Episode 8.05 : Method to the Madness

  • Bones
    • Episode Premiere : November 05, 2012
    • Distributor : Fox TV
    • Genre : Drama, Crime
    • Seasons : 8
    • Show Period : 2005 - 2017
    • Production Company: Far Field, Josephson Ent., 20th Century Fox TV
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Director Kate Woods
  • Screenwriter Keith Foglesong
  • Main Cast
    • Emily Deschanel as Paint Throwing Fur-Activist,
    • David Boreanaz as Extra,
    • Michaela Conlin,
    • T.J. Thyne,
    • Tamara Taylor,
    • John Francis Daley,
    • John Boyd

  • Additional Cast
    • Joel David Moore,
    • Leif Gantvoort,
    • Galadriel Stineman,
    • James Patrick Stuart,
    • Gualtiero Negrini

The Story


Two trash men make their rounds when they see a gooey body drop from a trashcan.

Booth comes to visit Sweets who's been sleeping in his office. Booth brings Sweets some apartment listings. Booth tells Sweets to come stay at their house while he gets back on his feet. Sweets agrees to only stay a few nights and appreciates the help. Booth gets a text--a body!

Booth tells Brennan about their new houseguest while approaching the crime scene. Brennan and Cam examine the remains. Brennan determines the victim is a female in her 20's. Hodgins sifts through the garbage truck for other remains and finds the victim's organs.


Fisher and Brennan examine the remains in the lab. All of the victim's skin was scratched off. Angela is appalled that someone could do this to a person, she takes her pictures for her reconstruction and leaves the platform immediately. Cam tells the group that the hemorrhaging on the liver determines that the victim was alive when she was eviscerated. Cam tells them that since they have the victim's skin, Angela can use it for the reconstruction--she's going to be thrilled.

Booth shows Sweets Parker's room where he can stay for the time being. Booth tells Sweets to make himself at home.

Angela takes pictures of the victim's flesh and brings the data to her office. Cam and Hodgins come with her. Hodgins tells them he found ammonium hydroxide on the victim to clean and wipe away evidence. Hodgins is taking bets to see how long Sweets lasts at Booth and Brennan's. Angela inputs all her data on the Angelatron and a reconstruction comes up. Wait a minute, Hodgins and Angela recognize the woman. Angela pulls up the label of Michael Vincent's favorite applesauce -- the victim is on the label! Someone killed one of the owners of Them Apples Applesauce.

Booth and Brennan walk to the applesauce shop. Booth notes that everyone looks different. Brennan tells him that this is an artisanal community. Booth thinks the artisanal ways are dumb, but Brennan is fascinated.

Fisher and Hodgins clean the bones. Fisher notices staining on the bones that could have occurred at time of death by a blade. Fisher notes whoever was able to make these kind of marks was incredibly strong.

At the Them Apples Shop, Booth and Brennan talk to the victim's business partner, Brooke. She is shaken up by the news of her friend Jess's death. Brooke tells them the last time she saw her was after they were at a farmer's market and she dropped Jess at the free clinic. Jess had lupus and was getting a check-up. Brooke tells them that the butcher down the street, Adam, started giving Jess meat and was acting weird around her.

Booth and Brennan go to the butcher shop to meet Adam, who is burly and strong...and holding a bloody meat cleaver.


Booth and Brennan question Adam in his shop. Adam is upset hearing about Jess's murder, and says that he was giving her meat because she was too poor to afford food. He tells them that a big, angry guy came into his shop threatening him if he didn't back off Jess. Brennan wants to examine his knives, but Adam tells them to get a warrant.

Angela and Hodgins examine large wads of money that were found on Jess's clothes. On the Angelatron, they examine the twenty hundred dollar bills that were. Angela sees that the bills are sequential. Cam comes in to tell them that Jess was lying and didn't have lupus and went to the clinic regularly.

Back at the Brennan/Booth household, Sweets folds laundry while Brennan feeds Christine. Booth comes in to pick up Sweets. Booth is embarrassed to see Sweets folding his underwear.

At the FBI, Booth and Sweets question Dr. Cole Reese, Jess's clinic doctor. Booth tells him they need to know why Jess was seeing him once a month on a regular basis. Dr. Reese tells them that she came in to get tested for STD's. Sweets puts it together that Jess was a prostitute.

Fisher shows Cam pig bones in the Bone Room. Fisher examined the pig bones against Jess's bones to see if Adam made similar cuts. Fisher explains to Cam that Jess's throat was slit, and by looking at the nicks and cuts, the killer was right-handed. Adam is left-handed. Fisher notices the similarities in the murder to Jack the Ripper.


Fisher examines the bone by lantern to help look at the cuts on the bone... but it also makes Fisher look insane. Fisher shows Cam microfracturing on the ulna confirming that the V-shape incisions were not caused by a blade.

Back at Booth and Brennan's house, Booth is annoyed that Sweets is using their tub. Sweets comes out in a towel apologizing to Booth. There's a knock on the door: it's Fisher. Fisher comes in to show Brennan the microfracturing on the victim's wrists: she was restrained. Booth has had enough: he pushes Fisher out the door and a half-naked Sweets upstairs.

Cam comes into the Ookey Room to tell Hodgins and Angela that she found gin in the victim's system. Cam explains it was made of juniper berries, rye, and licorice. Hodgins realizes that Old Tom Gin is sweetened with licroice instead of sugar. Angela pulls up the distilleries website. It's owned and operated by Dr. Cole Reese...Jess's doctor.

Booth and Brennan chat in the car. Dr. Reese had his own practice, but closed it to open his distillery and now he volunteers at the free clinic.

Booth and Brennan arrive at Dr. Reese's loft. They hear noises in the bedroom. They walk in to find Dr. Reese holding a knife to a young woman handcuffed to the bed.


Sweets interrogates Dr. Reese. He admits that everything was role play. He hires someone to play the damsel in distress, Jessica was nervous about being handcuffed. He gave her a drink to relax. She began to struggle and scream, but Dr. Reese uncuffed her. Then, a large man barged into the bedroom and throws Dr. Reese across the room. Dr. Reese did not know who he was. Sweets tells Dr. Reese that they will need to take all his tools to examine further.

In the Bone Room, Brennan out rules Dr. Reese's tools for the murder weapon. Brennan notes that all the incisions were made in a downward motion making the murderer even more precise than they had originally thought.

Sweets comes in to Booth's office to apologize for last night. Sweets tells him that he's looking at apartments. Booth tells Sweets that the cuts don't match the doctor's weapons. They both agree they need to figure out who the large man is.

Cam and Angela sift through traffic light camera pictures that were posted right by Dr. Reese's building. They spot a man waiting outside his building. Cam heads to the FBI to tell them to put his picture on the news.


Booth questions Willis McCullum. He saw his picture on the news and turned himself in. He explains to Booth that he was best friends with Jess's father. After he died, he promised to take care of Jess. When he found out what Jess was doing, he followed her. He heard her screams and kicked down the door. He told her that he could get investors in her applesauce company so she didn't have to have clients. That was the last time he saw Jess.

In Angela's office, Brennan, Angela, and Fisher review the victim's injuries. They realize that the victim's injuries line up when she's "folded"--she was protecting herself. They don't understand how the cuts are so calculated. Brennan realizes that the injuries could have been caused by some type of machine.

Sweets tells Booth that he agrees that if Jess told her partner she wanted to sell, that could be motive for murder. Sweets tells him that for artisans it's not about the money but the craft. As Booth heads out, Sweets tells him that he's going to move out tonight.

Booth and Brennan return to the Them Apples Applesauce shop. Booth shows Brooke the warrant they have to search the shop. Booth tells her that they know Jess came to the shop to talk to her the night she was murdered. Brennan notices the ribbon blender that could have caused the precise injuries on Jess's body. Brooke admits that it was an accident. Jess told her she wanted to sell the company and Brooke slapped her, and that's how Jess fell into the blender. Brooke turned off the blender immediately--but she was too late.

Back at the Booth/Brennan household, Booth finally gets a taste of the applesauce...he's a little impressed. Sweets comes downstairs with his bags packed. Booth and Brennan invite Sweets to stay. Brennan tells Sweets that most cultures have ceremonies to celebrate milestones. She tells him that admission, cleansing, and celebration are the important elements to moving on from a past relationship. Brennan puts on some jams and starts dancing and tells Sweets to celebrate his freedom. Booth laughs as the two awkwardly dance for Sweets' new-found freedom.

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