Episode 5.22 : The Beginning in the End

  • Bones
    • Episode Premiere : May 20, 2010
    • Distributor : Fox TV
    • Genre : Drama, Crime
    • Seasons : 5
    • Show Period : 2005 - 2017
    • Production Company: Far Field, Josephson Ent., 20th Century Fox TV
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Director Ian Toynton
  • Screenwriter Hart Hanson
  • Main Cast
    • Emily Deschanel as Paint Throwing Fur-Activist,
    • David Boreanaz as Extra,
    • Michaela Conlin,
    • T.J. Thyne,
    • Tamara Taylor,
    • John Francis Daley,
    • John Boyd

  • Additional Cast
    • Patricia Belcher,
    • Carla Gallo,
    • Billy F. Gibbons,
    • Skyler James,
    • Gina Torrecilla,
    • Scott Atkinson,
    • Ned Vaughn,
    • Ty Panitz,
    • Deidrie Henry,
    • Reginald Ballard

The Story

DYLAN, a young boy, jumps up and down on his bed. It's snowing! His mother comes to the doorway and sees cracks forming in the ceiling. She motions for her son to move. As soon as he is out of the way, the ceiling collapses. Paper, water bottles, books, furniture and a human skeleton are dumped into Dylan's room. Dylan has dibs on the skull.

BRENNAN and BOOTH inspect the remains in Dylan's room. The victim is male and in his forties. Brennan is distracted. A full set of interspecies hominid remains were found in the Maluku Islands. It could be a crucial link in the evolutionary chain. Booth is more interested in information on the dead guy. Brennan notices injuries to the skull.

Upstairs, LANDLORD MORGAN FINLEY opens the door to the victim's apartment. Finley tried to get TIMOTHY MURPHY to clean his place but he wouldn't listen. Tim was a hoarder, which is quite clear from the chaos Booth and Brennan encounter inside.

Brennan tells CAM about the find in the Maluku Islands. Cam regards the remains. He must have been dead for a while. Brennan isn't so sure. HODGINS found insects and rodents, which could have eaten the body quickly. Booth calls them from upstairs. They need to see something. Hodgins turns on an ALS light. Cam and Brennan see blood everywhere.

At the Lab, DAISY WICK assembles the bones in anatomical order. Dental records confirm the victim is Timothy Murphy, 48. Brennan finds two sets of parallel cleft wounds to the parietal and temporal bones, consistent with a blade. Daisy can contain herself no more: she's been accepted to go to the Maluku Islands! Brennan is a little jealous.

SWEETS reviews photographs of the victim's apartment as Booth buys breakfast. Sweets believes that Tim may have been agoraphobic. He would only have contact with a small number of people in the outside world. Booth notices an Army Ranger Colonel standing nearby. Booth confronts COLONEL DAN PELANT. Pelant explains that men are dying. Their lives could have been saved if Booth had trained them. His country needs him. Booth walks away. He already serves his country.

Sweets joins Hodgins at the crime scene. There was extensive termite damage, which is why the floor collapsed. Sweets counts six fans and multiple air fresheners. Timothy was trying to cover the stench. Hodgins sees BILLY F. GIBBONS standing on the street and panics. "He's back."

Booth interrogates Morgan Finley. He received complaints from all of his tenants about the smell from Tim's apartment. He tried to have Tim evicted but Tim ignored every summons. Booth thinks this is a motive for murder but Morgan went through proper channels and has paperwork to prove it.

On her way to the Diner, Brennan sees Colonel Pelant hand Booth a letter and leave. Brennan approaches her partner. She wonders about the man he was with. Booth reluctantly shows her the letter. The Secretary of Defense wants Booth to go back into the Army as a Sergeant Major, training soldiers to apprehend insurgents. Booth insists he isn't going, though they offered him a promotion. Booth has things to do here and so does Brennan. Neither of them is going anywhere.

At the Lab, Daisy tracks down Brennan. There is a mistake! Brennan made a mistake! She wrote in her report that there are apparent perimortem injuries to the temporal and parietal bones and the squamosal suture. Daisy shows her that the wounds started to heal before the victim died. They have no clear cause of death. Brennan asks Daisy to run a histological study of the bones. They feel strange. Daisy picks up one of the bones and agrees it feels light. She wishes Brennan was coming to Maluku.

Angela creates a map of the apartment on the Angelatron. Brennan believes they can construct a picture of the victim's life from his effects. Tim had been hoarding for four years. Angela senses something is troubling her friend. Brennan confesses that she wants to go to Maluku. Murders will never stop but this find is unique. Brennan needs a break from her current life. She needs perspective...and the Army wants Booth to go to Afghanistan. Brennan turns talk back to the case. They need to locate Tim's most valuable possessions.

Booth drives PARKER home from his Little League game. Parker wonders if his dad is going to be a solider again. Rebecca said the Army called their house. Booth assures his son he isn't going anywhere but Parker wants his dad to save lives.

At the FBI, Daisy tells Sweets about the Maluku Islands. Sweets wonders about their wedding. Daisy wants to elope in the Maluku Islands. Her career means everything to her, just like it does to Brennan. She will be gone for a year and hopes Sweets will follow her. Sweets is speechless.

Hodgins is still digging around Tim Murphy's apartment. He finds a box containing accounting records and calls Booth. Tim used to be an accountant. Maybe the traumatic event that turned him into a hoarder was work related. Booth hangs up and Hodgins turns around to find Billy Gibbons. He yelps. Since they are family, Billy needs a favor.

At the FBI, Booth questions ELAINE AKUSTA. She and Tim worked together for eight years as accountants. Tim left the firm a year ago and she hasn't seen him since, though they did speak over the phone. She looks over the records from the apartment. They have her signature on them. Elaine explains that Tim had problems. His coworkers tried an intervention but Tim wouldn't let them into the apartment. About a month ago, Tim told her a guy offered him fifty thousand dollars for something. She didn't believe it was true.

Brennan reports to Cam that the victim starved to death. The histology report shows demineralization in the bones. Cam is confused. Tim had food in his apartment. Brennan explains he starved to death after being hacked. He was trapped under a collapsed pile of his hoardings. It would have taken him several days to die. Daisy runs in, bursting with excitement. She heard that Brennan was asked to head the Maluku Island project. Yay!

Hodgins, Sweets and Booth work at the apartment. Hodgins is surprised that someone offered Tim fifty thousand dollars for something. Booth notices splintered wood on the door. It was pried open. The murder could have occurred during a robbery. Sweets confesses that Daisy is going to Indonesia and doesn't care if Sweets goes along. He tells them that Brennan was asked to head up the expedition. Hodgins chimes in with his story: Billy Gibbons was cheated out of a car in a card game and wants Hodgins to steal it back. Sweets offers to help Hodgins get the car back. He is very adventurous!

At the Lab, Brennan tells Daisy that she must first discuss things with her partner before she decides if she is going to Maluku. Brennan asks Daisy to measure the amount of remodeling since the attack. They can then determine when the attack occurred.

Angela uses her recognition program to scan the apartment. If someone came in and disturbed the hoarder's system, things would look different. Angela locates a pile that was rearranged. She guides Hodgins and Sweets to the pile. Hodgins spies silverfish eggs. Something was on top of these eggs, preventing them from hatching. He takes a sample.

Brennan tells Booth that she has been asked to head up the Maluku project. She wants to accept. Booth admits this is a big change but he wants to go back to the Army. Brennan will be gone for a year, as will Booth. They toast to change.

CAROLINE JULIAN reviews the case with Booth. It is weak. Booth tells her he is leaving. She wants him to finish this case properly. Not just dress up nothing in a report.

In the Ookey Room, Hodgins tells Cam and Brennan that radiation rendered the silverfish eggs infertile. The particulates suggest it was a 1941 Fiestaware Christmas Gnome. Uranium was a common ingredient in the glaze on these gnomes until WWII. What's more, the gnome is worth fifty thousand dollars.

At the FBI, Booth confronts ROCKY DEKNIGHT with a Fiestaware Gnome. Phone records indicate that Rocky called Tim Murphy several times before he died. They last spoke on the day of the murder. Rocky admits that he found out about the gnome from the Fiestaware Message Board but he didn't kill Tim. He just pushed him and took the gnome.

Hodgins and Sweets scale the wall of the Biker Compound. Hodgins tells Sweets that if Angela went to Maluku, he would follow her. So Sweets should drop everything and follow Daisy? Back to the task at hand, how will they get past the dogs? How will they start the car? Hodgins doesn't have answers but he jumps into the compound anyway. The dogs attack so Sweets makes cat noises to distract them. Hodgins runs to the car where he finds Billy Gibbons, waiting with the keys. It was all a test. Billy didn't need Hodgins to help. However, they need to run. They escape in the car before the bikers come after them.

Cam finds Brennan in the Bone Room. She has been working all night and has determined that a fan caused the injuries to the skull. Cam wonders if Brennan is really leaving. Brennan says she is. She can give Cam a list of people that can take her place but Cam doesn't believe anyone can do the job half as well as Brennan.

Hodgins supervises the collection of fans at Tim Murphy's apartment. He apologizes to Sweets for leaving him at the Biker Compound. They walk to a bookshelf with books of exotic locales. Angela's program determined this was the area that was most cared for. Perhaps these books were an escape to the outside world. Hodgins finds pictures of Tim Murphy and Elaine Akusta inside one of the books. They are kissing on a beach.

Brennan tells Elaine that they found her fingerprints on the fan at the crime scene. Elaine can't hide the truth. She loved Tim but he was sick. She wanted a real life with him outside that apartment. She ripped down his curtains to show him the world and Tim lost it. He attacked her so she pushed the fan at him and ran. She had no idea he died as a result.

Billy Gibbons gives Hodgins the car they recovered as a gift. Hodgins has more news for Angela. He has no desire to break in a new Forensic Anthropologist and FBI Agent so they are going to travel for a year.

At the Airport, Sweets and Daisy say their goodbyes. Daisy wonders if Sweets will wait for her. Sweets doesn't think he will. Cam tells Brennan she has enjoyed working for her. Hodgins gives Brennan an insect guide so she can avoid being stung or bitten. Brennan tells Hodgins she loves him. Angela hugs her friend and Daisy tells Brennan they have to go. Brennan spies Booth and runs over to him. He asks Brennan to be careful. She asks Booth not to be a hero. They promise to meet one year from today at the reflecting pool on the mall. They part ways but look back at each other as they walk away.






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