Episode 6.14 : The Bikini in the Soup

  • Bones
    • Episode Premiere : February 17, 2011
    • Distributor : Fox TV
    • Genre : Drama, Crime
    • Seasons : 6
    • Show Period : 2005 - 2017
    • Production Company: Far Field, Josephson Ent., 20th Century Fox TV
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Director Ian Toynton
  • Screenwriter Lyla Oliver
  • Main Cast
    • Emily Deschanel as Paint Throwing Fur-Activist,
    • David Boreanaz as Extra,
    • Michaela Conlin,
    • T.J. Thyne,
    • Tamara Taylor,
    • John Francis Daley,
    • John Boyd

  • Additional Cast
    • Eugene Byrd,
    • Elon Gold,
    • Peter Paige,
    • Brady Smith,
    • Leslie-Anne Huff

The Story


Lucy Enriquez lets herself into the Bovitz Home. She is here to clean but does not like the smell of things. Where is Wendy Bovitz? Seora? Lucy enters the home office and the smell REALLY hits her... Wendy has been roasting in the tanning bed and is nothing more than a soupy skeleton.

Booth joins Hodgins and Brennan as they inspect the tanning bed and its contents. Hodgins wonders if this was an accident. Did Wendy just fall asleep? It is possible: the tanning bed timer is broken.

At the Lab, Clark and Cam help Brennan with the remains. Wendy has been dead between 32 and 38 hours, though the tanning bed accelerated decomposition. Cam is worried. Today is Valentine's Day and she has a romantic date with Paul. Love is NOT taking a backseat to murder. Brennan gets a call from a man named Douglas. He wants to schedule a date tonight but Brennan turns him down. Clark discovers sharp force trauma to the victim's ribs, meaning Wendy was stabbed through the heart. Cam learns the unhappy news: this is murder.


Cam gives the Squints eight hours to solve the murder so they can all celebrate Valentine's Day. Angela cheers. Hodgins suggests they have a romantic evening together but Angela tells him it isn't necessary. They're married and they don't have to worry about that stuff. Cam interrupts and Hodgins asks her opinion: can he really forget about romance? Absolutely not! Angela is pregnant and may not feel like initiating romance but Hodgins should. Hodgins reveals that he bought Angela a set of emerald earrings to go with the necklace he gave her a few years ago. Cam breaks the news to Hodgins: Angela doesn't like that necklace. He needs to solve the murder and come up with a new gift idea. But solve the murder first!

At the FBI, Booth and Sweets tell Darren Hargrove that Wendy is dead. Wendy was a wedding planner and Darren was her flamboyant executive assistant. He is distraught, mostly because they have a wedding tonight. How can he go on without her?

Cam gives Hodgins a bug she found on the remains. Brennan reports that the victim has a broken finger so Cam will check under the fingernails for DNA. Brennan takes a call from a man named Scott. He wants to have dinner. Again, Brennan rejects the offer. Cam wishes Brennan would make plans so she would be motivated to get out of here. Cam has someone, unlike Brennan. Cam apologizes immediately but Brennan tells her she is correct before exiting.

At the FBI, Angela asks how Booth is holding up. Valentine's Day must be tough for him so soon after his breakup. Booth insists he is fine but he is not celebrating the holiday. Angela suggests he find someone else with nothing to do so they can do nothing together. She produces the victim's laptop. One of the files is labeled, "In Case of Death." It contains photographs of a beaten and bruised Wendy with a message: "If anything happens to me, it was my husband."


Booth pulls over Greg Bovitz, who drives a horse drawn carriage. Booth reveals that his wife is dead. Greg is shocked. He and Wendy were separated but they were working through their issues. Greg admits he was never crazy about helping Wendy with her weddings. He is a horse trainer and he really belongs on a ranch. However, he never hurt her... that was Wendy's first husband. He was killed in a bar fight last year. Greg thinks Warren Erickson is to blame. Wendy was planning his daughter's wedding. Erickson went to her house the other day and started yelling that she was over budget. He really scared her.

Clark finds Hodgins in the Ookey Room. He needs an update. Hodgins reports that the bug isn't a bug. It's some type of vegetation. Hodgins asks Clark for his opinion on Angela's gift. He got her an Egyptian Tear Vase from the Jeffersonian Gift Shop. Clark nixes the idea. No gift shop merchandise meant for slaves that have been buried alive. Clark tells Hodgins that Angela is not materialistic. Hodgins needs to give her something only he can give.

Booth rants about Valentine's Day as he and Brennan approach a bustling hotel. Brennan completely agrees. They interrupt Erickson and his daughter, Raina, arguing about the budget for her wedding. Darren tries to smooth things over but Erickson doesn't think it's smart to spend money on a wedding for a marriage that probably won't last. Erickson admits he went to Wendy's house. Wendy was over budget and was promising his daughter expensive orchids and wine. No one takes advantage of him. Clark calls Brennan. Cam found DNA underneath the victim's fingernails. Brennan asks Erickson for a DNA sample for comparison. He refuses. They will NEVER get his DNA.


As Booth and Brennan leave the hotel, Booth finishes a phone call. He has good news and bad news. Unfortunately, the court refused to compel Erickson to give a DNA sample but his son is in prison for insider trading. This means his DNA is on file and Cam can compare it to the DNA from the victim.

Sweets reports that Erickson is a "self-made man" and the leading supplier of shelving on the Eastern Seaboard. He built his business from the ground up though he never finished high school. He is likely insecure and egomaniacal. He lacks compassion and is defensive. He is definitely capable of this murder.

Hodgins has finally determined that the vegetation is an orchid blossom. Wendy could have been wearing an orchid in her hair or perhaps it was thrown at her. Erickson was upset that Wendy had gone over budget by using them in the wedding. Hodgins asks for more advice about Angela's gift. Cam suggests he make something using materials found in the Ookey Room. Surely, something in here would make a great gift.

In the Autopsy Room, Clark presents Cam with the DNA results. It's a match! Cam corrects him. It is not a match. Clark is confused. Doesn't the DNA from under the victim's fingernails show that it belongs to an immediate relative of Erickson's son? Cam tells Clark that the DNA from under Wendy's fingernails belongs to a female in the Erickson family: Raina.


Raina is upset that she is being questioned on her wedding day but she admits that she went to Wendy's house. Her dad told Wendy to pull the orchids and the wine she REALLY wanted. Raina told Wendy that she needed to make this work or Raina would have her fired. Raina picked up the phone to call her father so Wendy hit it out of her hand. They started to fight. Wendy even scratched her. But all was well in the end. Raina got the orchids. She is a bitch, but not a killer bitch.

Angela made a 3D rendering of the murder weapon based on information from a mold that Clark made. It looks like an elongated eight-point star with a sharp tip. He has no idea what it could be. If only Hodgins could use a section of bone and tell him what it was made from...

Brennan reports to Booth that Hodgins determined the weapon was made of cast iron. Brennan gets another call, a request for dinner and a trip to Montreal, which she declines. Booth muses that he will spend Valentine's Day at the shooting range. They learn that Raina has an alibi: she was at a bachelorette party.

Hodgins finds Angela in her office. She found a file on Wendy's computer giving Darren ownership of the company and rights of survivorship. Darren just inherited a profitable business, which sounds like a good motive for murder.

Booth and Brennan tell Darren that that he now owns the entire business. Darren is moved. Wendy told him she had a surprise for him on Valentine's Day but he never guessed. He confesses that he and Wendy were in a relationship. Brennan thought Darren was a homosexual. Darren explains he's been effeminate since he was born but it really helps him as a wedding planner. Darren dispels that notion that he killed Wendy: the company isn't worth much without her. Brennan looks at the rendering of the murder weapon on her phone. She just watched Darren push the "spike" with a bride and groom on top into the cake. Booth arrests him.


Angela has more news for Brennan. Greg Bovtiz checked his email on Wendy's computer right around the time she died. He would have discovered that Wendy gave half the business to Darren Hargrove.

At the FBI, Brennan tells Booth that they discovered horse hoof oil on the victim. Greg Bovitz works with horses. Booth doesn't think the evidence is strong enough. He is going to need Brennan to act.

In the Interrogation Room, Booth tells Greg that his wife was having an affair with Darren Hargrove. Greg thinks Darren is gay. No way. Brennan enters with the murder weapon. They tell Greg that it has horse hoof oil and his DNA on it. Brennan laments Greg's fate. It isn't fair. Greg gave up his dreams to support Wendy. He was a real man but Wendy chose Darren. This gets Greg worked up. He blurts that he should have killed Darren, not Wendy. Brennan is proud of herself. She was very good actress, even lying about the DNA evidence they had.

Paul picks up Cam in a limo filled with flowers. Cam is touched. She and Paul kiss. This is going to be a very good night. Meanwhile, Hodgins has made something for Angela: a hybrid slime mold that smells like roses. He has named it Angelicus Montenegris. Angela shows her appreciation with LOTS of kisses.

Clark celebrates by dressing as cupid for his girlfriend, Nora, complete with red boxers and a bow. Booth is at the shooting range, riddling a red paper heart with bullets. Brennan surprises him with two boxes, each containing a reproduction of a Tommygun. Brennan borrowed them from an exhibit at the Jeffersonian. Booth is very excited. He has always wanted to shoot one. Booth and Brennan fire away, enjoying a very violent Valentine's Day together.

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