Episode 4.01 : Yanks in the UK Part 1

  • Bones
    • Episode Premiere : September 03, 2008
    • Distributor : Fox TV
    • Genre : Drama, Crime
    • Seasons : 4
    • Show Period : 2005 - 2017
    • Production Company: Far Field, Josephson Ent., 20th Century Fox TV
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Director Ian Toynton
  • Screenwriter Hart Hanson, Karine Rosenthal
  • Main Cast
    • Emily Deschanel as Paint Throwing Fur-Activist,
    • David Boreanaz as Extra,
    • Michaela Conlin,
    • T.J. Thyne,
    • Tamara Taylor,
    • John Francis Daley,
    • John Boyd

  • Additional Cast
    • Eugene Byrd,
    • Indira Varma,
    • Michael Brandon,
    • Ed Coleman,
    • Ty Glaser,
    • Andrew Buchan,
    • David Yelland,
    • Jane How,
    • Sheila Reid,
    • Ben Righton,
    • Nick Ellsworth,
    • Simon Dutton,
    • Sean Blakemore,
    • Tuppence Middleton

The Story


Brennan speaks at Oxford University in England. DR. IAN WEXLER, her host, looks on. Booth dozes in the audience, having given a speech at Scotland Yard the previous night. After waking him, Brennan refers to herself as a logical empiricist while Booth is an intuitive humanist. Yet, she has seen how destructive pure logic can be. She explains about Zack and suggests that scientists need more than pure logic to function successfully.

In the courtyard, Brennan is miffed that Booth fell asleep during her lecture. Booth apologizes. The "boobies" took him out for a drink last night. "Bobbies," Brennan corrects. Wexler interrupts to praise Brennan's lecture and to flirt, but then receives a call about a homicide. He invites Brennan and Booth to tag along.

On the scene, a vehicle is pulled from the Thames, a skeleton seated inside. Booth and Brennan meet INSPECTOR CATE PRITCHARD, Wexler's partner. The car belongs to PORTIA FRAMPTON, an American heiress. Brennan determines that someone hit the victim on the head. If the victim is in fact Portia Frampton, her father will demand FBI involvement. Booth is eager to participate. He and Brennan are the best crime solving team in England. Brennan wants the body shipped back to the Jeffersonian. Wexler agrees, happy to surrender to Brennan's every request.


At the Jeffersonian, the team receives the remains. Dental records have confirmed that the victim is Portia Frampton. They divide up the evidence. Angela takes the crime scene photos to her office where she unexpectedly finds GRAYSON BARASA, her husband. She runs to him excitedly and they kiss. Then, the pleasantries are over and she asks him for a divorce.

Back in England, Booth complains about his English breakfast. Cate reports that Portia was last seen two weeks ago leaving her home the morning after her twenty-first birthday party. Booth and Wexler clash during the meeting. Booth announces that he and Brennan will speak to the family. Cate and Wexler find it quaint that they question suspects together.

DR. CLARK EDISON determines that Portia was struck from behind. She fell to the ground and was struck twice more. He cannot determine the murder weapon because not all of the skull fragments were recovered. Angela interrupts to introduce Grayson. Cam is impressed. Grayson is easy on the eyes. Even Clark can't stop staring. Sweets enters. He sees Grayson and immediately comments, "Poor Hodgins." Angela takes Grayson to meet Hodgins. Grayson tells him he can't sign divorce papers because he is still in love with Angela.

Cate, Brennan and Booth speak to ROGER FRAMPTON, Portia's father, and his fiancee, HEATHER MILLER. They learn that Portia was involved with HARRY, also known as Lord Henry Albert Bonham, heir to the Duke of Innesford. The relationship was a secret because Harry's father, the Duke, wanted it kept quiet. Roger wants the murderer to pay, even if he is royalty.

Booth drives to the Bonham estate and has trouble staying on the left side of the road. If they were in America, they would drag the whole royal family in and question them separately until one of them cracked. He comes to a red light and decides to make a right, nearly meeting a bus head on. He swerves, causing a traffic jam. During Booth's subsequent tantrum, Cam calls to let them know that Portia was two months pregnant.


Booth, Brennan and Cate arrive at the Bonham Palace. The butler, JAMISON, greets them. Jamison's family has served the Bonham's for eight generations. Booth flashes his FBI badge, which Jamison regards as worthless.

At the lab, Hodgins determines that there was a moped or scooter in Portia's car before it went into the Thames. The killer dumped the car and rode away on the scooter.

Booth and Brennan question Harry and his parents, the DUKE and DUCHESS. The DOWAGER DUCHESS, Harry's grandmother, informs the duo that Harry and Portia's relationship was kept secret because of Portia's father. He is aggressive and corrupt. Brennan produces a tabloid with Portia on the cover, a black bar censoring her bare chest. "So it had nothing to do with this?" Cell phone records indicate that Harry and Portia spoke the day she disappeared. Harry won't say why. Brennan wants to know if they discussed her pregnancy. The family seems shocked at the news. Harry comes clean that Portia broke up with him and gave no reasons. They weren't going to discuss it. Booth considers that a motive.

Angela analyzes the tabloid photo and discovers that it was taken from inside Portia's home. Cates suggests the culprit may be a disgruntled servant looking to make money.


Hodgins meets Grayson at the Royal Diner. Grayson still refuses to sign the divorce papers. After searching for years, he has finally found Angela. Hodgins asserts that he loves Angela more. Grayson is unconvinced. He tells Hodgins that Angela kissed him just as Angela and Sweets appear. Hodgins asks for an explanation. "It was a goodbye kiss." Hodgins punches Grayson. Sweets attempts to step in but trips and falls on his face. Grayson easily overpowers Hodgins, throwing him into a passing garbage truck. Angela storms off.

Brennan and Booth confront Heather. She took the photo of Portia and sent it to the tabloid. She wanted Roger to see that his daughter wasn't a naive child. She was an adult and it was time she stopped meddling with Heather's wedding plans. Roger storms off. Heather chases after him.

Cate and Booth relax over an English beer by the Tower Bridge. Booth wants to see the bridge open, a sign of luck. Cate gives Booth a gun, finally granting his request. Angela interrupts with a phone call. The paper found at the crime scene was a letter to Portia from her deceased mother. The letter is dated this year.

Wexler and Brennan work at the dig site where Wexler is tasked with identifying Bronze Age artifacts. His students, VERA and CYRIL, appear. They try to help with the investigation but Wexler sends them off. When he is alone with Brennan, Wexler suggests drinks, sex and a late dinner. Brennan is wary. Booth said not to trust him. They compromise and start with dinner.

Hodgins determines that the murder weapon contained mother-of-pearl. He asks Cam for advice. He thought women liked it when men fought over them. Cam suggests he stop generalizing women.

Booth parallel parks without much success. Brennan tries to soothe him by telling him she took his advice and didn't sleep with Wexler. Booth tells her that Wexler is not special but she is. Cam calls just as Booth backs into the curb and gets a flat tire. Cam reports that the victim had Von-Hippel Lindau disease. VHL is hereditary and Portia's mother didn't have it. That means if Roger doesn't have VHL, he is not Portia's biological father.


Booth and Brennan speak with Roger. His wife wrote letters to Portia before she died with instructions that they be delivered on specific birthdays. What's more, Roger does not have VHL. Booth gives him the news: Portia was not his biological daughter.

Hodgins explains that the tires from Portia's car contain traces of coral. It is used as a surface for private roads. There were also traces of antique rose bush petals. Angela interrupts. She leads Hodgins away. Cam reminds them about the security cameras. Angela explains that Hodgins cannot claim her heart. Only she can give it away and she gives it to him. They kiss on the sidewalk. Grayson sees them. He tries to walk over but a group of bicyclists block his path, their bells ringing. He takes this as a sign from the universe. He will let Angela go.

Cam calls Brennan with the new information. Booth's car is loaded onto a tow truck. Brennan sniffs his tires. She finds crushed coral and roses. They must have come from the private road at the Bonham estate. Portia had to be there before she died.


At the Bonham Palace, Brennan thinks the Duke is Portia's biological father. He and his mother show symptoms of VHL disease. They find coral and roses in the driveway as well as a scooter that could fit into a car. Cate didn't request backup so Booth pulls out his gun. Brennan wants a gun, too. According to Cate, they won't need guns because they have the letter from Portia's mother.

Though the letter is indecipherable, Brennan pretends to read it. Booth asks her to "skip to the part about her father." This rattles the Duke. When Harry leaves the room, the Duke admits that Portia read him the letter. Brennan finds a mother-of-pearl fire poker by the fireplace. Wexler thinks it could be the murder weapon. The Duke insists he did not kill Portia. Jamison steps forward, confessing to the murder. Booth can't believe they ordered their butler to kill but Jamison insists he acted of his own will.Wexler, Brennan and Booth have a drink. They may never know if Jamison was told to kill Portia or not. Wexler tries to entice Brennan to sleep with him using pure logic. His argument is flawless but she decides it would be better not to offend Booth. Wexler leaves. Brennan and Booth argue about the concept of luck. The Tower Bridge opens behind them but they are absorbed in their conversation. Neither notices.






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