Episode 8.06 : The Patriot in Purgatory

  • Bones
    • Episode Premiere : November 12, 2012
    • Distributor : Fox TV
    • Genre : Drama, Crime
    • Seasons : 8
    • Show Period : 2005 - 2017
    • Production Company: Far Field, Josephson Ent., 20th Century Fox TV
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Director Francois Velle
  • Screenwriter Stephen Nathan
  • Main Cast
    • Emily Deschanel as Paint Throwing Fur-Activist,
    • David Boreanaz as Extra,
    • Michaela Conlin,
    • T.J. Thyne,
    • Tamara Taylor,
    • John Francis Daley,
    • John Boyd

  • Additional Cast
    • Eugene Byrd,
    • Pej Vahdat,
    • Michael Grant,
    • Joel David Moore

The Story


Cam explains to Fisher, Clark Finn, and Wendell that Brennan has asked all the interns to meet her on the platform. Cam leaves the group of interns to wonder what task they are going to have together. Finn starts to examine the remains that are on the platform, the rest of the boys follow in suit not wanting to be left out.

At the diner, Brennan tells Booth that she has been inspired by watching basketball and reading Phil Jackson's book. Brennan tells Booth she has all the interns coming in to have them work together for a common goal may be a good motivator.

Brennan joins the interns on the platform and tells them that these remains are not their task. The group goes into the bone room to see thousands of sets of remains. Brennan explains that she has chosen her top five interns to cross-reference information off the missing person's database to help them identify the remains. The interns are confused at the change of Brennan's teaching instead of relying on themselves she wants them to use teamwork instead of hoping for the others to fail. The interns get on board with Brennan's Phil Jackson theory. Brennan slaps the butt of her interns to show her enthusiasm.


It's game on with the interns. Hodgins comes in and watches the group as they start to identify remains rapidly trying to out-do one another. Arastoo hasn't been able to identify his remains. It's a homeless man that was found beaten in a sleeping bag behind a parking garage. Arastoo has been able to find a chipped tooth and a fractured on his left rib. Arastoo sparks Hodgins interested when he hypothesizes that the victim may have been part of a conspiracy. Hodgins volunteers to run the tooth through the mass spec.

Sweets is impressed with Booth's influence on Brennan and her teamwork theory. Booth informs Sweets that the interns have identified eighteen sets of remains. Booth hands Sweets the case files of the victim's so he can talk to all the families.

Arastoo visits Brennan on the platform. Brennan is disappointed that Arastoo hasn't identified any remains yet but Arastoo didn't want to give up. Arastoo shows Brennan the homeless man's police report. It states he was beaten but Arastoo shows Brennan the victim has a bullet wound that happened years before his death. Arastoo is determined to get answers and refuses to let this homeless man go forgotten again. Hodgins joins them on the platform with results from the mass spec. The particulates on the tooth were jet fuel, however, the victim was discovered miles from the airport.

Brennan and Booth have lunch at the diner. Brennan needs Booth to check the police reports again for more answers. Booth doesn't think he'll be able to find much. Brennan tells Booth he better get in the game or she is going to trade him.

Arastoo comes to Angela, Hodgins, and Cam in Angela's office. The group analyzes the photos of the remains. The time of death is listed wrong on the police report. Hodgins notices that carrion flies have laid eggs on the body, which means he was dead for at least four days before the photos were taken. Angela says that the victim died on September 21st.

Arastoo rushes out of Angela's office to ask the help of the other interns. Fisher is not eager to help but the other's are. Clark notices a fragment within the rib fracture. They realize that the remodeling indicates that the fracture happened more than four days before time of death. Finally, Fisher decides to be part of the team. He examines the rib fracture and notes that the break occurred ten days before he died. The interns realize this man died on September 11, 2001.


Brennan, Booth, and Sweets discuss the new revelation that the victim was near the Pentagon on 9/11. Brennan informs them that Cam wasn't able to find a DNA match. Brennan notes that the bullet wound occurred twenty years ago and has evidence of uranium. Booth realizes that the first Gulf War was twenty-two years ago and the shells used had uranium. Sweets is skeptical, but Booth tells him that he fought in Desert Strom.

Angela explains to Hodgins and Cam that Booth wants her to do a facial reconstruction so they don't have to use the photos from the case file. Cam tells the couple that she was in New York as a coroner and signed too many death certificates. Cam gets emotional but the reconstruction is done. They have a face.

Booth visits Lt. Col. Ben Fordham at the Pentagon. Ben explains that everything from that day is classified so there is no way Booth can look at logs or surveillance video. Ben agrees to take the picture of the victim and ask around, but everyone who died or was injured on 9/11 is accounted for. Booth refuses to leave one of his men behind.Wendell explains to the other squints that the victim was close by when the plane hit and somehow he broke a rib. He went back to a parking garage and got beat up ten days later. The ends of the humorous has abraded so there was no remodeling. Finn notes the damage to his knees, which could be caused by a club. Finn asks Arastoo if this situation was too difficult for him due to his religion. Arastoo snaps at Finn for his ignorance and explains to him that his God and his religion were hijacked that day. He goes on to say that it is a privilege to show the victim care and love that was absent that day. Finn apologizes and appreciates Arastoo's honesty. The gang goes back to cataloging the injuries.

Brennan comes home. Booth informs Brennan the victim's name is Tim Murphy. Booth went to a homeless shelter and they had his effects still. Tim's wife is coming into the FBI tomorrow. Booth is determined to find out what happened to a fellow solider.


Booth and Brennan talk with Tim's wife, Linda. She explains that after the Gulf War Tim was afraid to stay indoors and he would disappear all the time. She explains that one day, he just vanished and she never saw him again. Booth shows Linda the picture of their family; she is moved by seeing her husband.

Angela checks in on Hodgins. The fragment from the rib was indium tin oxide. Hodgins believes that it came from a lamppost near the west side of the Pentagon where the planes hit. Hodgins estimates that Tim was around 500 feet away from the plane.

Clark tells the other interns that the other injuries on the victim were not caused by debris. Wendell starts to get angry that they can't find the answers they're looking for. Fisher gathers all the squints around to share their personal experiences dealing with 9/11. All of them share touching stories about their lives including Wendell who lost an uncle on that day.

Lt. Col. Ben comes and visits Booth and Brennan at the FBI. Ben talked to a few people who worked on the west side of the Pentagon who remembered Tim. Tim used to stand outside the Pentagon yelling "Walk in Moore Park" at everyone. Ben explains that people complained and Tim was removed by security at least once a week. There were a few times where Tim tried to fight security. Booth thinks that maybe a security officer sought out Tim to settle the score, however, Ben explains that logs from security for those two weeks would takes months of legal maneuvering to unseal.

Back at the lab, the squints look over the coroner's sloppy notes. There's no record of the victim's fingernails being swabbed. Fisher remembers that they can reexamine the victim's clothes which are covered in blood.


Sweets and Booth go through the police reports. There are multiple complaints filed against the city by a homeless activist in 2001. Sweets doesn't believe that "Walk in Moore Park" has any meaning. He believes that the victim was seriously disturbed from his PTSD. Booth suddenly realizes something. He grabs a photo from Tim's belongings. The photo is of him and his war buddies: Walken, Moore, and Park. Tim was outside of the Pentagon yelling the names of his friends.

Brennan and the squints go through all the injuries on the victim. None of the injuries show that they happened at time of death. Fisher notices the victim suffered from subluxation which caused the bones to dislocate and caused rubbing to prevent remodeling. Finn notices stress fractures on the patellas. Wendell notes that all these injuries are commonly suffered by weight lifters.

Booth informs Sweets that Tim's friends Walken, Moore, and Park were all killed in Kuwait. Tim petitioned fifty-six times to the army to have his friends get the Silver Star, however, when his letters went unanswered he just set up outside the Pentagon. Booth gets a call from Brennan, he heads to the lab.

Cam and Brennan explain to Booth that they got the DNA results from the blood on the victim's shirt. The blood was from three who were working at the Pentagon on 9/11 and they survived. They have to talk to the survivors.

Booth and Brennan walk around the Pentagon with survivor, Diane Rollins. She retells her story from that day. She was pinned under a concrete beam that crushed her leg. Booth shows Diane the picture of Tim. She immediately recognizes him as the man who saved her that day. Brennan realizes that Tim lifted the concrete beam off of her to save her. Diane explains that after she was freed Tim went and helped two other people.


Brennan, Booth, Cam, Hodgins, Angela, Sweets, and the squints watch Angela's reenactment of the incident on the monitor. Brennan explains that when Tim's rib was fractured it was not a clean break. Finn. Wendell, and Clark jump in to explain that the injuries they found were all caused by the weight of the concrete beam. Arastoo explains the rib was just cracked at first but it snapped while lifting the debris and eventually punctured his lung. The group is stunned by the victim's heroic actions.

The group goes to Arlington Cemetery to Tim's funeral. Booth is in uniform and gives a speech about the type of man Tim was and how brave his actions were. The three survivors that Tim saved are there to pay their respects as well as Tim's wife and son. They lay the coffin to rest with Tim being the hero that he is.

Back and Booth and Brennan's house, Brennan explains that after September 11th she spent weeks digging through the rubble and bodies. Brennan starts to cry realizing that she never let herself feel the effects of that day. Booth and Brennan embrace each other knowing how lucky they are to have each other.

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