Episode 5.11 : The X in the File

  • Bones
    • Episode Premiere : January 14, 2010
    • Distributor : Fox TV
    • Genre : Drama, Crime
    • Seasons : 5
    • Show Period : 2005 - 2017
    • Production Company: Far Field, Josephson Ent., 20th Century Fox TV
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Director Allison Liddi-Brown
  • Screenwriter Janet Lin
  • Main Cast
    • Emily Deschanel as Paint Throwing Fur-Activist,
    • David Boreanaz as Extra,
    • Michaela Conlin,
    • T.J. Thyne,
    • Tamara Taylor,
    • John Francis Daley,
    • John Boyd

  • Additional Cast
    • Michael Grant Terry,
    • Ben Giroux,
    • Kai Lennonx,
    • Dale Dickey,
    • Penny Johnson Jerald,
    • Kelly E. Smith,
    • Dean Haglund

The Story

MARVIN BREEKMAN searches the Roswell Desert with a flashlight. He assures his wife via Bluetooth that he is safe in his hotel room in Florida. Marvin stumbles across a body wrapped in a silver coat. An alien body! He's finally found one! But when glowing orange eyes appear behind him, Marvin drops his things and runs for his life.

At the Lab, WENDELL and ANGELA discuss their evening plans. Wendell suggests they visit to a motel during lunch. CAM interrupts. Wendell tries to cover but Cam knows about their relationship. After she leaves, Wendell wonders if Hodgins also knows.In New Mexico, SHERIFF JERRY BONDS leads BOOTH and BRENNAN to the "alien" remains, which appear to be covered in gray wax. Brennan concludes that the victim is a human female. Her silver coat trapped body moisture and turned her fat into adipocere.

MARSHA VINTON, the landowner, approaches with a shotgun. After Bonds disarms her, Brennan requests that the remains be sent to the Jeffersonian. Bonds will not consent. He doesn't want the locals to think he sent an alien to D.C. for government testing. Brennan reiterates that this woman is not an alien. The X-Files theme song begins to play! Brennan retrieves a cell phone from the ground. The song is the ringtone. The truth is out there.

Sheriff Bonds brings Brennan to a condemned medical center. She can conduct her examination here. Brennan speaks to Cam via computer. She agrees to send samples of the adipocere and the coat to Hodgins. Brennan remarks that the man who discovered the remains saw orange eyes staring at him from the darkness. They were likely coyotes.

At the Station, Booth prepares to questions Marvin Breekman. Bonds traced the cell phone back to him. Booth wonders what brought Marvin to the desert. Marvin explains that he was looking for UFOs. Booth doesn't believe he found the body by coincidence. What brought him to that specific place? Until Booth has answers, Marvin does not have freedom.

Angela and Wendell take their lunch break at a motel. Wendell is deep in thought. He wants to tell Hodgins about their relationship. Hodgins is his friend and he doesn't want to keep secrets. Angela agrees to do things Wendell's way.

At the medical center, DELMY POLANCO sneaks up on Booth. She is a UFO Blogger looking for answers. She wants the scoop on the alien body. Otherwise, she will post what she does know on her blog and bring every UFO hunter to Roswell. Sheriff Bonds believes that Delmy is trespassing. She needs to spend the night in the slammer.

Booth joins Brennan as she runs the body through an MRI machine. Brennan explains what they are seeing on the screen. They notice that the body is SLOWLY SITTING UP! Brennan SCREAMS! Booth pulls his gun but it is sucked into the MRI machine. Brennan turns off the machine. They both agree to keep this incident between themselves.

Brennan pulls six ball bearings from the victim's skull. The metal was attracted by the powerful MRI magnet causing the corpse to rise. Brennan will send them to Hodgins for testing. Angela sends Brennan her facial reconstruction while Wendell mentions that the patellas look fractured. Brennan will swab them and send samples. There are no striations on the ball bearings so a shotgun must have been used to shoot them.

Brennan recalls that Marsha Vinton threatened her with a shotgun earlier that day. Before she can rush off, Cam instructs her to deal with the flesh. Brennan must remove the organs.

Marsha Vinton recognizes the facial reconstruction. The woman has trespassed on her land before but Marsha didn't kill her. She only shoots at trespassers with rock salt. She refers Booth to Blaine Miller at the Space Place Cafe. Alien hunters gather there.

Brennan manages to remove a portion of the adipocere with a scalpel, revealing the organs underneath. Hodgins reports that the victim was covered in illegal pesticides. The only place where they are still in use is Mexico. The insecticides dried the adipocere. Brennan removes the stomach and discovers a memory card. It has dental floss tied around it. Brennan also finds a piece of floss around the molar. The victim was hiding the memory card in her body. It must have been important to her.

In the Ookey Room, Wendell approaches Hodgins. He gets right to the point: he is seeing Angela romantically. Hodgins tells Wendell not to worry. They don't have to tiptoe around him. His relationship with Angela is in the past. Hodgins suggests the three of them go to lunch. This is something to celebrate!

At the Space Place Cafe, Booth and Brennan marvel at the decorations: ray guns, spaceships and lava lamps. Booth badges BLAINE MILLER. He immediately knows they are here about the body. He identifies the victim as URSULA LAPINE. He last saw her a month ago arguing with a businesswoman. Ursula lived outside of town in a shiny silver trailer.

As Booth and Brennan approach Ursula's trailer, they notice a broken window. Brennan finds a cinderblock splattered with blood. The inside of the trailer is covered with newspaper clippings and articles about aliens. Booth notes that something is missing from the wall. He cleverly pulls a print from the cinderblock using pencil shavings and tape.

At the Lab, Angela tells Cam that there was a video on the memory card. She plays it. They see mysterious lights and suited individuals walking through the desert at night. Angela assures Cam this footage wasn't doctored. Could this be a UFO?

Booth and Brennan watch the footage. Booth notices that the ground is glowing. Angela explains that light seems to be coming from a liquid. Brennan is not convinced that the video depicts aliens but Booth is more than sure. Sheriff Bonds leads Delmy Polanco into the room. They know she went to Ursula's trailer. Her fingerprint was on the cinderblock. What did she take from the wall? Delmy reluctantly pulls three photographs from her bra. They show Ursula and Marvin canoodling in Mexico. She stole the photographs to illustrate her story, "UFO Obsessed Woman Killed By Alien Encounter."

At the Lab, Hodgins has determined that the sediment around the victim's patellas came from Mexico. Angela and Wendell watch an animation depicting the trajectory of the ball bearings. Based on the information available, they seem to have entered beneath the chin and then ricocheted around in the skull. Wendell is perplexed that the weapon did not fracture the skull. It must have been slightly more powerful than a paintball gun.

At the Diner, Hodgins, Angela and Wendell have lunch. Hodgins encourages the new couple to be affectionate. He isn't bothered by it. Wendell awkwardly kisses Angela to appease his friend. Sweets enters and immediately gives input. This is not okay. Hodgins dismisses Sweets. Everything is fine.

Brennan and Booth lead Marvin into the Roswell Desert. They confront him about his relationship with Ursula. He admits that he came to the desert because it was where he and Ursula saw the lights. They were about two kilometers away in Mexico. Ursula must've come out here alone to get footage of them. She wanted proof of alien life to make her rich. Marvin guesses she didn't want anyone stealing the glory, or the money, away from her.

Hodgins explains that he was able to clarify the chemiluminescent signature of the liquid being dumped. It is manganese and sodium borohydride, both of which are used to manufacture batteries by a company called Innatron. Hodgins catches a glimpse of Angela laughing with Wendell. Suddenly, he is sad.

At the Lab, Angela has worked to clarify the video footage. It now shows two tanker trucks and men in HAZMAT suits spraying a green liquid onto the ground. The group watches as Ursula falls, fracturing her knees. Ursula literally stumbled upon an illegal chemical dump in the Mexican Desert while searching for aliens!

Hodgins bursts into Sweets' Office. He needs help. He wants to be happy for Angela and Wendell but he just can't be. Sweets believes that Hodgins is grieving the relationship he lost. Hodgins admits he thought he would be with Angela forever.

Angela has recovered a portion of the audio track from the footage. A woman yells in Spanish. Cam translates. "I'm in charge! If you don't get this done before sunrise, you'll regret it!" Cam can tell that the woman is not a native Spanish speaker but an American.

Brennan and Booth read the file of Rachel Adams. She is an Innatron executive in charge of waste management. Perhaps this was the woman arguing with Ursula?Wendell and Hodgins experiment with a variety of guns: a paintball gun, an air rifle, a BB gun and a PVC pipe zip gun. The use each weapon to shoot ball bearings into melons. Only the zip gun has the right amount of force. It can also be easily made at home.

At the Innatron Offices in Mexico, RACHEL ADAMS evades questions. Booth tells her that a witness saw her arguing with Ursula. Rachel admits no wrongdoing. Innatron follows all environmental restrictions. Brennan plays the video for her. Rachel is caught but Booth and Brennan won't be able to extradite her because of her business relationships.

Brennan tells Booth that Innatron contracts its waste disposal to a company called Norte Domesticas. Booth surmises that Rachel Adams owns Norte Domesticas. She pockets all the money that is supposed to be used to safely dispose of the waste. Perhaps Ursula met Rachel in the desert so she could buy the footage. But why would Rachel use a homemade zip gun to kill Ursula? They call Hodgins. He couldn't trace the ball bearings to Innatron because they are obsolete. They were manufactured in the forties and fifties for use in toys.

Booth, Brennan and Bonds find Blaine Miller at the Space Place Caf������©. Booth looks at the ray gun display. Blaine must have heard what Rachel and Ursula were arguing about. Ursula thought she had proof of alien life and wanted more money than what Rachel was offering. Blaine told Ursula he would get her millions. They would meet in the desert and Blaine would bring a buyer. Instead, he killed Ursula with one of his guns and some ball bearings. Only Blaine couldn't find the video. Sheriff Bonds leads Blaine away.

Booth and Brennan stargaze. Brennan still doesn't believe that aliens would ever visit earth. Booth suggests that aliens are anthropologists. Brennan is intrigued. She hadn't considered that possibility. Booth realizes that if aliens are anthropologists, then Brennan must be an alien. The partners laugh until Booth hears something. Aliens?






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