Episode 6.10 : The Body in the Bag

  • Bones
    • Episode Premiere : January 20, 2011
    • Distributor : Fox TV
    • Genre : Drama, Crime
    • Seasons : 6
    • Show Period : 2005 - 2017
    • Production Company: Far Field, Josephson Ent., 20th Century Fox TV
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Director Kate Woods
  • Screenwriter Janet Lin
  • Main Cast
    • Emily Deschanel as Paint Throwing Fur-Activist,
    • David Boreanaz as Extra,
    • Michaela Conlin,
    • T.J. Thyne,
    • Tamara Taylor,
    • John Francis Daley,
    • John Boyd

  • Additional Cast
    • Katheryn Winnick as Hannah Burley,
    • Eugene Byrd,
    • Eve Mauro,
    • Jennifer Holland,
    • Mark Famiglietti

The Story


Young hottie, Brody, lets himself in to see his girlfriend, Paisley. Why hasn't she been returning his calls? Hmmm...the shower is running. Brody decides to disrobe and join her. It's steamy and he slips on something gooey...landing right next to a decaying corpse. It's not quite the shower experience he was hoping for.

Booth interrupts Sweets while he works out on the treadmill. Brennan confessed that she loves Booth but he hasn't told Hannah. He doesn't want to ruin the friendship between the two women. What should he do? Booth doesn't like Sweets suggestion that he still has feelings for Brennan. He will figure this out himself. He increases the speed on Sweets' treadmill and walks away.

Brennan inspects the remains in the shower, which had been running for three days. It bored holes through the bone and flesh of the female victim in her early 20s. The house belongs to Paisley Johnston, 23. She sustained fractures to her face and bone fragments washed down the drain. Hodgins is working on recovering them. As Brennan, Booth and Cam bend over the drain to get a better look, they hear a gurgle. A gooey mixture of flesh and bone hits them all in the face. Ugh. "Be careful not to swallow," Brennan warns.


In the Lab, Clark examines the remains. Cause of death was an epidural hematoma. He also discovered the victim had mild scoliosis. Why is it so quiet? Cam explains that everyone is respecting Clark's wish for a calm, professional work environment. Clark has been doing some soul searching and believes he was wrong to ask everyone to behave differently. Really? Hodgins will recover the bone fragments so they can reconstruct the face. Cam will remove the flesh from the bones with help from Clark.

At the FBI, Booth hasn't found a motive for murder in Paisley's financials. Sweets thinks he can help. After looking at her social networking pages, he has discovered that Paisley didn't have many real friends. She bonded with her pet chinchilla in place of any real human relationships. She only seemed to interact directly with one person, Nicole Twist. However, Nicole recently declared that Paisley was a "fake" and a "bitch" and defriended her.

Sweets sits with Nicole Twist. She is in tears over the news of Paisley's death. Sweets wants to know if they fought recently and Nicole tells him that Paisley gave her a purse for her birthday. It wasn't quite what she wanted so she went to Chanel to exchange it. They arrested her because the bag was counterfeit. Nicole was humiliated. She defriended Pasiley she wishes she could friend her again.

Angela brings Hodgins lunch as he works at the crime scene. He still has more remains to clear from the sink line but he can take a little break for his beloved. Angela loves Paisley's house. It's beautiful and it's in a great neighborhood too. Angela wants a place like this...a place that belongs to both of them. Hodgins considers this as he removes hair and bone fragments from the drainpipe. He finds a piece of paper in the mess. It must have been on the victim when she was in the shower. It looks like it may have Chinese writing on it. Angela will have to reconstruct it.

At the Founding Fathers, Hannah and Booth discuss Brennan. "She loves you?" Booth puts Hannah's mind at ease but she still isn't sure what to say to Brennan. They're friends and they are supposed to have lunch tomorrow.

At the Lab, Clark is having a hard time confirming that the victim is Paisley Johnston. Her femur is the wrong length. It seems to be the femur of an Asian woman but Paisley is not Asian. It looks like the victim is NOT Paisley Johnston.


In Angela's Office, Brennan and Angela look at the paper with Chinese characters on it. Hannah calls to cancel her lunch with Brennan. Angela is confused. Didn't she call to confirm earlier? Yes, but now she has computer trouble. Angela tells Brennan that Hannah is avoiding her. Brennan needs to find out why. They turn their attention back to the Angelatron. The image is clearer now and Brennan recognizes the paper as a "Fu." It's a spell to cure bone ailments. You paste it to the affected area of your body. Perhaps the victim used it for her scoliosis. They can track this back to the herb shop it came from.

In Chinatown, Booth and Brennan enter the herb shop. Booth mentions that no one can find Paisley. Either she is the murderer or the murderer killed her as well. Shop owner Ming Tsou greets them. They show Ming a picture of the Fu and tell him they are investigating the death of his patient. Ming is deeply upset. He wrote this Fu for Jenny Yang, who was also his fiance. He last saw her a week ago. They had been having some problems. All she cared about were her American friends. Jenny worked at a restaurant for Mama Liu and that is where she met Paisley.

At the Lab, Hodgins and Clark have trouble untangling the mass of hair. Cam suggests a simple solution: conditioner. Clark takes this opportunity to congratulate Hodgins on his impending parenthood. Clark wants to have a lot of children. He is from a family of nine! Maybe that is why he has trouble opening up. Or it could have been his stint in the NSA. This piques Hodgins interest.

Booth and Brennan go to see Mama Liu at her Szechuan Restaurant. They tell her Paisley sent them. Mama Liu knows exactly what to do. She takes them to a back room filled with counterfeit handbags. Booth remembers that Paisley gave her friend a counterfeit bag. She must have gotten it here. Suddenly, the police swarm the building. They are all under arrest for dealing counterfeit goods.


Eric Anderson of the Anti-Counterfeiting Alliance apologizes to Booth and Brennan. He didn't know they were working a case. Booth and Brennan tell him they are investigating the death of Jenny Yang. Eric knows that name. Jenny tipped them off to Mama Liu's operation.

Hodgins and Clark use conditioner to separate bone fragments from the hair mass. Clark thinks that Hodgins must be very happy. He will make a great parent, even if he is bizarre. Hodgins would be happier if Clark would tell him about the NSA. Clark isn't willing to share that much.

Brennan ambushes Hannah as she walks to her car. Hannah is too busy to talk but Brennan won't take no for an answer. What's wrong? Hannah confesses that she knows about Brennan's feelings for Booth. Brennan didn't want to hurt Hannah. Hannah admits she would have done the same thing if she were Brennan. She still wants them to be friends. The two women smile. Hannah excuses herself. She really is meet the President! They will have drinks later.

At the FBI, Mama Liu claims she didn't know her purses were fake. Booth and Eric aren't buying it. Mama Liu insists that Jenny Yang is like her daughter and can't contain herself when she finds out about her death. Jenny was a good Chinese girl. She would never hurt her. Paisley was the criminal. She owed Mama Liu $2000. Jenny went to collect and Mama Liu never heard from her again.

At the FBI, Sweets reports that Paisley ignored a friend request from Jenny. Booth looks at pictures of Paisley and her chinchilla, Chi-Chi. Chi-Chi has a distinctive collar with a lo-jack. Booth gets out his phone. They are finally going to find Paisley.

In the Bone Room, Clark is just about finished with the skull reconstruction. She was killed by blunt force trauma to the occipital bone. Bone shards were jammed into her brain. Cam gets a call from Booth. They found Paisley through the tracking device on her pet's collar. She was holed up, drinking and taking pills. Isn't that the sort of thing you would do if you felt guilty about murdering someone?


Booth questions Paisley in the Ambulance. She doesn't remember Jenny Yang. Booth jogs her memory. Paisley bought purses from Jenny and was found dead in her shower. Paisley recalls telling Jenny where to find a spare key so she could drop off the handbags. Okay, what is the electronic device under your mattress? Paisley explains that her boyfriend, Brody, put it there. It links to a teddy bear camera. He wanted to see who she was having sex with.

Brennan takes a look at the reconstructed skull. She wonders about two bone slivers on a tray. Clark hasn't found where they belong yet but it wasn't on the skull. Brennan takes a look at the wound and then the crime scene photos. It's likely that Jenny was picked up and smashed into the shower nozzles.

After Eric Anderson reports that Mama Liu was in New York during the time of the murder, Booth and Sweets turn to the bear they retrieved from Brody. It's part work and part porn. They come across footage of Jenny Yang in bed with someone but they can't see his face. It was recorded the night of the murder.

Brennan, Cam and Angela try to figure out who Jenny Yang was sleeping with at Paisley's Apartment. Brennan suggests measuring the limbs of the unknown male to determine ethnicity. Clark hurries in with news. The bone slivers he couldn't place were not bone slivers at all but rhinoceros horn. It's used in Chinese medicine. Brennan saw it in Ming Tsou's herb shop.


Ming Tsou tells Booth and Brennan that the rhinoceros horn was on a necklace that Jenny wore around her neck. It was supposed to help her back and her spirit. She was changing: lying, turning her back on tradition and losing her identity. Brennan wants to measure his tibia. It will prove if he was with her on the night of her death.

In Angela's Office, Brennan reports that Ming Tsou is not the murderer. Angela has a plan. What if they pull facial information from the reflective surfaces in the video? They can piece portions of his face together like a puzzle. Angela works her magic on the Angelatron and the computer does the rest. Brennan recognizes the face: Eric Anderson.

Booth confronts Eric at the FBI. Eric admits that he slept with Jenny. It was a mistake but they became close while working on their case against Mama Liu. It seems one thing led to murder. Booth knows they were together right before Jenny died. He has an arrest warrant. Eric breaks down. Jenny put him in a tough spot. She wanted him to drop the case against Mama Liu. She didn't want to betray her. Jenny said she would tell Eric's boss that they slept together if he didn't do what she wanted. He couldn't lose a big bust, the glory and the paycheck that goes along with both. So he killed her.

At the Lab, Angela and Hodgins peek at their baby. Clark interrupts and congratulates them. Hodgins is freaked by the "new" Clark but Clark thinks change is good. Angela and Hodgins take one last look at their baby and then he hands Angela a key. He bought Paisley's house. Now they have a place that is all their own. Angela is thrilled.

At the Founding Fathers, Hannah and Brennan share a drink...or two. Hannah sees an attractive man eyeing Brennan. Hannah wants Brennan to be happy. She deserves it. After another drink, Brennan's handsome stranger appears at her side. He wants to buy her a drink. Hannah tries to sneak out but the mysterious man is interested in the ladies as a pair. Hannah and Brennan tell the creep to get lost. It's going to be a girl's night and that's just fine.

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