Episode 5.08 : The Foot in the Foreclosure

  • Bones
    • Episode Premiere : November 19, 2009
    • Distributor : Fox TV
    • Genre : Drama, Crime
    • Seasons : 5
    • Show Period : 2005 - 2017
    • Production Company: Far Field, Josephson Ent., 20th Century Fox TV
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Director Jeff Woolnough
  • Screenwriter Pat Charles
  • Main Cast
    • Emily Deschanel as Paint Throwing Fur-Activist,
    • David Boreanaz as Extra,
    • Michaela Conlin,
    • T.J. Thyne,
    • Tamara Taylor,
    • John Francis Daley,
    • John Boyd

  • Additional Cast
    • Ralph Waite,
    • Eugene Byrd,
    • Sarah Rafferty,
    • David Bowe,
    • Adrienne Smith,
    • Carter MacIntyre,
    • Carla Renata

The Story

Real Estate Agent KATIE SELNICK shows a HUSBAND and WIFE around the Fileman House. Desperate to make a sale, she brings the couple to the lovely master bedroom. A large pile of ash covers the bed along with a human foot. The couple runs out screaming.

At the Diner, BOOTH is excited that his grandfather is coming to stay. He punched a male nurse at his retirement community so it is time for a change. HANK BOOTH arrives, wheeling a suitcase. He is delighted to meet BRENNAN but believes SWEETS is a friend of Parker. Booth must rush off to a crime scene so he will meet Hank at his apartment later.

At the Fileman House, Katie Selnick gives her card to Booth. "It's a buyer's market!" Booth is only interested in a list of everyone with access to the house.

In the Master Bedroom, Booth sees a cake on the dresser. Could the candle on the cake have started the fire? Brennan uses hairspray to stabilize the ash remains. Booth surmises that this is a case of spontaneous combustion. Brennan dismisses the theory but can draw no conclusions of her own.

On the Forensic Platform, Brennan and CLARK examine the ash. HODGINS explains that this could be an example of the Wick Effect. A person passed out from drinking drops a cigarette on his pajamas. The resulting fire melts his belly fat. The pajamas act as a wick for a slow burning human candle.

Despite the lack of bone, Brennan determines the victim is female. She had Haglund's Deformity, a bony growth on the heel caused by ill-fitting high-heeled shoes. She also suffered from plantar fasciitis and had high levels of leptin. Brennan concludes the victim was probably obese. CAM wonders about Hank. Brennan believes Booth may want his grandfather to move in permanently. Clark is touched. His grandfather lived with him when he was a child and he feels that Booth's actions are admirable.

OFFICER DAVID POE calls Booth, asking him to pick up his grandfather at Takoma Park. Hank was disoriented when Poe found him. Hank defends himself. He was just upset because he went to visit a friend but learned that he died three weeks ago. No one told him. Concerned, Booth heads out, bumping into Kate Selnick. She has a partial list of those with access to the house but this is not good enough for Booth. If she doesn't have a full list by tomorrow, Booth will consider her obstructing justice.

In Angela's Office, Angela takes a 3D rendering of the victim's hand. It is composed entirely of ash and is too fragile to take a traditional mold. Hodgins interrupts. He took a sample of orange goo from the remains and has the results. It is polyester. Angela finds a match for the color: PriceCo Blossom Orange. The victim worked at PriceCo.

In Booth's Car, Hank insists he is fine and won't be trouble for Booth. If he and Brennan want to be alone, Hank can make himself scarce. Booth tells him that won't be necessary. They aren't a couple. Hank knows Brennan is a keeper.

At PriceCo, Hank waits while Booth talks to MAUREEN MACK, the store manager. One of her employees, MEG TRACY, has been missing since Tuesday. She gives Booth her file.

At the Lab, the Squints look at a picture of Meg. She was a size 4. She must have lost a lot of weight recently because at her last doctor's appointment she weighed 234 pounds. X-rays of the victim's foot match Meg, so it is definitely her. Brennan realizes why they found so much ash: there were two people in bed. Two victims died in the fire.

At the Lab, the Squints determine that the second victim weighed 260 pounds. He is also likely male, judging from a fragment of the mental eminence. Clark will work to separate bone fragments and see if the victims share any injuries.

Brennan, Booth and Hank have lunch at the Founding Fathers Bar. Hank tries to help, giving his theories on the case. Again, Booth is called away, this time to question the victim's roommate. Brennan finishes lunch with Hank. He makes a confession to her: he was the reason Booth's father walked out. He told him to leave after he saw the abuse his grandchildren were enduring. Brennan tells him he is a good man. He did the right thing.

At the FBI, Booth speaks with STEPHANIE STEVENS. She roomed with Meg for three years. They were weight loss buddies. Meg lost over one hundred pounds so Stephanie paid for her trip to Hawaii. It was a competition they had. Stephanie mentions that Meg used to meet men at Club Jiggle. It is a place for thin men to meet full figured women.

At the Lab, Clark and Angela have been able to work together to reconstruct the second victim's fibula. He was approximately 5'5 and 260 pounds.

In Sweets' Office, Sweets details the feeder and eater fetish for Booth and Brennan. It is a sexual fetish in which a feeder derives pleasure from body fat. Talk eventually turns to Hank. Sweets and Brennan show some concern. Hank has health issues and is living in an unfamiliar place. Booth must watch him closely. Booth changes the topic back to the murder. Sweets believes that, although Meg lost weight, her obsession with food didn't disappear. She became a feeder, hence the cake in the bedroom and her trips to Club Jiggle.

At Booth's Apartment, Booth and Brennan enjoy a grilled cheese dinner, courtesy of Hank. The partners are about to head to Club Jiggle but Brennan notices that Hank is out of his medication. Hank admits he hasn't taken it in a few days. Booth agrees they have to stop and get the prescription refilled immediately.

Cam and Angela review the defensive wounds on the 3D rendering of Meg's hand. She makes virtual mold of the wound so they can see what the weapon would have looked like. Cam believes it looks like a nose. The women laugh before Angela tries to match the mold to other, more plausible weapons.

In Booth's Car, Brennan shows Hank the pillbox she bought for him. This way, he won't forget to take his medication. Booth explains they must make a detour to Club Jiggle. Hank likes larger women. Booth's grandmother had some "jam in her jelly."

At Club Jiggle, Booth, Brennan and Hank are confronted with loud music, dancing and eating. Hank likes what he sees. Booth and Brennan approach the bartender. She recognizes Meg. She was with a man named Hugo the last time she was at Club Jiggle.

Booth and Brennan find Hank dancing with two large women, having the time of his life. Booth smiles. They should let him enjoy himself for a little while.

At the FBI, Booth and Brennan meet with Katie Selnick and HOWARD FILEMAN, the owner of the home. Katie finally has the full list of people with access to the house. Howard is distraught because he can't sell his home while it is a crime scene. He is in a tough position. His wife died and he can't find work as a carpenter. He has to sell. Brennan spots a name on the list: HUGO TUCKER. They have the second victim.

In the Bone Room, Clark tells Cam that he was able to match teeth found in the ashes to Hugo Tucker. He hasn't been able to find any other defensive wounds like the ones on the hand though. Cam applauds his good work and tells him she was glad to hear the story about his grandfather the other day. She believes his grandfather would be proud.

Booth and Brennan discuss the case at the FBI. Who could have wanted these two dead? They have no known enemies. Hank interrupts with a phone call. He is making dinner for Booth and Brennan tonight. Brennan accepts the invitation.

At the Lab, Hodgins shows Booth and Brennan a Slim Ring, a gastric banding device that reduces the amount of food a person's stomach can hold. It was melted into one of the bedsprings. This device allowed Meg to lose the weight. Hodgins reports that the band is not registered to Meg Tracy but to her roommate, Stephanie Stevens. Meg used her roommate's insurance. Before they can ask Stephanie about it, Booth gets a call. Hank was cooking and started a fire. Booth hurries out.

At Booth's Apartment, Hank stands sheepishly as the firefighters leave. He blames the stove for the fire even though he left a dishtowel on the burner. Hank doesn't believe he could have caused the fire. He has cooked hundreds of times before.

Booth recruits Sweets to sit with Hank while he and Brennan work. Hank is reluctant at first but can't pass up an opportunity to beat someone at dominoes.

In the Hallway, Booth wonders if he should take a leave of absence to care for his grandfather. Booth doesn't want Hank to think he doesn't love him.

Booth interrogates Stephanie Stevens. She had no idea Meg weight because of a surgical procedure let alone one that was covered by her insurance. She gave Meg her insurance card because she was sick but Stephanie never said she could have surgery. She can't believe she paid for her trip to Hawaii and now has to pay for a lawyer too!

Brennan joins Clark in the Bone Room. He has identified two fragments that show evidence of being fractured. Brennan finds resin along the edge of the bone.

In the Ookey Room, Hodgins reports that the resin consists of terpenes and phenolic compounds: the weapon was made of teak, exactly like the bed. Angela realizes the bed is missing the decorative knobs on the bedposts. She shows the Squints the Virtual Tour of the Fileman Home. There are finials of a man and woman's face. Angela uses the Angelatron to fit the woman's nose into the wound on the hand. No match. Angela tries the next one. Brennan recognizes the face: it's Howard Fileman. He was carpenter. His nose fits.

Howard confesses in the Interrogation Room. He caught Meg and Hugo having sex in his bed. The bed he and his wife shared. He killed them and made off with the finials. It wasn't right that Meg and Hugo tarnished all he had left of his wife.

Booth and Hank eat takeout in Booth's Apartment. Hank tells Booth that he's decided to go back to the retirement community. It's not what either of them wants but it's for the best.

Booth and Brennan drop Hank at the Willow River Retirement Community. Hank needs a moment with Brennan. He asks her to be there for Booth and not to be scared. Life goes by too fast. Hank then tells Booth to listen to his heart. The partners watch as Hank makes his way inside. They walk off together, each with something to think about.






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