Best Friends Forever

Episode 1.06 : Fatal Blow Out

  • Best Friends Forever
    • Episode Premiere : June 01, 2012
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2012 - 2012
    • Production Company: Universal Media Studios, American Work. St. Clair
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Director Fred Savage
  • Screenwriter Lennon Parham, Jessica St. Clair
  • Main Cast

The Story

Joe nervously paces as he packs for the national video game conference where he intends to showcase his game, "Fatal Blowout." Lennon and Jessica tell him he has nothing to be nervous about; his game is amazing. Even Queeneta agrees, "It's both visual striking and emotional challenging." Suddenly the ladies surprise Joe with a brand new blazer he can wear to show off his sophistication. "We just know you're going to win fan favorite," Lennon tells Joe as they help him try on the blazer.

Jessica rides with Rav to the video game conference, and she uses the time to ask about his latest girlfriend. Rav refuses to talk about her, even though Jessica continues to pester him with unique metaphors. He finally reveals to Jessica's shock that he hasn't slept with her yet. Normally he's a complete ladies' man, but they've just been having an emotional intimacy through talking. Jessica stares straight ahead, speechless.

Joe is showcasing his game to fans at the video game conference when his nemesis, Kurt, rolls up in his sporting wheel chair. Kurt brings egotistical swagger to a new level as he fires a T-shirt gun featuring the logo of his own game, "Carnal Justice." When Lennon introduces herself, Kurt takes a keen interest in her beauty and skin softness. As Lennon quickly pulls away, he invites her to an exclusive foam party he's having to pump up the fandom for his game. As he rolls away, Joe realizes he wants to present himself as the complete opposite of what Kurt represents.

Lennon tells Jessica that she's getting nervous for Joe's chances to win fan favorite game. Everyone else is handing out free items and holding parties while Joe just wants his game to speak on its own. Lennon calls Queeneta and asks her to go on the video game conference website and constantly vote for Joe's game to win. Queenetta tells her not to worry; she'll create a computer algorithm to keep the votes constantly in his favor.

Jessica and Rav ride up the hotel elevator in awkward sexual tension. Suddenly they are all over each other, kissing passionately, then viciously pushing each other away. It is a schizophrenic make-out session as they yell at each other one minute and make out the next. As they reach their floor, they walk out in separate directions as if nothing ever happened.

"Get your bathing suit, we're going to a foam party," Lennon tells Jessica; she's nervous Joe is not doing enough networking to get his game noticed. At the foam party, the music is pumping; the nerds are dancing, and Jessica is afraid of getting a yeast infection from all the foam. Suddenly, a voice calls out to them beneath the foam; it's Kurt and he's at his perverted best trying to hit on them. As Lennon and Jessica see the success of the party, they decide to go against Joe's wishes and hold their own party for "Fatal Blowout." "Order up a couple of footlongs," Jessica tells Lennon, "because we're having ourselves a nerd party."

The "Fatal Blowout" nerd party is in full swing, as the lights are on high, TV is playing in the background, and the music is smooth '80s. "I feel like the Jane Goodall of the nerds," Jessica says as she rushes to replace the footlong sub. Lennon gets the party really rolling with Harry Potter shots and beer can medieval sword fighting. The nerds let their inhibitions run wild, all thanks to "Fatal Blowout." Later, Jessica tells Lennon that she kissed Rav. Lennon is in shock as Jessica drunkenly grabs Lennon and tries to reenact with her how the kiss with Rav went down. "Jessica, if you show me on my face then these nerd penises will go insane," Lennon yells at her BFF to no avail as all the nerds hoot and holler as the two ladies kiss.

It's the moment of truth as the video game conference announces its winner for fan favorite... and "Fatal Blowout" wins! Joe excitedly takes the stage and accepts the award; however, his joy in short lived as the judge thanks him for the game and the wild party the other night. Backstage, Joe yells at Lennon and Jessica for disobeying with his wishes. He wanted his game to win on merit, not because of a drunken party. Lennon tries to apologize but Joe won't listen as he walks away in anger.

Lennon searches for Joe all over but can't seem to find him. She returns to the hotel room in panic, but then suddenly finds Joe moping in the bathtub. She gets into the tub with him and profusely apologies; she was only trying to help. "You didn't think my game was good enough," Joe tells Lennon who quickly rejects that premise. They soon reconcile as Lennon tells him the reason she went to great lengths to help him was because she believes in his talent completely.

Jessica soon barges in on Lennon and Joe in the tub and tells them that Rav and she are now on the outs. He came up to talk about their kiss, but Jessica refused to have the conversation. Lennon gets Jessica to realize that Rav truly is the perfect guy for her, and the three of them rush out of the room to have Jessica confess her true feelings to Rav. As they run down the hall, a video game developer stops Joe and tells him how much she loved "Fatal Blowout" and that he'll be hearing from her soon. As Jessica reaches Rav's hotel room, ready to confess her true feelings, she discovers his room is empty. It turns out he already left for home and decided to get away with his current girlfriend to Brazil.






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