Episode 8.03 : The Gunk in the Garage

  • Bones
    • Episode Premiere : October 01, 2012
    • Distributor : Fox TV
    • Genre : Drama, Crime
    • Seasons : 8
    • Show Period : 2005 - 2017
    • Production Company: Far Field, Josephson Ent., 20th Century Fox TV
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Director Kate Woods
  • Screenwriter Jonathan Collier
  • Main Cast
    • Emily Deschanel as Paint Throwing Fur-Activist,
    • David Boreanaz as Extra,
    • Michaela Conlin,
    • T.J. Thyne,
    • Tamara Taylor,
    • John Francis Daley,
    • John Boyd

  • Additional Cast
    • Danielle Panabaker as FBI Special Agent Olivia Sparling,
    • Patricia Belcher,
    • Lori Alan,
    • Tim Ransom,
    • Michelle Azar

The Story


Inside a hotel parking garage, a man approaches his car. He notices a Big Gulp cup on the roof. He reaches for it and BOOM!! Car parts, glass, and body parts fly everywhere!

Brennan gets a call about the explosion. While on their way to the scene, Brennan tries to convince Booth to buy Christine an expensive stroller. Caroline calls Booth. She needs him back at the FBI immediately.

At the scene, Brennan, Cam, and Hodgins gather the scattered body parts throughout the garage. Brennan determines the victim is male. Brennan hypothesizes since the victim was alone, it could have been a targeted hit. The group smells intestines but can't find where they are located. Suddenly, they fall on top of Hodgins' head - found 'em!


On the platform, Angela grabs the skull for her reconstruction while Cam and Brennan continue their examination.

Caroline comes into Booth's office to tell him that she needs to speak with him. She tells Sweets to take FBI Agent Olivia Sparling to the hotel to interrogate hotel security. Agent Sparling is less than enthused to be working with a shrink.

In Booth's office, Caroline tells Booth that he needs to look into his budget. There is going to be a quarterly budget review and Booth needs to defend his department's excessive spending. Booth wants to work in the field, but Caroline tells him that if he gets his budget approved, he gets a promotion and a raise. Booth is excited at the thought of more money, especially with the added expenses Christine needs.

Hodgins tells Cam that the bomb was made from a methylammonium nitrate base, but since that's a commercial grade it means that any company could have made the bomb. Cam hands Hodgins a metal fragment she found in the victim's liver. Hodgins says it could be part of the detonator.

At the hotel, Sweets and Sparling walk with the head of security, Mr. Franklin. Unfortunately, he tells them that he has to give the tapes to their legal department since they have important guests at the hotel. He tells them if they come back with a warrant, he'd be happy to give them the tapes. Sparling accuses Mr. Franklin of stalling and has had enough. She asks him who paid him to plant a bomb. Mr. Franklin refuses to say anything till they come back with a warrant. Sparling doesn't want to leave him alone to erase the tapes-Mr. Franklin wants his lawyer. Sparling cuffs Mr. Franklin and tells him that he can call his lawyer from the FBI office. Sweets is annoyed with Sparling.

Booth tells Brennan about the promotion and the office budget he's working on. Booth sees Sweets and asks how the hotel visit went. Sweets tells them they have the hotel tapes. There's nothing on Mr. Franklin, but there's a lot of footage that they need to go through. Angela calls Sweets with a hit from the reconstruction-Robert Carlson. Sweets leaves to go question the victim's wife.

At the victim's house, Sweets tells Sparling that he has the special touch to deliver the news to the victim's wife about her husband's death. Sweets tells Mrs. Carlson, who is devastated to hear the news. Suddenly, Robert Carlson comes up the driveway-ALIVE! Gina doesn't understand-she kicks Sweets in the knees for playing such a horrible joke on her. Sparling says that Sweets definitely has the "special touch."


Sweets calls Booth, tells him Robert Carlson is alive. Booth is surprised that Brennan made a mistake. Sweets tells Booth that Agent Sparling doesn't trust his abilities on the job. Booth tells him to use his shrink brain on her.

In the Bone Room, Angela tells Brennan that the reconstruction is correct. Brennan says that the victim could have an identical twin. Brennan notices anomalies on the skull, and Angela adds them in to the reconstruction. It's the same face-identical twins!

In the FBI Conference Room, Robert Carlson tells Sweets and Sparling that he was adopted and didn't even know he had a twin. Sweets tells Carlson that separated twins often share the same needs, behaviors, and views. Sparling doesn't understand Sweets' theory.

Brennan shows Cam other injuries she's found. Injuries caused by a baseball bat and his hands being slammed in drawers. Cam recognizes the injuries-in New York she saw these injuries from bookies. Hodgins comes in with a piece of the detonator wire that has a deformed cockroach egg on it. Hodgins explains that the deformation is caused by exposure to an insecticide called hydroprene. Cam tells him she'll have the FBI track hydroprene suppliers.

In the lab, Sweets explains his twin theory to Angela. That parenting and nurturing matter, but with twins it's very common that they share the same similarities. Agent Sparling still doesn't buy it. At the Angelatron, Angela brings up 2 million men that were born in 1966, she then narrows the group down by: birthday, race, vehicle, age when married, sports played, and, finally, those who filed insurance claims for asthma medicine. That brings the number down to 48 people. From there, Angela finds the victim: Jerry Langella.


On the way to talk to the Langellas, Sparling apologizes for being dismissive and condescending towards Sweets. She says that she values his work. When they arrive at the Langella residence, Jerry's wife, Lisa, is not surprised at her husband's death. Lisa tells them that she was at community service for her road rage when her husband was killed. She tells them that his bookie beat him up over a year ago for gambling all their money away.

At the lab, Hodgins and Brennan conduct an experiment with a shock tube to test the blast that killed the victim.

Booth is still on the grind with the budget when he gets a call from Sweets telling him the wife's alibi checks out. He tells Booth that the victim owed his bookie money. Booth suggests that since twins are so similar, maybe whatever brought Langella to the hotel brought Carlson there, too. Booth says to check the tapes.

Angela comes into the Ookey Room to tell Hodgins that she found a demolition company that supplies Propatrex, the same explosive from the garage blast, next to a hydroprene production facility.

Brennan and Hodgins talk to Steve Keneally at the demolition company. He tells them that a few weeks ago there was a break-in. A few Propatrex sausages and a detonator pack were stolen. Steve, who's not steady on his feet, grabs a sausage to show Brennan and nearly drops it. Brennan tells him that he isn't a good candidate to carry explosives. Steve tells them that if the explosion used 40 oz., that's three sausages, which leaves one sausage unaccounted for.

Angela uses the Angelatron to scan the hotel footage for the twins. She finds them at two different places at the same time: they were both at the hotel. Sweets tells her that Carlson lied about not being at the hotel. Angela scans the lanyard that they are wearing-Self Actualization Synergy Therapy. Agent Sparling calls Sweets and he tells her about Carlson being at the hotel. Angela teases him about having a work crush on Sparling.


Agent Sparling and Sweets question Robert Carlson. He admits that he lied about being at the hotel, because he didn't want his wife to find out. He tells them the Self Actualization Therapy is very important to him. Sweets says it sounds like a cult. Carlson says that the master says life's greatest gifts can never be free, which is why he was going to give the group all of his money and move to Colorado. Sweets tells him that his twin was attending the same symposium.

Agent Sparling and Sweets talk about the case. He tells her if Carlson's wife found out that Robert was planning on giving away all their money-that would be motive for murder.

Cam shows Brennan some tissue from the crime scene - hair from a male that wasn't the victim. Someone witnessed the blast and was hit in the head with something before it hit the junction box. Cam thinks it was whoever caused the blast. Cam gets a call, Booth needs her at the FBI.

Brennan and Hodgins return to the crime scene. Brennan examines the junction box. There are dents that were made from the victim's skull. They realize that the person who witnessed the blast must have sustained other injuries, but still managed to get away.

In Booth's office, Booth asks Cam for help with his budget presentation. The committee is waiting for his presentation. Cam agrees to run the software.

In the Interrogation Room, Sweets and Sparling question Mrs. Carlson. Her bank records show that she withdrew $20,000 from her account and her computer hard drive had searches for contract killers. Mrs. Carlson says that she doesn't know who the hired hit man is-she's never seen him. The killer gets half up front and half when the job is done. Mrs. Carlson says that she hasn't given him the last half because her husband isn't dead yet. The hit man said he would take care of Robert today. Sweets demands to know where Robert is.

Sweets rushes into the FBI Bullpen to update Booth. Sparling tells them that the team is too far away, that Robert could be dead by the time they reach him. Booth shoves everything for the budget meeting into Cam's arms and rushes into the field with Sweets and Sparling.


At Dupont Plaza, Booth calls Brennan. Brennan tells him that the killer has brown hair, is Caucasian, and was injured during the blast. Brennan tells them he'll be shakey and off balance-Brennan realizes that it's Steve Keneally from the demolition company! Robert waits outside an ATM. Keneally approaches the ATM with a Big Gulp cup. Brennan calls Robert Carlson and tells him to lock himself inside the ATM and hold the door shut. Sweets, Sparling, and Booth start to surround the ATM. Booth can tell Keneally knows something's up. Robert goes inside the ATM and holds the door shut. Keneally tries to break in. Booth and Sparling raise their guns to Keneally. Sweets pretends to have a heart attack and grabs the Big Gulp bomb. Booth and Sparling shoot Keneally. Sweets raises the cup and realizes he has also been shot! He falls into Sparling's arms.

Later, with cops and EMTs everywhere, Sparling approaches Sweets, now on a stretcher. She tells him he's going to be fine. Sweets admits he likes her, but he's with Daisy. She kisses him anyway and leaves as Sweets' ambulance pulls away.

Booth updates Caroline on the case. The budget meeting went fantastically, but Booth isn't going to get the raise or promotion.

Back at Booth and Brennan's, the couple have dinner and wine. Brennan is happy Booth didn't get the promotion-because now they can stay in the field together.

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