Episode 5.15 : The Bones on the Blue Line

  • Bones
    • Episode Premiere : April 01, 2010
    • Distributor : Fox TV
    • Genre : Drama, Crime
    • Seasons : 5
    • Show Period : 2005 - 2017
    • Production Company: Far Field, Josephson Ent., 20th Century Fox TV
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Director Chad Lowe
  • Screenwriter Carla Kettner
  • Main Cast
    • Emily Deschanel as Paint Throwing Fur-Activist,
    • David Boreanaz as Extra,
    • Michaela Conlin,
    • T.J. Thyne,
    • Tamara Taylor,
    • John Francis Daley,
    • John Boyd

  • Additional Cast
    • Noriko Kanda,
    • Michael Trotter,
    • James Madio,
    • Carla Gallo,
    • Stephanie Childers,
    • Wyatt Fenner,
    • Clea DuVall,
    • Page Kennedy

The Story

On the Subway, SWEETS strikes up a conversation with MARCO. Marco just learned he is cancer free after an eight-year battle. His life can finally begin!

At the Founding Fathers Bar, BOOTH and BRENNAN meet with RIKU IWANAGA. She has come all the way from Japan to interview Brennan about her latest book, Bone of Contention. Suddenly, the room begins to shake. EARTHQUAKE!

On the Subway, a water main breaks! Sweets and Marco see a skeleton in the flood of water. Their train jumps the track and crashes. Marco strikes his head, dying instantly.

Sweets watches as Marco is sealed inside a body bag. Booth and Brennan approach, with Riku in tow. Booth sees that Sweets is troubled. OFFICER MCKENNA GRANT leads them to the skeleton. This section of the subway was closed for construction. Brennan determines that the victim is male and has been dead for at least a week.

At the Lab, DAISY and CAM assist Brennan while Riku observes. Rats have eaten the tissue and left teeth marks on the bone. ANGELA reports there were no fatalities from the earthquake aside from Marco. Riku recognizes Angela as "Amanda" from Brennan's books. She and Riku leave to chat. When Sweets appears, Daisy moves to comfort him but he pushes her away. Brennan notices a blue pigment on the victim's clavicle and on the C7 vertebrae. Something blue sliced the carotid artery.

HODGINS drives Sweets home. "He was going to do all the things that he'd been putting off and then he was gone," Sweets laments. He doesn't want the same thing to happen to him.

Riku inspects Brennan's Office. She wonders if Angela and Brennan are best friends like Amanda and Kathy. Angela admits it is true. However, Angela and Booth have NOT slept together like Agent Andy and Amanda. Riku writes everything down, making Angela uncomfortable. She explains that the books are purely fiction. Brennan enters, ready to finish her interview. Riku gets to the good stuff. Do Brennan and Booth have the same notorious sex life as the characters in the book? Brennan replies with an adamant no and is relieved when Daisy bursts in. She found a tooth in the victim's scapula.

Brennan inspects the tooth. It's a canine and the victim is missing his canine. The Squints realize the tooth is an anchor for a prosthetic lens. The victim was blind. This is a rare operation so a local ophthalmologist could help with identification. Hodgins joins the Squints. The blue pigment is a polymer. Hodgins needs to search the subway tunnels for rat excrement to get more information. Cam assigns Daisy to be his aide.

In the Subway Tunnels, Daisy chatters about Brennan's book. Has Hodgins read page 187? It details a sexual move that she and Sweets have tried several times. A trail of fecal matter leads them to the rats' nest. The body could have entered from ventilation grates above the nest. Daisy discovers a white cane, the kind a blind person would use.

Angela shares the identity of the victim: MARTIN ARAGON, 30. His eye surgeon identified him. Martin wrote letters with a woman named Sophia Meade for a living.

Brennan and Riku have lunch at the Founding Fathers Bar. Riku comments that Booth believes he is the inspiration for Agent Andy. Brennan thinks that is preposterous. She wants to talk about the forensics in her book, not the characters.

At the Lab, Hodgins sneaks a peak at page 187. He can't believe his eyes! He walks purposefully to Angela's Office "That's that thing that I do. Nobody else does that thing. It's my thing that I do," Hodgins exclaims. Angela told Brennan about it and now it's in print. Hodgins advises Angela to sleep with illiterate men from now on because guys all over the country will be trying this move and Angela won't ever be able to forget about Hodgins.

Daisy shares her concerns about Sweets as she and Brennan work in the Bone Room. Brennan is uninterested. She detects a pattern of blowback on the victim's skull. This suggests that the victim was shot with a gun while he was standing in front of glass. Could the bullet have been blue?

Booth speaks to SOPHIA MEADE at the FBI. She and Martin were partners for six years, writing letters since college. Most people cannot express themselves convincingly. Sophia and Martin put the words to paper, writing legal documents, complaint letters, even breakup letters. Sophia saw Martin last week. She works from home because of her children. She offers Booth their archives to look for clues or possible suspects.

In the Conference Room, Booth and Sweets review the letters. Sweets is distracted, thinking about Marco. He believes the whole encounter was a message that he needs to live life to the fullest. Booth finds a letter that Martin wrote on his own behalf, complaining to a sandwich franchise. Stewart Bonder, the owner, replied with a death threat.

At the Lab, Hodgins shows Cam his rat poop timeline. The oldest waste containing human remains is from seven days ago. He is looking into companies that manufacture blue ammunition. He also has a leather piece from the sole of a shoe. It could belong to the killer.

STEWART BONDER waits for Booth in the Interrogation Room. Booth knows that Stewart lost his franchise because of Martin. Is that why Martin lost his life? Stewart can't believe Martin is still causing problems even though he is dead. He asks for a lawyer.

Riku continues her interview in Brennan's Office. Brennan tries to steer the conversation to forensics but Riku wants to talk sex, namely between Kathy and Andy. Brennan doesn't want to talk about meaningless trifle. Riku believes those are the things that mean everything.

Brennan complains to Booth about Riku. She only wants to talk about the characters. Booth believes the characters make the story real and Brennan writes them so well. Brennan confesses that Angela helps her a bit in that department. Angela helped her with page 187. Speaking of which, Brennan really wants to try it.

Angela and Sweets review Martin's letters on the Angelatron. Sweets reads from a poetic love letter. Angela swoons. Martin did a good job. Although it was for a client, Sweets believes the letter was written about someone Martin loved. Daisy arrives to talk to Sweets but he decides to call her later. She leaves dejectedly. Angela hacks into the client's computer using the IP address to which the letters were sent. She turns on the webcam and they glimpse COLIN CASEY. Sweet recognizes him as the manager at the subway station.

Angela drives while Daisy rides in the passenger seat. Cam wanted Daisy out of the lab until she stopped all her sighing and moaning. Daisy thinks she is getting dumped and she has never been dumped before. Angela smiles painfully. Really?

Colin Casey faces Booth in the Interrogation Room. He paid Martin to write letters to McKenna Grant. She had another boyfriend, Eddie Ceraficki, and Martin said he could help. However, the letters didn't work. Colin was out a lot of money and Martin may have even fallen in love with McKenna. Colin must have been mad. Was he mad enough to kill?

Booth talks to Angela over the phone. Angela explains that once Brennan is finished with her book, she reads it to Angela. Angela drinks wine and makes little suggestions about the characters. She stresses that Brennan writes the books. Angela is simply an editor and she doesn't want credit. She hangs up when Booth mentions page 187.

At the FBI, Booth confronts McKenna Grant about the love letters. She claims that she didn't know Colin hired someone to write them. She only went out with Colin a few times. Her previous boyfriend, Eddie Ceraficki, knocked Colin around a bit when she left him. She met Eddie when she arrested him for carrying a concealed weapon.

Hodgins tells the Squints about the Quasar Safety Plug, a bullet designed to disintegrate so it won't ricochet after hitting the target. It has a thin coating of blue polymer. They know that before the bullet disintegrated, it shattered glass behind the victim. Angela uses photographs from the tunnel to find the place Martin was murdered.

Booth, Brennan and Riku meet EDDIE CERAFICKI at Eddie's Pawn Shop. Booth wants to see his gun. Eddie protests but brings out the weapon. Booth finds nothing amiss so he asks to see the ammunition. It is all blue-tipped. Brennan calls Eddie a dirt bag. Booth stops Riku from writing it down.

Booth questions Eddie at the FBI. Eddie believes he was well within his rights to punch Colin. Colin stole his girlfriend with those love letters. When Booth reveals that Martin Aragon really wrote the letters, Eddie gets confused. He didn't kill anyone. The blue bullets don't even fit in his gun. Booth wants to see the gun they do fit in. Eddie admits he gave it to someone: McKenna Grant. It was the gun that brought them together.

McKenna Grant meets Booth in the Conference Room. He has the murder weapon. McKenna isn't impressed. They don't have any evidence that she was involved. She tries to leave but Booth hits her with a warrant for her shoes. They found a piece of leather at the scene. If they can match it to her shoes, they will have all the evidence they need. McKenna breaks down and confesses. Colin lied to her. He didn't write those letters. Eddie was a good man. She shouldn't have left him. Martin ruined her love life.

At the Lab, Brennan says goodbye to Riku. She has learned so much from her time with Brennan. For example, people should not take credit for what other people write. Riku refers to the murder but it means something else to Brennan.

At the FBI, Sophia Meade reads one of Martin's letters. Sweets tells her that Martin wrote them for her. He was in love with Sophia. Sophia is sad that Martin could never have what he wanted. She was married with a family. Poor Martin.

Brennan approaches Angela at the Lab. She hands her friend an envelope. Angela has contributed greatly to her novels. She deserves twenty-five percent of what they have made. Angela gasps at the amount on the check. It is A LOT of money.

Sweets interrupts Daisy as she works in the Bone Room. Marco's death has made him think about his life and he has come to a decision. He pulls out an engagement ring and asks Daisy to marry him. Daisy says yes!






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