Episode 2.15 : Bodies in the Book

  • Bones
    • Episode Premiere : March 14, 2007
    • Distributor : Fox TV
    • Genre : Drama, Crime
    • Seasons : 2
    • Show Period : 2005 - 2017
    • Production Company: Far Field, Josephson Ent., 20th Century Fox TV
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Director Craig Ross Jr.
  • Screenwriter Karine Rosenthal
  • Main Cast
    • Emily Deschanel as Paint Throwing Fur-Activist,
    • David Boreanaz as Extra,
    • Michaela Conlin,
    • T.J. Thyne,
    • Tamara Taylor,
    • John Francis Daley,
    • John Boyd

  • Additional Cast
    • Jordan Tartakow,
    • Colby French,
    • Jonathan Slavin,
    • Valarie Pettiford,
    • Sean Patrick Murphy,
    • Darby Stanchfield

The Story


We find Dr. Brennan in bed with FBI Agent Sullivan (Sully) as the phone rings, interrupting them. Brennan's publicist is on the line with questions about her schedule. Brennan has other things on her mind at the moment. She hangs up.

At the lab, Brennan meets her publicist, Ellen Laskow, and her assistant, Hank Beldin. Ellen wonders why Brennan still works at the Jeffersonian when she's making so much money off her books. Brennan reminds Ellen that this is what she loves to do. Hank admires that, along with her novels. Booth arrives and steals Brennan off to a crime scene.

At the marina, cops swarm. Brennan and Booth are told that pieces of human were found floating in the water and divers found the rest of the body strapped with red tape to the anchor of a boat. This chills Brennan and Booth because this is a scenario straight from the pages of Brennan's latest novel.


At the lab, Brennan examines the victim to find that it is a male, mid 40's and has been dead for five days. Zack finds a bullet hole in the skull. Cam wonders how similar this murder is to the one in Brennan's book. Brennan doesn't want to jump to conclusions; she also doesn't want to feel responsible. Booth shows up to see if they've made an ID yet, and right after him comes Sully, which Booth doesn't like. He'd like to handle the case himself. Sully wants to help his girlfriend. Then Angela gets an ID. Glenn Lopata.

At the FBI, Booth sits with Connie Lopata and Greg Braley, Connie's brother. She's in shambles over Glenn's death, but Greg didn't care for him.

At the lab, Hodgins finds flesh on the red tape. Zack and Brennan examine the bones and discuss whether or not more copycat killings from Brennan's book are likely to happen. Booth arrives with Connie Lopata hospital records that show she's been treated for injuries consistently, as if she were being abused. Booth suspects the brother Greg wasn't too happy about that and kills Glenn. Hodgins enters with knowledge of the specific red tape used on the victim and it's uses. Their suspect Greg works at the airport and they use this tape in aircraft.

At the FBI, Brennan and Booth interrogate Greg and he denies killing the victim. He says he was camping when the murder happened. Brennan notices that two o his fingers are fused together, what is commonly called syndactyly. Booth's phone rings and he tell Brennan that they've found another murder.

B&B arrive at the scene of the crime to find a body in a glass cage being gnawed on by lab rats, just like in Brennan's book.


At the FBI, Brennan brings Booth the ID on the body found in the rat cage; Sadie Keller a rich young woman from the area. Sully enters with information that Greg Braley actually was camping the night of Glenn's murder.

At the lab, Cam, Zack and Hodgins examine Saide's body. Zack finds a bullet hole, but no bullet and there is no exit wound. Cam concludes that it must be inside one of the rats.

At the FBI, Brennan and Booth talk to Sadie's husband, Ashton Keller. He explains that she was a wild one and the money made it worse. She slept around and would go out of town at the drop of a hat without notice. Booth suspects him because now that she's dead, he stands to get all her money.

At the lab, the squints have found the rat with the bullet and they just need to wait and let nature take it's course. Later with both bullets from both murders, Zack explains that they both came from the same gun. Booth thinks they must have a serial killer, but Brennan says the killings were too different to be from the same person, even if they matched what happened in her book. Booth pulls out a piece of Brennan's fan mail and it's from her long time stalker, Oliver Laurier.

At Oliver's place, Booth arrives with some questions. When Oliver locks him out, Booth shoots down the door and finds dozens of dolls hanging from the ceiling wrapped in red tape. Booth figures they've got their man as he cuffs Oliver.


At the FBI, Oliver explains that he was just roll playing. Booth doesn't buy it. Oliver says he'll give up info if he can see Brennan at her book signing. Booth doesn't want to play, but he doesn't have a choice.

At the lab, Cam decides to run a tox screening on the second victim and Hodgins found machine-ground sand on the second victim as well. Brennan leaves to meet Booth at the FBI offices.

At the FBI, Brennan sits and questions Oliver Laurier. As they discuss her books he reveals that he belongs to a chat room for "Brennanites" or people the log on to chat about Brennan's novels. When he moves in to touch Brennan on the cheek, she decks him causing his nose to bleed. When Oliver sees the blood he faints.

In Booth's office, they decide that he couldn't be the killer because he faints at the site of blood.

Outside Brennan's book signing, Brennan and Booth are greeted by Hank who's a little shaky because he's diabetic and needs some sugar. He explains that Ellen hasn't been seen and that he's worried. Booth calls a car to go to Ellen's house and he and Brennan drive around to the back of the book signing building to sneak in. At the back door they find Ellen, dead, bound in red tape, and covered in fire ants just like in Brennan's book.


At the lab, Brennan and the squints find bullet holes on the third victim just like the other two except, this time from very close range.

At the FBI, Sully tells Booth that he found a text message in Ellen's blackberry from Sadie Keller's husband, Aston. Booth moves in to question Ellen's assistant Hank. Booth asks Hank if she was having an affair and Hank admits that she was secretly a lesbian and saw many women.

At the lab, they examine the three bodies together and try and figure out the link they all had to the killer. Brennan still thinks that the victims were killed by three different people.

At the FBI, Booth and Sully figure out that it could have been Hank that sent a message to Sadie Lasko on Ellen's Blackberry.

At the lab, Hodgins has found out exactly where the specific sand he found on the second victim came from. It's used in sand traps on golf courses, but only a few in the area. Booth arrives to explain that he also thinks there are three killers and that they are using Brennan's book to make it look like one killer. They think about their suspects and realize the sand came from Ashton Keller who golfs all the time, Hank dosed Sadie with insulin that he carries because he's diabetic, and they look at Ellen's body and find a strange bruising on her neck that matches the imprint that Greg Braley's syndactyly hand would make. Then Booth gets a call from Sully saying that the FBI traced Brennanite screen names and found that all three of their suspects were members. They have the link and the evidence and make the arrest. Case closed.






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