Animal Practice

Episode 1.04 : Dr. Yamamazing

  • Animal Practice
    • Episode Premiere : October 10, 2012
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2012 - 2012
    • Production Company: American Work
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Director Jay Chandrasekhar
  • Screenwriter John Blickstead, Trey Kollmer
  • Main Cast

The Story

Angela rushes up with an envelope for George from Eli Manning, containing two tickets for tonight's game. It's a thank you for the lumpectomy George performed on his cat. Yamamoto sucks up to George, hoping to be his plus one, but it looks like Rizzo's going instead.

Dorothy's interviewing for a new vet, and she loves her most recent candidate, Dr. Jill Leiter. George immediately switches into competitive mode trying to one up Jill, but it seems he's finally met his match. Following him into the break room, Dorothy pleads with George to have dinner with Jill to convince her to take the job. When George spills his coffee, Rizzo cleans up while Dorothy continues to beg. George will only agree to speak with Jill if Dorothy agrees to "say it." Packing in her pride, Dorothy tells George that not only is he the best vet in the world, but the greatest and most tireless lover she's ever had.

George bumps into Nurse Howard by the surgery assignment board. Howard congratulates George for having so many complicated operations on deck; all Yamamoto has scheduled is a cat neuter. When Howard remarks that George does the work of two men, Yamamoto points out two men did do the recent mountain lion surgery - he assisted. George scolds Yamamoto - no glory hogging! If he wants to apologize, Yamamoto can take George's night shift, since Dorothy is making him take Jill to stupid dinner.

While examining a parrot named Elway who's suffering from egg binding, Doug bonds with the owner, Max, who's also from the great state of Colorado. When Doug mentions he's missing home, Max invites him to a bar named Rocky Mountain Empire, where expat Coloradans congregate. Doug is so inspired by this developing bromance that he starts jumping up and down, causing Angela to wrinkle her nose in disgust. Later that night, Dorothy scares Yamamoto so badly that he drops the soup he's stealing. As Rizzo cleans it up with a sponge, Dorothy delivers her big news: Mayor Bloomberg's Great Dane NASDAQ is on his way to the hospital in critical condition. Yamamoto wants Dorothy to call George, but she convinces him he can handle the case. Once he leaves, she calls George anyway. But George isn't picking up his phone because he's busy having sex with Jill.

The next day in the elevator, Rizzo excitedly draws George's attention to a woman's newspaper. Yamamoto made the front page with the blazing headline "Dr. Yamamazing," since he saved the life of the mayor's dog last night. Not only that, the staff is gushing over Yams, which really gets George's goat. George advises Yamamoto to tread carefully during his brief dance with fame, but Yams is sure he's not dancing; he's making sweet, sweet love to fame. Jill stops by the hospital, bumping into Dorothy. When Dorothy asks how it went with George last night, Jill hands over his watch, which he left on her nightstand.

Dorothy asks George if he has the time to make the point that she has his watch and knows what happened last night. Dorothy's mad because she wanted to hire Jill and now feels like she can't - which was clearly George's motivation to sleep with her. Doug fills Angela in on his man-date with Max last night. Did she know there's a place in New York City called Little Colorado? Doug had such good menergry with Max that he texted him six times already today. Angela advises Doug to cool it - especially since Max hasn't gotten back to him yet.

Now that all the hospital patrons are requesting Dr. Yamamazing, a peeved George strong-arms Nurse Howard into assigning a grizzly bear case to him that's sure to gain notoriety. Overhearing a reporter interviewing Yamamoto, George takes over, luring the reporter with the promise of a newsworthy case. Unfortunately, the bear has only come in for a teeth cleaning, so George's plan is a bust. Meanwhile, Dorothy is interviewing another candidate for the vet position when Angela busts into her office. Why is Dorothy interviewing this guy? He looks like he's wearing his pajamas, and furthermore, he's asleep. Dorothy pulls Angela aside to explain why she can't hire Jill, which makes Angela think Dorothy's not yet over George.

Yamamoto continues to garner fame and attention, so George is extra pleased to learn that one of the sponges checked out for NASDAQ's surgery is missing. Yamamoto must have left the sponge inside the dog! George calls the mayor's office to have them return the dog, then breaks the news to Yamamoto, who cries. He thought he was Yamamazing, but now he's just Yamamoron. Angela is saddened to see Doug continuing to leave messages for Max - who isn't calling back - and drowning his sorrows with bleu cheese sauce. Dorothy takes another meeting with Jill, who's curious as to why. Did Dorothy bring her in to say she's not hiring her? When Dorothy admits she used to date George, Jill asks if she still has feelings for him. Dorothy denies it - but then a light bulb goes off... could George still have feelings for her?

George stops by Doug's office to invite him to watch as he cleans up Yamamoto's mess. Doug questions why George always has to be king of the hill - is he just plain mean? Doesn't everyone deserve his own moment in the sun? When the mayor's assistants arrive with NASDAQ, they angrily threaten Yamamoto. If he has endangered the mayor's dog, his future includes delousing sewer rats in New Jersey. George steps in - the mayor's assistants need to show some respect. Yamamoto is one of the best vets in the city, and besides, it was George who left the sponge in the dog.

When Max returns to pick up his parrot Elway, Doug asks why he didn't return any of his 63 texts and calls. Max angrily tells Doug that he's too New York - he embarrassed Max at Little Colorado! First, he put his beer in a glass; then he called New York "the city." Everyone knows Denver is "the city." Doug isn't Colorado anymore; he's Coloradon't. Luckily, Doug turns it around. Now that he's a New York City guy, he's going to celebrate somewhere that's really, really New York: Times Square, Bubba Gump's!

While looking at X-rays of NASDAQ George apologizes to Yamamoto; he should have let him have his moment in the sun. George knocks over a glass of water, so Rizzo scrambles to clean up... with a sponge! The serial number matches the sponge missing from NASDAQ's surgery - so Yamamazing lives! Later, George isn't too happy that, contrary to his carefully laid plan, Dorothy hired Jill anyway. Dorothy claims the sex is George's private business, even if he slept with Jill so she wouldn't get hired. Dorothy's not jealous.






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