan bring Davey to the house. Davey remembers the house: a home invasion, because there was supposed to be money hidden. Davey said that he and Lucky did a good job cleaning it up, but Brennan tells him that she will be able to find evidence. Davey says this was the last place he saw Lucky. They were done with the job and Lucky told him he was getting some lumber delivered, which was his code that Renee was coming to see him. Even though Brennan is convinced it is Melvin, Booth tells her they have to speak to Renee. Brennan wants a team of techs to search the house.

Booth questions Renee who admits she had a delivery for Lucky. However, that night Lucky told her he didn't have time for fun and sent her on her way. She tells Booth that Davey and his mother are the killers.

On the Jeffersonian roof, Hodgins and Angela have a little wine. Hodgins takes out one of Arastoo's poems, which he's plugged into an online translator. They realize that the translations are a bit off. They look off the roof and spot Cam and Arastoo kissing in the Jeffersonian garden. Hodgins admits to Angela that he already knew. The two are shocked together.

A cocky Melvin Carville meets Booth and Brennan at the house. Melvin admits he met Lucky here to talk business but that was it. Brennan knows he's guilty-she tells the techs to rip up the floors and the walls. She wants to find evidence.

The techs and Hodgins rip through the house...and find nothing.


In the middle of the night, Booth brings Christine's baby monitor into Sweets room so he can keep an eye on her. Brennan had an idea, and they're going back to the house.

At the house, Brennan tells Booth the story about a Medicine Man in El Salvador who used to charge women to participate in his purification ritual. People would gather in the village and the man would build a fire and dance until the ground bled. However, what they didn't know was that days before, the Medicine Man had poured cow's blood on the concrete and the heat from the fire caused the blood to liquefy and ooze up through the ground. Brennan grabs a hairdryer and starts to dry the floors in the house-soon enough, blood begins to come up through the floor.

Cam comes into Angela's office to tell Angela and Hodgins that the blood is Lucky's. Angela pulls up a picture of the blood stains. She shows that there are areas that are denser than others and it forms a pattern.

Brennan looks at the pattern and determines they are someone's knees and toes, and Angela performs a 3D animation to confirm it. Brennan notes that one shape shows that the person also has an artificial knee.

Booth brings in Melvin and shows him the knee patterns. Melvin doesn't buy it. He thinks that Booth is trying to get him to confess, but it won't work. Brennan comes in and places a brick of cash on the table. She found it in Melvin's floorboards. Melvin and Lucky found the money but Melvin wanted it for himself, so he killed Lucky with a claw hammer. GOTCHA! Brennan is satisfied.

Back on the Jeffersonian roof, Hodgins and Angela giggle at the Farsi translations to Arastoo's poems while having wine.

In Booth's office, Brennan and Booth share their reasons for why they love each other.

Outside at the Mall, Arastoo and Cam discuss how they have been outed by their co-workers. Cam tells Arastoo she wants everyone to know about their relationship, but she doesn't want anyone to know. Arastoo finds it poetic.