Episode 2.03 : The Boy in the Shroud

  • Bones
    • Episode Premiere : September 13, 2006
    • Distributor : Fox TV
    • Genre : Drama, Crime
    • Seasons : 2
    • Show Period : 2005 - 2017
    • Production Company: Far Field, Josephson Ent., 20th Century Fox TV
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Director Sanford Bookstaver
  • Screenwriter Gary Glasberg
  • Main Cast
    • Emily Deschanel as Paint Throwing Fur-Activist,
    • David Boreanaz as Extra,
    • Michaela Conlin,
    • T.J. Thyne,
    • Tamara Taylor,
    • John Francis Daley,
    • John Boyd

  • Additional Cast
    • Kim Staunton,
    • Tara Karsian,
    • Dylan McLaughlin,
    • Scotty Leavenworth,
    • Tom Choi,
    • Brandon Smith,
    • Pamala Tyson

The Story


Dr. Brennan and Hodgins arrive at the site of an overturned garbage truck to meet Booth and Cam. Amongst the trash from the truck, wrapped in a shroud, is the body of a young male that bares the injuries of a high fall. In his fist Brennan finds something organic and bags it for further examination.

Brennan joins Zack and Cam at the lab to examine the body. Angela is looking at the shroud that wrapped the body and Hodgins is sifting through the entire load of trash from the truck. Cam finds shards of glass embedded in the body and Brennan notes impact marks across the spine that were damaging, but not likely fatal.

Angela pulls the gang into her office to show them what she's found off the shroud. Similar to the famous Shroud of Turin, which supposedly bared the impression of the face of Christ, this shroud left a facial imprint as well and Angela was able to create a composite from it. She concludes that the boy was Caucasian with recently cut brown hair and good dental work which conflicts with Cam and Booth's assumption that he was probably a street kid.


Angela searches the missing persons database with Brennan, Booth and Cam over her shoulder. Cam suggests they focus the search on runaways and kids from the foster system because statistically this boy will most likely fall into those categories. This pains Brennan who comes from the foster system herself. Angela finds a match, Dylan Krane, not a foster child. A runaway from a wealthy family, but he went missing with his girlfriend, Kelly Morris, who is from the foster system.

The parents of Dylan Krane are brought to the Jeffersonian to be informed of their son's death. They confirm that it is he and Brennan tells them that he died from a fall of approximately 50 feet. The parents know that their boy would not commit suicide. They show a picture of Kelly Morris whom they think took their boy down the wrong path because she was a foster child. Brennan doesn't appreciate their bias.

On the way to the FBI offices to meet Kelly Morris's foster mother Brennan expresses how hurt she is by the prejudice of everyone around her towards foster children. Booth tries to make people's judgments seem reasonable, but doesn't want to distance himself from Brennan.

In Booth's office he and Brennan sit with Suzanne Lawler, Kelly Morris's foster mother. She explains how kind and positively influential Dylan Krane was with Kelly. She goes on to say that the two kids were sexually involved and that she told them that couldn't be together in her house. She also cares for Kelly's little brother who is 12 and didn't think that kind of activity should be happening around him. Kelly's younger brother Alex enters the office to ask if Kelly is OK and Booth assures him that she will be OK.

At the Jeffersonian Booth and Brennan meet with Cam who's found female tissue under Dylan's fingernails and scratches on him with traces of rust and nail polish. The same rust was found on his back wounds. Booth and Cam conclude that Dylan tried to break up with Kelly and she hit him with a rusty pipe and then pushed him through a window. Brennan doesn't like the fact that they jumped to such sudden conclusions and exits to find out what really happened before go arrest Kelly Morris just because she's a foster kid.


With Zack, Brennan looks over Dylan's remains. They establish that his arms were not outstretched to brace the impact of the fall so he must have been unconscious when he fell. Zack also confirms that Dylan was hit with something rusty and cylindrical such as a pipe. Brennan hates that his findings match that of Cam's, but she accepts them. Hodgins arrives to share that the organic matter found in Dylan's grasp is a rosebud. He also examined the garbage found with the body and found left over food from what is most likely a Russian restaurant. He tells them to have Booth check the route of the garbage truck for a Russian restaurant to find the scene of the crime.

Booth and Brennan are in the neighborhood of the Russian restaurant and it ain't Beverly Hills. Street kids are everywhere. Brennan goes against Booth's advice and tries to question them about Kelly and Dylan. She attempts to buy info from them and they just take her money as Booth stands in the wings laughing. Then they see an exchange between some street kids and someone in a van. Booth rushes in screaming FBI and the kids scatter. Brennan inspects the van to find Kevin and Fran Duncan, soap, condoms, and sandwiches. They're volunteer workers trying to help the homeless teens. Booth questions them about Dylan and Kelly and they know exactly who they are, but they are surprised to hear that Dylan is dead. They want to help.

Booth and Brennan follow Kevin and Fran to a warehouse where a lot of the street kids live. It used to be a plumbing supply factory, so it's full of pipes. Outside the building they find a shrine built in Dylan's memory. Then a street kid suspiciously bolts past them and they chase him down.


The crew arrives at the warehouse for inspection while Booth questions Carter, the street boy they just caught. He's wearing Dylan Krane's sweatshirt, but doesn't say where he got it. He tells them that if they want to know what happened to Dylan and Kelly, ask Kevin and Fran Duncan.

At the FBI Booth ran Kevin and Fran Duncan through the system and found dirt on Kevin. He's been arrested three times for soliciting minors. Booth and Brennan think that he might have gone after Kelly, fought with Dylan, hit him with the pipe and thrown him out the window.

Hodgins is in the lab going over the pipe samples he took from the warehouse and Angela stops by to see how he's doing. He's found the window that Dylan was thrown through because the glass matches the shards found embedded in his body, but the pipe search continues. They have an awkward exchange and try to overlook the obvious sexual tension between the two of them.

At the FBI Booth questions Kevin Duncan. Booth shows him photos of three girls that claim Duncan solicited sex from them. Duncan denies it, calling them liars, but Booth isn't buying it.

At the lab Cam confirms to Brennan that the nail polish found in scratch marks on Dylan's body matches polish taken from Kelly's room. Cam wants Hodgins to continue looking for the pipe that may have been used, but Brennan would rather he do further testing on the rosebud. Cam overrides Brennan's decision and when Brennan threatens to quit Angela threatens to go with her. Cam backs down, but not willingly.

Booth is in his office when Kelly's little brother Alex shows up to tell him that Kelly called him to say that she was OK. He breaks down, scared that Kelly will never come home. Booth takes him home.

Booth then heads to the lab to meet Cam who has Kevin Duncan, dead, on an autopsy table. He was shot in the chest. They suspect Kelly might have killed him for revenge. Cam then asks Booth about where he would stand if Brennan left the Jeffersonian and tells her that he would stand with Brennan. Cam is disappointed that she hasn't made a connection with Brennan yet. Hodgins comes in with info on the rosebud. It was the same type of rose mentioned in the pages of "Romeo and Juliet." The only place to find one in the area is at the United States Botanic Gardens. After Hodgins exits Booth reveals to Cam that Brennan was a foster child. Cam feels horrible and realizes that she might have to be a little more sensitive on this case.

Booth goes with Hodgins to the Botanic Gardens to see if anyone recognizes Kelly and they actually find Kelly. They corner her and ask her if she was there when Dylan was killed and she confesses that she was the killer.


Booth interrogates Kelly with Brennan. She says she killed Dylan while he was still conscious by throwing him out a window and then fled the scene. Brennan knows that she's lying though and when she tells Kelly that Kevin Duncan is dead Kelly admits to killing him as well.

Brennan and Booth head to the diner to think things through. They wonder if she just wants to get off the streets or if she's protecting someone else. They get a surprise visit from Fran Duncan who pulls out a gun and confesses that she shot Kevin Duncan after she discovered that he had been using the food truck as a place to meet street girls. Fran didn't want Kelly to pay for the crime that she committed. Booth arrests her and they exit.

At the lab Cam confirms through ballistics that the gun Fran turned in and bullet from Kevin's chest are a match. Hodgins enters with the pipe that was used in the beating of Dylan before his fall. Brennan wants to see how the pipe was used.

Angela strikes up a roll-playing scenario using everyone as if they were people at the scene of the crime. They figure out that if Dylan and Kelly were arguing face to face than someone must have hit Dylan from behind. As he fall toward the window unconscious, Kelly must have tried to grab him leaving the scratch marks, but she couldn't hold on and he fell out the window. Now they're wondering whom Kelly is covering for. Booth can think of only two people she would cover for and one of them was Dylan Krane.

They bring Kelly in for questioning and they push her to admit that her little brother was the one who hit Dylan with the pipe because he thought he was taking Kelly away from him. She didn't want Alex to kill Dylan. Alex was just confused. Kelly breaks down because she doesn't want her little brother to suffer for his crime. She loves him too much, but it's over and she can't protect him anymore. Kelly and Alex have words before he's taken away and it breaks Brennan's heart.

At the lab Hodgins gives Angela a rose, which she happily accepts. At the diner Brennan finds Cam and joins her for a meal. They both apologize for being too stubborn toward each other. They mend their hearts and find common ground talking about Booth.

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