American Dad!

Episode 2.19 : Joint Custody

  • American Dad!
    • Episode Premiere : May 20, 2007
    • Distributor : TBS
    • Genre : Animation, Comedy
    • Seasons : 2
    • Show Period : 2005 - Now
    • Production Company: Fuzzy Door Prod., Atlantic Creative, Fox TV
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Director Joe Daniello
  • Screenwriter Keith Heisler
  • Main Cast
    • Seth MacFarlane as Seth MacFarlane / Larry Cummings / Steve (voice),
    • Wendy Schaal,
    • Rachael MacFarlane,
    • Scott Grimes,
    • Dee Bradley Baker,
    • Ellie Kemper as Girl in Bar

  • Additional Cast
    • Clancy Brown as Liquor Store Manager (voice) / Clyde Templeton (voice),
    • Mike Barker,
    • David Herman,
    • Richard Gant

The Story

Stan awakens on a beautiful morning to find Hayley's deadbeat hippie boyfriend camped out in front of their house in his van. He goes back inside to complain to Hayley but she says that Jeff is parked legally. Stan says he wants the van gone but he has to do something cunning to get rid of it. He has his friend Eddie come by with a wrecking ball to destroy the van. Later that day, Stan is taking a shower and Jeff joins him in the shower. Stan confronts Hayley about this and she says he has nowhere to go and that he doesn't have a family. Roger wants to meet Jeff because he likes his bohemian style. Later, the family is having a meal at the dinner table and Jeff is regaling them with a tale of an amazing burrito he ate. Stan is offended by the story so he yells at Jeff to leave the house. Hayley tells Stan that Jeff is a part of her life and that he should get used to it. Hayley also says that they might also get married. Jeff gives him some clothes and leprechaun summoning flute as a pre-emptive dowry.

Upstairs, Stan is looking for his hacksaw to kill Jeff. Roger comes up with a way to get Jeff out of the house. When Stan asks him why he's now against Jeff, Roger reveals that Jeff is wanted in Florida for transporting marijuana and that with the bounty money he can buy many more disguises. Stan takes Jeff in the car on the pretense that they are going to a baseball game. Jeff is excited to go to the game and reveals to Stan that he isn't close to his dad because he is ashamed of some things that he's done. He asks Stan if he is close to his dad. Stan lies and says yes. Roger, dressed as a biker, stops the car by shooting it. Stan gets out of the car and asks Roger why he did that. Roger says because he is tired of waiting and wants the bounty money. Stan says he and not Roger is taking Jeff to Florida. Jeff hears them and runs away but not before using his leprechaun flute to summon the leprechaun but he doesn't show. Stan shoots Roger's motorcycle before driving after Jeff. The leprechaun shows up and Roger tells him Jeff is the one who summoned him.

Jeff makes it to his dad's farm and calls Hayley to tell her that Stan kidnapped him. She gets Francine to agree to help her save Jeff. After they leave, Klaus gets on the phone and makes a deal with Stan to tell him where Jeff is if Stan will take an old western photo with him. Stan shows up at Jeff's dad's house and grabs him by the throat. Jeff begs Stan to let him stay one more night with his dad. Roger is at a motel on the phone with the credit card company trying to find out where Stan last used his card, when Klaus calls him and tells him where Jeff is. Hayley and Francine run into the living room looking for the car keys. Francine can't remember where she last left them. Steve comes in and tells them he can hotwire cars.

At Jeff's dad's house, Stan, Jeff's dad, and Jeff are eating dinner when Jeff's dad starts saying how proud he is of Jeff. Jeff's dad is sarcastic about praising Jeff but Jeff is too stupid to realize that he is being insincere. Stan tells him that his dad is a jerk. That night, Stan has a talk with Jeff's dad in the barn about Jeff. He says that he is a little hard on Jeff, and Roger shows up to collect Jeff. He tells Jeff's dad that his son is wanted for marijuana transportation. He takes Roger's gun and ties up Stan and Roger. He tells them that he is going to turn Jeff in himself because the marijuana Jeff was busted for was his and that Jeff didn't know he was transporting marijuana. Stan realizes that Jeff is innocent and Jeff's dad leaves. Roger sets the marijuana filled barn on fire so they can escape. They get high from breathing in the smoke and go to the quickie mart where Roger buys a heavy bag of cat food so he won't float away.

Later, Jeff wakes up to find himself in his dad's truck. He tells Jeff that he has saved Jeff from Stan. Finally, after being in the quickie mart for a long time, Stan remembers that he has to save Jeff.

Back at home, Steve is unable to hotwire the car so the ambulance shows up to save him from injuries sustained by the attempted hotwiring. The ambulance driver thinks that Steve has a gift for finding lost keys. Meanwhile, Stan and Roger are driving around trying to find Jeff when they listen to the radio and enjoy Night Ranger. Stan looks at some CIA documents that say enjoying Night Ranger is a symptom of being high. Stan remembers he wants to save Jeff because his father is so terrible. They pass a highway patrol checkpoint and freak out and take off because they think the cop knows they are high. Back at home, the ambulance drive is asking Steve wear he thinks the keys are and goes around destroying the house with an axe. Steve admits he doesn't really have a gift of seeing lost keys so the ambulance driver chops down the wall and leaves.

Stan and Roger get to a police station in Florida and try to tell Jeff that his dad is trying to turn him in to get money. Jeff doesn't believe him and says that his dad is turning himself in. The cop from the security checkpoint drives up and pulls a gun on Stan while Stan is talking to Jeff. Roger lets go of the cat food bag and floats away. Jeff's dad comes out of the station saying to the police that he wants the reward for turning in his son. Stan and Jeff are both arrested but Stan tells the cops that Jeff's dad was the one who owned the marijuana and he has proof because he was wearing a wire. The cops let Stan and Jeff go. Jeff is sad because he thought his dad loved him but Stan tells him he knows what it's like to have a jerk for a dad. Stan tells him that he can't pick his father but he can pick his father figure. Jeff tells him that he wants to pick his uncle as his father figure but Stan thought he would choose him as his father figure. Jeff asks Stan if he is too stoned to drive and he says that he thinks it's wearing off. Roger falls back to the ground.






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