Best Friends Forever

Episode 1.05 : Hey Nonny Nonny

  • Best Friends Forever
    • Episode Premiere : June 01, 2012
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2012 - 2012
    • Production Company: Universal Media Studios, American Work. St. Clair
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

As Lennon and Jessica practice parents' reactions to seeing the dance studio, an old friend from Lennon's college days pops in: National Ballet dancer Ken Haskins! It's like they were never apart, as Lennon and Ken break into song and dance. Unfortunately for Jessica, Ken doesn't remember her, despite them spending two whole weeks together. Ken insists he and Lennon must dance together for the open house.

Lennon and Jessica reminisce about their college days in Europe and all the "gotting" and "getting" from sexy foreign men. Disturbed by their candor, Joe asks them to leave. His concentration is fully on the video game, but he is surprised to discover a young female character has a deep man's voice. Sucking up his pride, Joe begs the scorned Queenetta to do the voice-over as a favor to a friend. Queenetta agrees on the grounds she gets a new doll to accompany Geneva.

Ken and Lennon are engrossed in the show's choreography, so Ken requests Jessica build an Elizabethan style set for the dance. Oh, and they'll also need tin accents from Chinatown.

Rav flirts with the attractive Naya, trading tattoo stories. Jessica teases Rav's "smooth moves" with the ladies, but apparently his sweet talking worked - Naya checks that there's no chemistry between Rav and Jessica since she plans on asking him out.

Annoyed there are no tin accents from Chinatown yet, Ken explains Jessica must push her way to the back of the shop, through the red curtain and ask for Ping Mai. Trying desperately to be positive, Jessica paints on a smile and sets out again.

Before Queenetta records more voice-overs, her dolls need tea. As she lifts her new doll, the arm falls off due to "light dog damage." Queenetta leaves screaming, so Joe is forced to track her down and apologize.

In an effort to be hospitable, Lennon, Joe, Jessica and Ken sit down for a nice dinner, but Ken's behavior is offensive. Jessica comments to Joe that Ken may not be as gay as they think. Planting a destructive seed in Joe's mind, the two turn to find Lennon and Ken provocatively together.

Jessica has absolutely had it with Ken and resolves to confront Lennon, but Lennon begs her to watch her portion of the dance. Encouraging her best friend, Jessica elects to save her hatred of Ken until later.

Suspicious of the dance, Joe asks the two to show him their moves. Ken's strategic hand placements instantly make Joe uncomfortable. Shushing Ken's protests, Joe demands to talk to Lennon outside. Her "dance partner" took too many physical liberties with his girlfriend! Jessica chimes in, adding her own hurt feelings. Upset both Joe and Jessica ganged up on her, Lennon accuses them of thinking only of themselves - she's happy.

Right before the big dance, Ken pops into Lennon's dressing room. No one understands our world, he whispers leaning in for a kiss. Lennon is shocked at his behavior. He's gay, isn't he? Annoyed she would ask, Ken confirms he's not gay; he's just British. Several failed smooching attempts later, Lennon orders him from her dressing room.

Joe and Jessica apologize profusely for their bad behavior, but Lennon relays the new update on Ken's sexual orientation. The jerk won't ruin Lennon's big night though, so Jessica dances in his place. Jessica's awkward dance moves only highlight the beauty of Lennon's performance. For the ending lift, Joe jumps onstage to support his girlfriend. The three bow to thunderous applause.

Queenetta has lost her sassy voice. Knowing Jessica will rile Queenetta up, Lennon calls her best friend into the room. In her sassiest voice, Queenetta screams the scripted line: "You are not wanted here, foul creature!"






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