Episode 7.24 : 7:00 A.M. - 8:00 A.M.

  • 24
    • Episode Premiere : May 18, 2009
    • Distributor : Fox TV
    • Genre : Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller
    • Seasons : 7
    • Show Period : 2001 - 2010
    • Production Company: Imagine Ent., Fox TV, Real Time
    • Official Site : http://www.fox.com/24/

Cast and Crew

The Story

Chloe and Janis are having trouble backtracing the laptop's signal to find Jack. Meanwhile, Jack tries to take refuge in a taxi garage. He closes the garage door, but Tony fires off some shots before the door closes, puncturing a taxi's gas tank. Tony begins to open the garage door with a fork lift. When he gets in, Jack is igniting a flare, intending to blow himself and Tony up. Tony overpowers him and drags Jack off.

At the White House, Ethan Kanin and Aaron Pierce confront Olivia with the recording of her conspiring to kill Jonas Hodges. This isn't about Ethan getting his job back. It's about the truth, even if it destroys the President's Administration. Ethan wants the President to decide what to do next -- prosecute or bury it. He'll let Olivia tell the President herself.

Jack revives to find himself chained to a wall in an industrial space as Tony works intently. Jack begs Tony not to use him to kill innocent people. Tony reveals that everything he's done today, including the attack on Washington Square Station, was done in order to get access to Alan Wilson, the leader of the cabal that planned today's attacks. Wilson was also the man behind former President Charles Logan, who had ordered the hit on David Palmer and Tony's wife Michelle. Jack is disgusted that Tony has killed innocent people for revenge. He says that if Wilson dies, any chance of exposing the rest of the conspiracy dies with him. Tony doesn't plan on killing Wilson. He's going to have Jack do it.

Tony reveals what he's been working on: a belt of C-4 explosives, which he slips under Jack's shirt. Jack yells that Tony is not honoring Michelle's life, but reveling in her death instead. Michelle would despise him for this. Jack spits in Tony's face. Tony duct tapes Jack's mouth shut so that he can't warn Cara, who has arrived.

Wilson arrives with a motorcade. His men meet Tony and Cara in the parking lot and disarm them. Other men are sent to fetch Jack. As Jack is brought outside, an FBI helicopter bearing Agent Walker appears. A shootout begins, and everyone runs for cover. Jack frees himself from his captors and Renee finds him, disarming the detonator. Wilson and Cara run through the warehouse and find Tony. Cara's happy to see him. Yet Tony coldly shoots her point blank, then turns his gun on Wilson, telling him that he's responsible for the death of his wife and his son. Michelle was pregnant when she was killed. Just as he's about to pull the trigger, Tony is shot in the shoulder and drops his gun. Jack and Renee have arrived. Tony doggedly crawls towards his gun, ignoring Jack's entreaty to stop moving. Jack is forced to shoot him in the hand. As Tony is led away and Wilson is cuffed, he screams at Jack that these people think they can take everything away from them, and Jack is just running away. He's now one of them. "You're a coward, Jack," he says.

Renee confronts Wilson and tells him he can avoid the death penalty if he cooperates. Wilson calmly claims he is innocent, and that she won't find a shred of evidence connecting him to any conspiracy. Jack is about to be taken to the hospital, and he and Renee have a moment alone. Jack asks why she didn't kill Wilson for his responsibility in Larry Moss's death. Renee says she doesn't really know what to do. Jack admits that he has been wrestling with this all his life. When he sees fifteen people being taken hostage on a bus, he knows in his head that the law is more important than those fifteen people. Yet he can't live with it. Renee asks if he regrets anything he did today. Jack says no, but he doesn't work for the FBI. He didn't take an oath to uphold the law. Tony managed to justify everything he did. When you cross the line, it always starts with a small step, but you eventually end up running full speed in the wrong direction. The only advice Jack can give is for Renee to make choices she can live with. Jack touches her face gently. Renee doesn't know what to say. "Then don't say anything," he says, as the med tech arrives to take him to the hospital.

Olivia confesses her role in Hodges's death to her disbelieving parents. The President is shocked when Henry advocates destroying the recording and covering up the murder. Henry, cruelly, says their family has already paid a steep enough price. He blames their son's death on her job as President, and he pleads with her that they've already lost one child. "Save what's left of our family," Henry asks. President Taylor is called away by Tim Woods to get good news from the FBI. Olivia breaks down crying, and Henry comforts her that they're going to figure this out. Later, in the Oval Office, a conflicted President Taylor sheds a tear as she looks at a photo of her family in happier days.

As they get ready for Chloe to exit the office, Janis thanks her for all her help today. Chloe says, that considering what she has to work with, Janis does pretty well. Janis says she'll take that as a compliment. Chloe confirms that it was indeed meant as one. They both smile.

Jack lays dying at the hospital. Dr. Macer can give him morphine to ease him into a coma to avoid the pain, but Jack says not yet. He has a visitor. It is Gohar, Jibraan's Imam. Jack called for him. Jack says he has made so many mistakes, and he always thought he would have time to correct them. Gohar says he has the time, right now. Jack says he doesn't know what he has done, but Gohar says that they live in complex times. Nothing is black and white. "Let us both forgive ourselves for all the wrongs we have done," the Imam says. Jack thanks him. His breathing gets ragged. "It's time," says Jack.

The President returns to her family. She embraces them, then apologizes for never realizing how hard her job would be on them, or what sacrifices they would have to make. However, she has a sworn duty to protect the Constitution. She will do everything she can to support Olivia and help her through this. As President, this is what she has to do, no matter how much it breaks her heart. Aaron leads Olivia away to remand her to the Justice Department. The President turns to her husband, but he just glares and turns away.

Wilson, in shackles, is brought to a holding room at the FBI. Tim Woods is on his way to transfer him. Renee and Janis are in the observation room. Renee's face hardens, and she tells Janis to leave the room. Janis refuses. Renee pulls out her gun and forces Janis to cuff herself to the furniture. Janis begs her to stop because she is throwing away her career. Larry wouldn't have wanted this. Renee stares at her badge, remembering what Jack said. She then puts her badge down on a table and goes into the holding room. Wilson looks up as the door closes behind her.

Kim arrives at the hospital to find that Jack has already been put into the morphine-induced coma. He won't be waking up again. Kim asks Dr. Macer if it is too late to try the experimental stem-cell treatment. Dr. Macer says no, but reminds her that the odds of success are low. Kim knows the risks, and though her father didn't want her to take them, it's now her choice. She has made up her mind. As Dr. Macer makes a phone call to prepare for the procedure, Kim goes to Jack's bedside and takes his hand. "I'm sorry, Daddy," she says. "But I'm not ready to let you go."






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