Animal Practice

Episode 1.02 : Little Miss Can't Be Wrong

  • Animal Practice
    • Episode Premiere : September 26, 2012
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2012 - 2012
    • Production Company: American Work
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

It's another day at the hospital. Angela, Juanita and Yamamoto kick off their morning with a friendly game of foosball. After seeing they all have blue tongues, Dorothy gets upset. The gang went out for Papa Smurf shots last night and didn't invite her. Out of nowhere, Dorothy throws a spit shot which hits Yamamoto right in the eye, scratching his cornea. Dorothy complains to George. How can the staff not like her? She's a fun person! Failing to understand Dorothy's compulsion to be liked, George advises her to think of the staff as timber wolves; they're never going to let her into their pack until she finds an in with them, like a carcass, for instance.

George runs into a worried, sweaty Doug and his Border Collie (Little Miss Can't Be Wrong) in the hallway. Doug is scared his dog ruptured her spleen while they were playing frisbee. As George checks Little Miss, Doug says he'll do the surgery himself. George warns that it's unwise for a vet to perform invasive surgery on his own pet, but Doug says he'll be fine. Nevertheless, he's sweating so profusely that he needs a sweatband for his sweatband.

Angela chats with gallery owner Ms. Fry, who's dropping off her Shih-Tzu for grooming. Noticing Dr. Rizzo drawing in the corner of the room, Ms. Fry informs Angela that art drawn by animals is trending right now. If Angela ever wants to send some of Dr. Rizzo's art over she'd be happy to check it out. Incidentally, Ms. Fry is currently selling drawings made by an elephant for $5,000 a pop. The hefty sum intrigues Angela, who says she needs money to buy a new taser.

George devises a test to see whether Doug is capable of operating on his dog, challenging him to remove the spleen in the children's board game "Operation," where the human head is covered with a picture of Little Miss Can't Be Wrong. Far too emotionally invested, Doug has to admit he can't perform the surgery, and asks George to do it for him.

Eager to get on everyone's good side, Dorothy sets up an elaborate juice bar in the staff kitchen. Yamamoto says the squiggly straws make the juice look fun, but it doesn't taste fun. Angela quips that rum would make it fun. In the cafeteria, Doug presents George with his favorite dessert, key lime pie with extra meringue, in addition to a mix CD and a hug to show his gratitude for Little Miss' surgery. Overhearing the exchange, Dorothy congratulates George for doing a really great thing for his friend. George denies being Doug's friend, even though they've been working side by side by eight years. George starts binge-eating his pie, so Dorothy realizes he's in fact nervous about the whole ordeal. When she challenges him to perform surgery on the board game, George fails, but insists he's still operating on Little Miss.

Angela sets up Rizzo with music and paints, awaiting a masterpiece. Rizzo turns up the tunes and paints away. Dorothy intercepts the gang on their way out for drinks. She's made a reservation for everyone at the deserted Chinese restaurant next door! She tries to get them to play a drinking game, but Angela, Juanita, and Yamamoto clearly aren't into it. When they try to leave, Dorothy asks why they don't like her, and is stunned they think she's incapable of letting her hair down. Hurt, Dorothy decides to go have fun by herself in another corner of the restaurant. When George stops in to pick up his dinner, Angela reveals Doug is in the bathroom crying because he's worried about his dog's surgery. Nervous, George makes up an elaborate excuse to back out of Little Miss' surgery.

The following morning, Dorothy wakes up in bed next to a strange pig. What did she do last night? Not knowing what else to do, she brings the pig in to work for a checkup. An overjoyed Doug tells George that he's switched some things around - including giving away the kayak he lost his virginity in - so that George will be free to perform Little Miss' surgery. Ms. Fry returns to pick up her dog, and ends up buying Rizzo's painting from Angela for $300. Upset with Angela for selling his precious artwork, Rizzo scurries into George's office and turns up the soulful tunes.

It's time for Little Miss' surgery. George's nerves are getting the best of him, so he walks out of the operating room, unable to go through with it. Juanita and Yamamoto discover the huge pig eating its way through Dorothy's office, and it's not long before they figure she drunk-adopted it last night! Impressed with her wackiness, they invite Dorothy out for drinks after work so that they can all brainstorm a name for the pig. Feeling terrible, Angela pays $500 to buy back Rizzo's painting, and they're once again on good terms.

Dorothy finds George sulking in his office. Even if George isn't Doug's friend, now's the time Doug could really use a friend... and maybe a hug. While George won't say that he cares about Doug, he will allow that he couldn't do the surgery on Little Miss because they've become friends.






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