Are You There, Chelsea?

Episode 1.07 : Dee Dee's Pillow

  • Are You There, Chelsea?
    • Episode Premiere : February 22, 2012
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2012 - 2012
    • Production Company: Borderline Amazing Productions, Warner Bros. TV
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

During a night of girl talk, Chelsea and Olivia ask how Dee Dee manages to get by as a virgin. Dee Dee makes a confession; she doesn't sleep alone at night. She's kept company by her body pillow named Mario Lopez. Embarrassed by her confession, Dee Dee swears Chelsea and Olivia to secrecy.

At the bar, Cheslea's dad Melvin confesses to Rick and Todd that he's met a new woman he wants to ask out. But he's super nervous; he hasn't gone on a date since his wife died. This woman's younger than he is and a singer at a nightclub, and he's not sure how to approach the situation. Eager to help out, Rick and Todd offer to act as Melvin's wingmen and accompany him to her next show.

Chelsea's put in a good mood from her girl's night with Dee Dee and Olivia and lets it slip that Dee Dee has a body pillow named Mario Lopez. Immediately realizing her error, she makes Rick promise to keep Dee Dee's secret to himself.

Rick runs into Dee Dee in the laundry room and shares big news: his cousin is a limo driver and is driving around Mario Lopez all this week. Dee Dee's overcome with embarrassment, and Rick realizes his error, trying to salvage the situation. But it's too late; Dee Dee knows that Chelsea revealed her secret.

Rick warns Chelsea about what happened, telling Chelsea he's never seen Dee Dee this angry. Olivia and Chelsea prepare for the worst, only to be met by the optimistic Dee Dee that they know and love. Chelsea's determined to get Dee Dee to unleash her anger, offering her the opportunity to smack Chelsea with a pillow. When she refuses, Chelsea tries to get her riled up by hitting her first, landing Dee Dee in a neck brace. Somehow, Dee Dee still refuses to get angry.

Rick and Todd accompany Melvin to the nightclub, only to discover one minor detail: all of the female performers and servers are actually men. Melvin is completely in the dark and completely smitten with one cross-dressing performer, Sandy. Seeing Melvin that happy, the guys can't bring themselves to tell Melvin the truth. Later, Melvin arrives at the bar with a new friend, Chuck, in tow. It turns out Chuck is Sandy, and Melvin doesn't seem to care! Happy to have a new friend, Melvin explains that they're both Red Sox fans who love hockey.

Dee Dee's condition only worsens, as the pent-up stress results in horrible headaches and rampant acne. Dee Dee looks and feels terrible, but she still won't get angry. Chelsea realizes that she'll have to do something so terrible that Dee Dee will finally rip Chelsea a new one. She gets the phone number of Rick's cousin, hoping to get Mario Lopez to make an appearance at their apartment. If Dee Dee sees Mario while she's at her worst, maybe she'll finally reach her breaking point.

Chelsea manages to pull it off, as Mario Lopez pays a charitable visit to Dee Dee, who he was led to believe is terminally ill. He even tells Dee Dee that he knows about the Mario Lopez pillow, offering to sign it. Dee Dee manages to hold it together until he leaves, but then immediately lets loose on Chelsea. Chelsea and Olivia are thrilled that Dee Dee finally expressing her feelings.

Chelsea and Olivia and thrilled that Dee Dee finally got mad. Dee Dee was glad she could be honest, but she was worried that if she shared her true feelings, Chelsea wouldn't want to be roommates anymore. Chelsea reassures Dee Dee that they're not just roommates; they're friends, and an important part of any friendship is honesty.






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